Reception seating can enhance your reception helping you convey your corporate image, like a business card conveys a message of the type of business and services you provide. It is the first place visitors and potential clients walk into, therefore, you should select the right reception seating to create a lasting impression.

Après Furniture offers a wide range of modern reception sofas from the average two-seater sofa unit to modular sofas. We also supply bespoke reception sofas and seating solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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  • In-Motion Modular Sofa

    In Motion Modular Seating

    In Motion Seating is a modular soft seating family comprised of straight sofas, convex and concave elements.

  • Shuffl Modular Sofa

    Shuffl Modular Sofa

    Shuffl Modular Sofa offers the office and reception an endless amount of possibilities.

  • Plot Modular Sofa

    Plot Modular Sofa

    Plot Modular Sofa is a modern soft seating system for agile communicative office environments

  • Pfister three-seat sofa

    Pfister Lounge Seating

    Pfister Lounge Seating collection is available in standard and petite sizes, as well as sectional configurations.

  • SM1 Lounge Seating Collection

    SM1 Lounge Seating

    Shelton Mindel SM1 Lounge Collection comprises an armchair and sofa for receptions and lounge areas.

  • Sahara Sofa

    Sahara Sofas

    Sahara is available as two or three seater sofas, with complementary armchair and table.

  • A-Line Sofa

    A-Line Sofas

    A-Line upholstered seating has the look of a sofa with all the potential of sectional seating.

  • Chicago Bench

    Chicago Collection

    Chicago Collection designed by Gunilla Allard comprises a chair and a sofa/bench with distinctive curves.

  • Newport Sofas

    Newport Sofa

    Newport is a sofa which works well as a space divider with a high back acoustic element.

  • Soft Shell Sofa Two-Seater

    Soft Shell Sofa

    Soft Shell Sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec is multi-functional and upholstered in flexible fabric or leather.

  • EJ 50 Reception Sofa

    EJ 50 Sofas

    EJ 50 Sofa is minimalistic and compact, in different sofa sizes and in a well-dimensioned club chair.

  • EJ 315 Sofa & Chairs

    EJ 315 Sofas

    EJ 315 Sofa and Armchair embodies Danish design and furniture craftsmanship.

  • EJ 900 Pipeline Bench

    EJ 900 Pipeline

    By any standard EJ 900 Pipeline is a cool piece of soft seating, with an organic and streamlined shape.

  • Fair Play 2-Seater Sofa

    Fair Play Lounge Sofa

    Fair Play Lounge Sofa is a modern soft seating design for reception and corporate waiting areas.

  • HM17 Sofa

    HM17 Sofa Range

    HM 17 Sofa Range comprises contemporary armchair, sofas and modular seating.

  • Hm18q2 Three-Seat Sofa

    HM18 Sofa

    HM18 Sofa's solid beech frames incorporate a sprung seat, upholstered in high-density CMHR foams.

  • HM25 Sofa + Armchair + Low Table

    HM25 Sofa Range

    HM25 comprises a range of armchairs, two- and three-seat sofas, benches and low tables.

  • HM26 Sofa and Armchair

    HM26 Sofa Range

    HM26 Sofa is a development of the extremely popular HM25 range of upholstered soft seating.

  • Hm30 Sofas combined with Corner Ottoman

    Hm30 Sofa Range

    HM30 Sofa range is a modern soft seating solution for both residential and contract situations.

  • HM34 Sofas and Armchairs

    HM34 Sofas

    HM34 Sofa Range comprises generously proportioned versatile sofas and armchairs.

  • HM46 Reception Sofa fitted with power data

    Hm46 Sofas

    HM46 is a classic and comfortable sofa design which incorporates modular seating.

  • Hm55a and Hm55c

    HM55 Armchairs

    HM55 Armchair modular seating with or without arms also includes mini side table and pouf.

  • Hm93 Modular Sofa

    HM93 Sofa

    HM93 modular sofa range comprises of a one/two/three seater units, chaise-longues and daybed options.

  • Polder Sofa XS

    Polder Sofa XS

    Polder Sofa XS is a smaller version of Polder Sofa XL by Hella Jongerius for more restricted spaces.

  • Polder Sofa XL

    Polder Sofa XL

    The Polder Sofa XL by Hella Jongerius is low-lying, with 5 colour combinations and fabric qualities.

  • Chester Sofas Front View

    Chester Sofas

    Chester Sofa and Chester One for executive lounges and corporate reception areas is distinguished designer seating.

