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  • Kontrax Cupboards in various sizes

    Kontrax Cupboards

    Kontrax Cupboards are the cost-effective solution for filing and office storage.

  • M:Line Side Tambour Cupboards Sizes

    M:Line Side Tambour Cupboards

    Available in a variety of colours, M:Line Side Tambour Cupboards will easily match in your office.

  • Vertical Tambour Office Cupboards

    Vertical Tambour

    Vertical Tambour cupboard is a secure office storage solution available in two sizes.

  • InnerSpace Mobile Shelving

    InnerSpace Mobile Shelving

    InnerSpace Storage is a high-density filing and archiving system designed for front office whilst taking up less space.

  • Bisley Steel Shelving Systems

    Economy Shelving

    Static Shelving can be customised to suit your space requirements exactly. Extendable office racking.

  • A4 EuroTambour Cupboards with Sliding Doors

    A4 EuroTambour Cupboards

    Eurotambours are cupboards designed specifically to be filled with European format files. Optimum A4 filing.

  • KRS Office Storage Cabinets from Bulo

    KRS Storage Cabinets

    KRS Office Storage Cabinets feature solid tambour doors and secure keyless entry.

11 Item(s)