Studio Kairos

Giuseppe Manente and Abramo Mion founded Studio Kairos in 1980 and are involved principally in the field of industrial design and development, as well as building and furniture. ... Read more

Studio Kairos

Studio Kairos Furniture Designs

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  • Borges Operational Desk System

    Borges Operational Desk

    Borges Desk System has a central axis on which to add various modules.

  • Cap Private Workbooth

    Cap Private Workbooth

    Cap Privacy Desk Units provide acoustic sound protection on table tops or as standalone workbays.

  • Sambia Sofa

    Sambia Sofa

    Sambia Sofa is ideal for office receptions, breakout areas, and corporate lounges.

  • Calvino Bench Desks

    Calvino Bench Desks

    Calvino Office Bench Desks offer endless team desking opportunities for open plan settings.

  • Barbari Meeting Tables

    Barbari Meeting Tables

    Barbari Modular Office Meeting Tables with integrated cable management for data points.

  • Barbari Office Desks

    Barbari Office Desks

    Barbari Single Office Desks include management desking options with L-shaped tables.

  • Halia Chairs

    Halia Chairs

    Halia Chairs from Studio Kairos are available in fabric or leather. A versatile office seating option.

  • Calvino Office Desks

    Calvino Office Desks

    Calvino Desks for the office with optional memory return, pedestals and management level desking.

14 Item(s)