  • Park Sofa 3-Seater

    Park Sofa

    Park Soft Seating comes as a two or three seater sofa and is also available as an armchair.

  • Arcadia Sofa Front View

    Arcadia Sofa

    The Arcadia Sofa's frame is made from beech wood and the upholstery is in Pelle Frau® leather.

  • Armonia Sofa Corner Chaise

    Armonia Sofa

    Armonia Soft Seating comprises sofa, armchair and dormeuse for corporate lounges and reception areas.

  • Kennedee Sofas

    Kennedee Sofa

    Kennedee Sofa's light and modern quilting of the back and cushions reveals age-old artisanal skills.

  • Orbis Sofas

    Orbis Sofas

    Orbis Sofa is almost sculptural; an eye catching seating solution for reception, lounges and waiting areas.

  • Zeus Modular Soft Seating

    Zeus Modular Sofas

    Zeus Soft Seating by David Fox includes sectional sofas complemented by Zeus Armchair and Tables.

  • Ortega Sofa from David Fox

    Ortega Sofa and Armchair

    Ortega Soft Seating range comprises a modern armchair alongside 2- and 2.5 seater reception sofa by David Fox.

  • Blok Sofa and Armchairs

    Blok Sofa and Armchair

    Blok Soft Seating available in 2 seater, 3 seater and armchair for modern office receptions.

  • Minima Corner Sofa

    Minima Sofas

    Minima Soft Seating by Claesson Koivisto Rune comprises a sofa, divan, corner sofa with stool and easy chair.

  • Orgy Sofa and Ottoman

    Orgy Sofas

    Orgy Sofa comes with an Ottoman that fits into it like a jigsaw puzzle. Ideal soft seating for reception and lounge areas.

  • Float Sofas

    Float Sofa

    Float Sofa with Nozag spring system provides comfortable seating for office reception and breakout areas.

  • Ghost Sofa by Offecct

    Ghost Sofa

    Ghost soft seating's wooden frame with Nozag spring system is upholstered in fabric or leather.

  • Grow Sofa

    Grow Sofa

    Aluminium plates can be placed on the broad armrests of Grow Sofa for placing phones, tablets or drinks.

  • King Sofa Corner Unit

    King Sofa

    King Sectional Soft Seating allows for multiple configurations for breakout and informal meeting areas.

  • Nemo Sofa and Armchair

    Nemo Sofa and Armchair

    Nemo Soft Seating with seat and back in seabird down with cold foam and removable upholstery in fabric.

  • Orbit Reception Sofa

    Orbit Modular Sofa

    Orbit Modular Sofa encourages creative seating layouts for reception areas and breakout areas.

  • Playback Modular Office Sofa

    Playback Sofa and Armchair

    Playback Soft Seating has colour-customisable cushions. Nordic Swan ecolabelled version available.

  • Smalltown Sofa by Offecct

    Smalltown Sofa and Armchair

    Smalltown Sofa and Armchair are compact; a solution for reception or meeting areas with limited space.

  • Allen 2 Sofa

    Allen 2 Sofa

    Allen 2 Sofa available in numerous lengths and as a dormeuse, pouf, corner, or extra large unit.

  • Sliding Sofa by MDF Italia

    Sliding Sofa

    Sliding Sofa comes in a a version with electrically controlled height-adjustable backrest and manual tilting cushion.

  • Idea-One Sofa

    Idea-One Sofa

    Idea-One Sofa is spacious modular soft seating, upholstered in a completely removable covers or fixed leather.

  • Fifth Avenue Sofa

    5th Avenue Sofas

    5th Avenue Sofa for corporate and executive offices. Available in standard or custom made sizes.

  • Aspect Two-seater Sofa

    Aspect Sofas

    Aspect Sofa is complemented by an armchair and matching upholstered table with aluminium legs and glass top.

  • Salon Sofa

    Salon Sofa

    Salon Sofa for receptions, lounges and breakout areas. Can be tailored to any length as a bespoke order.

  • Twice Sofa 2 Seater

    Twice Sofa

    Twice Sofa and Armchair is characterised by its upholstery that folds back onto itself and by the brass details.

  • Artifort C 070 Sofa

    C 070 Sofas

    C 070 Sofas by Kho Liang Ie is a classic design for reception and modern lounge areas.

  • Manhattan Modular Sofa

    Manhattan Sofa

    Manhattan Sofas create a luxurious meeting place for smartworking environments or breakout space.

