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  • Addition Screens and High Glazing

    Addition Screens

    Acoustic Addition Screen is designed to absorb unwanted noise and improve staff concentration in an open office.

  • BuzziFrontDesk Divider

    BuzziFrontDesk Divider

    BuzziFrontDesk Divider is a workspace screen which safeguards your privacy at your desk.

  • BuzziCockpit Desk Screen Divider

    BuzziCockpit Desk Screen Divider

    BuzziCockpit Desk Screen Divider is for placing on your desktop for instant acoustic work privacy.

  • BuzziDesk Office Screen

    BuzziDesk Office Screen

    Ideal for use on any office desk surface, BuzziDesk Screen works well in combination with BuzziPicNic Tables.

  • Viteco Partitioning System

    Viteco Partitioning System

    Viteco is a practical and attractive solution for office partitioning. Includes the option of full length partition segments.

  • Cap Private Workbooth

    Cap Private Workbooth

    Cap Privacy Desk Units provide acoustic sound protection on table tops or as standalone workbays.

  • Keko Desk Screen

    Keko Desk Screen

    Keko Office Desk Screen Divider can also be used as a modesty panel, with suction cups for reconfiguration.

  • Domo Desk Screens

    Domo Desk Screen

    Domo Desk Screen is an innovative magnetic sound absorbing privacy desk screen solution.

  • Desk Easy Screen

    Easy Screen

    Easy Screen is a simple office desk divider, available in two different heights and wide range of fabrics and colours.

  • Pli Desk Divider Privacy Screen

    Pli Desk Divider

    Pli Desk Devider is a highly effective acoustic solution offring flexible desk level privacy panels.

  • Aluscreen Desk Divider

    Aluscreen Desk Divider

    Aluscreen in an acoustic desk divider for use in open plan office environments, offering visual and acoustic privacy.

  • BuzziDesk Split Desk Divider

    BuzziDesk Split

    BuzziDesk Split is a sliding acoustic desk divder to help define desktop space and absorb sounds.

Items 1 to 12 of 26 total View All

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