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  • Kast Storage 8 sliding doors

    Kast Storage

    Kast by Maarten Van Severen is modular storage, the base version of which is a sideboard.

  • SEC Display Bookcase

    SEC Bookshelf

    SEC Modular Bookshelf includes drawers, flap doors, handles and bracketed bookends.

  • SEC Tower with drawers and shelves

    SEC Tower

    SEC Tower's shelves are available in sophisticated glass: transparent, printed or green.

  • Acorn Bookcase

    Acorn Bookcase

    The Acorn Bookcase is made from solid black walnut with two 10mm toughened glass shelves.

  • Memory Display Storage

    Memory Display Storage

    Memory Unit can be used as display bookcase, shelves, wall storage or room divider

  • Marciana Shelving System

    Marciana Shelving System

    Winner of a Good Design Award in 2009, Marciana is a modular bookcase for modern libraries.

  • Mondrian Bookcase by Tonon

    Mondrian Bookcase

    Mondrian Bookcase, designed by Davide Negri, is a playful yet function piece of storage.

  • BuzziBassTrap Bookcase

    BuzziBassTrap Bookcase

    BuzziBassTrap Bookcase is a stackable acoustic shelving system, constructed to absorb low frequency sound.

  • Klim Shelving System A4

    Klim Shelving System A4

    Klim A4 Storage System won awards such as the MoA award in Finland when it was still just a prototype.

  • Vis Display Shelving

    Vis Display Shelving

    Vis Storage Shelving features asymmetrical beams and cabinet drawers.

  • Abacus Executive Bookcase

    Abacus Executive Bookcase

    Abacus Office Storage is a high-end storage solution designed for executives and prestigious office environments.

  • Sinetica Wire Storage

    Sinetica Wire Storage

    Wire Storage is a modular system of bookcase and display shelving with the addition of storage boxes.

Items 1 to 12 of 30 total View All

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