  • Mare Breakout Sofa

    Mare Sofa

    Mare soft seating comprises pouffe, fauteuil, loveseat, 2-seater, 2.2-seater, 2.5-seater and 3-seater sofa.

  • 905 Sofas

    905 Sofa

    905 and the 905 Comfort are available as 3-seater and 2-seater sofa, a fauteuil and a pouffe. In leather or fabric.

  • Bono Reception Sofa by Artifort

    Bono Sofa

    Bono Sofa is a modern interpretation of the classic box sofa, ideal for contemporary office receptions.

  • C 684 Sofa

    C 683 - C 684 Sofas

    The C 683 - C684 by Kho Liang Ie are 2.5 or 3 seater sofas featuring ribbed or buttoned backrest design.

  • Harcourt Chaise Longue

    Harcourt Chaise Longue

    Chaise Longue by Geoffrey Harcourt is a modern interpretation of the ultimate seat for relaxation.

  • Suita Sofa

    Suita Sofa

    Suita Modular Sofa takes the classic lounge sofa and gives it a contemporary feel and aesthetic.

  • Dee Soft Seating Sofa

    Dee Sofa

    Dee Sofa and Armchair is a soft seating system characterised by its slope back and leg design.

  • Path Sofa Concave Unit with Stool

    Path Sofa Bench

    Path Sofa Bench includes concave and convex units and can be reconfigured whenever needed.

  • Boundary Breakout Seating

    Boundary Sofa

    Boundary Sofa is a modular informal breakout seating system ideal for educational environments.

  • Ogmore Office Sofa

    Ogmore Sofa

    Ogmore Sofa is available as a two and three-seater. Upholstered in high quality leather for a professional aesthetic.

  • Aston 2 seater sofa by Orangebox

    Aston Sofa

    Aston contemporary sofa accentuated by a deep cushion. Can be specified in fabric, leather or duo tone upholstery.

  • Intercity Sofa

    Intercity Sofa

    Intercity straight, curved and peninsula modules enable creative designs in your office breakout/reception.

  • Yale Sofa

    Yale Sofa

    Yale Sofa's cushions, with removable cover, in in-deformable variable-density polyether and polyester wadding.

  • Bora Bora Sofa

    Bora Bora Sofa

    Bora Bora Sofa is a modular system enabling you to create highly functional soft seating configurations.

  • Series 9500 Sofa

    Series 9500 Sofa

    Series 9500 Sofa is a family of individual soft seating units that allow you to arrange your space to your design.

  • Box Reception Sofa

    Box Sofa

    Box Sofa provides a robust solution for open space seating. Ideal for modern reception and waiting areas.

  • Time Bench Breakout Seating

    Time Bench

    Time Bench is designed for breakout and waiting areas. With undershelf or divider/backrest option.

  • Intro Modular Seating

    Intro Sofa

    Intro soft seating can be configured into seating lozenge islands or winding spacious seating solutions.

  • 7300 Terminal Bench for Reception and Waiting Areas

    7300 Terminal Bench

    7300 Terminal Bench was designed for public waiting areas such as receptions, lobbies and airports.

  • Walter Knoll Foster 505 Sofa

    Foster 505 Sofa

    Foster 505 Sofas are available in different sizes including corner solutions and récamières.

  • Quadro Sofa

    Quadro Sofa

    Quadro modular soft seating elements comprise of armchairs, corner sofa modules and ottomans.

  • Happy Hour Sofa

    Happy Hour Sofa

    Happy Hour Sofa is a highly adaptable modular seating solution which comes available in four widths.

  • PearsonLloyd Stone Lounge Seating

    Stone Soft Seating

    Stone Modular soft seating available in 2 heights. Ideal for receptions, waiting areas or dining areas.

  • Polar Sofa

    Polar Sofa

    Polar Modular Sofa can be configured to create 6 sofa types, with solid volumes and oblique cuts for versatile seating.

  • Labanca Sofa Bench

    Labanca Sofa Bench

    Labanca Sofa Bench and Chair, a range of seating designed to furnish and accent any reception or lounge area.

  • Quilt Sofas by PearsonLloyd

    Quilt Sofa

    Ideally suited to corporate lounges and reception areas, the Quilt Sofa is available in different sizes.

  • Tacchini Millenium Drive Sofa

    Millenium Drive Sofa

    Millenium Drive Sofa is an ergonomic seating experience and aesthetic theatre. With removable covers.

