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  • SE:Wall Room Partitioning

    SE:Wall Room Dividers

    SE:Wall Room Dividers provide open plan offices with visual and acoustic screen protection

  • Cellular Screen Furniture


    Cellular screen system is a modular open plan furniture solution for agile offices

  • BuzziPlant Room Dividers

    BuzziPlant Room Dividers

    Buzziplant: the first room divider that combines sound insulation, design and a surface you can stick pins onto.

  • BuzziTwist Room Divider

    BuzziTwist Room Divider

    Position the BuzziTwist Room Divider wherever you like for the ultimate open office partitioning solution.

  • Snowsound Totem Acoustic Screens

    Snowsound Totem

    Snowsound® patented technology is based on the use of variable density screen panels.

  • Koja Element Room Divider

    Koja Element Room Divider

    Koja Element A50 is freestanding screen for open offices, covered in sound-absorbent acoustic felt.

  • BuzziFrio Room Divider

    BuzziFrio Room Dividers

    BuzziFrio Room Divder is a decorative free-standing acoustic screen solution for the open plan office.

  • Doremi Freestanding Screen

    DoReMi Screen

    DoReMi Acoustic Screen with unique embossed patterns in beige, white, grey or light blue.

  • Quiet Riot Room Dividers

    Quiet Riot Room Dividers

    Quiet Riot Room Dividers are acoustic sound absorbers which can also be used as bulletin memo boards.

  • Acrylic and upholstered curved screens

    Bay Screens

    Bay Screens, curved and straight, for the contemporary open office. Available with upholstered and acrylic fills.

  • Viswing Room Dividers

    Viswing Room Divider

    Viswing room dividers are innovative floor standing screens for creating third spaces in the office.

  • Light Wall by Isomi

    Light Wall

    Light Wall can be customised with a variety of translucent patterns, or your company logo and branding.

Items 1 to 12 of 36 total View All

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