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Jehs+Laub Furniture Designs

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  • Jehs + Laub Lounge Chairs

    Jehs & Laub Lounge Chairs

    Jehs and Laub Lounge Chair and Ottoman provide comfort and support with contemporary class.

  • Elm Sofa Range

    Elm Sofa Range

    Elm Sofa Range comprised of armchair, sofa or modular configurations.

  • Cordia Easy Chair

    Cordia Easy Chair

    Cordia Easy Chair and footstool a cmfortable swivel chair that blends into any interior

  • Ray Meeting Table

    Ray Meeting Tables

    Ray Meeting Tables offers circular, a quartet, angular, rectangular or curved tables.

  • Ray Lounge Chair and Ottoman

    Ray Lounge Chair

    Ray Lounge Chair is a Jehs and Laub designer leisure armchair for office or home use.

  • Hoc Standing Table and Hoc Stools

    Hoc Standing Table

    Hoc Standing Table for office break out areas was awarded iF product design award 2013.

  • Hoc Bar Stool available in molded beech or oak wood

    Hoc Bar Stool

    Hoc Bar Stool award winning stool offers flexible seating and strengthens the back

  • Graph Conference Chairs

    Graph Conference Chairs

    Graph Office Meeting Chair is part of the 30 High-End Conference Range by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub.

  • Flint Easy Chair

    Flint Easy Chair

    Flint Easy Chair with circular base optionally on gliders or rotating base

  • Jalis Sofa by Jehs and Laub

    Jalis Sofa

    Jalis Sofa elevates the cushion to the staus of seating furniture

10 Item(s)