  • Together Bench by Walter Knoll

    Together Bench

    Together Bench is a new solution for getting people sitting together at a table, with its corner seat design.

  • Living Platform Sofa

    Living Platform Sofa

    Living Platform Sofa and Armchairs is an innovative functional soft seating range for modern interiors.

  • Hub Sofa

    Hub Sofa

    Hub soft seating provides modern arrangements for breakout areas, receptions and lounges.

  • Dot Soft Seating by Edge Furniture

    Dot Soft Seating

    Dot Soft Seating are compact units suitable for office reception and breakout areas.

  • Total Sofa

    Total Sofa

    Total Sofa is a modern designer soft seating solution for office reception, lounge and waiting areas.

  • Koko Sofa Bench

    Koko Soft Seating

    Koko modular soft seating has a friendly design with subtle curves and elevated backrest.

  • Intro Modular Left Hand Sofa

    Intro Modular Sofa

    The Intro modular soft seating units can be specified with power and data modules; connect while you wait.

  • Bing Sofa

    Bing Sofa

    Bing soft seating is compact, ideal for smaller office spaces thanks to its neat and modern tub design.

  • Horizon Soft Seating

    Horizon Soft Seating

    Horizon modular sofa system allows multiple creative configurations in open spaces.

  • Flow Seating

    Flow Seating

    Flow is a modular soft seating system offering various set-ups: circular, serpentine and in rows

  • Havana Sofa

    Havana Sofa

    Havana Sofa is a large and comfortable soft seating solution with an elegant corporate design.

  • Tiga Sofa

    Tiga Sofa

    Tiga Sofa is an elegant, simple, and eco-friendly soft seating solution engineered to have a very long lifespan.

  • Sleeper Sofa

    Sleeper Sofa Bed

    Sleeper is an elegant sofa that easily converts into a bed for guests using a strong internal steel frame.

  • Obelisk Sofa

    Obelisk Sofa

    Obelisk Sofa is a generous size providing excellent ergonomic comfort on a pronounced tilt.

  • SixInch Sofa

    The Sofa by Pieter Jamart

    Sofa by Pieter Jamart is suitable for outside use thanks to its unique waterproof foam coating.

  • Trinity Modular Soft Seating Units

    Trinity Sofa

    Trinity Sofa is modular and comes available in single seat units, corner units, small cubes and large cubes.

  • Theba Lounge Seating

    Theba Lounge Chair and Sofa

    Theba Armchair & Sofa for business lounges, foyers and prestigious waiting areas.

  • Perimeter Seating from Orangebox

    Perimeter Seating

    Perimeter Seating includes contemporary two-seater sofas to a suite of modular soft seating units.

  • Vale Sofa System

    Vale Sofa System

    Vale Sofa System is modular, allowing you to create dynamic layouts in busy offices or public spaces.

  • CWTCH Corner Sofa

    Cwtch Armchair and Sofa

    Cwtch Armchair and Modular Sofa for sociable clusters and landscapes of soft seating.

  • Adda Modular Seats combined

    Adda Soft Seating

    Adda Modular Seating available in many colours and shapes for lounge and reception areas.

  • Layla Sofa

    Layla Sofa and Armchair

    Layla Armchair & 2, 3 or 4 seater Sofa, for corporate reception or lounge areas. With optional power and data capability.

  • Zoot Two Seater Sofa and Armchair

    Zoot Tub Armchair and Sofa

    Zoot Tub Chair and two-seat Sofa's strength and comfort are assured by the superior quality of the hardwood frame.

  • Place Sofa

    Place Sofa

    Place Sofa was designed by Jasper Morrison as an interpretation of what is now a modern classic sofa type.

  • Marshmallow Sofa

    Marshmallow Sofa

    An extension element consisting of six individual cushions can be mounted between two Marshamallow sofas.

  • Boxer 2-Seater Sofa by Boss Design

    Boxer Seating Series

    Boxer Seating Series for lounge and reception areas. Boxer armchair, two-seat or three-seat sofa.

  • Fairfax Sofa by Boss Design

    Fairfax Sofa and Armchair

    Fairfax Sofa and Armchair with low backrest luxury upholstery in fabrics or leather.

  • Layla Modular Seating System Corner Unit

    Layla Landscape Sofa

    Layla Landscape soft seating includes: corner, right & left hand unit, chair, sofa, and bench.

  • Quadra Modular Sofa

    Quadra Sofa

    Quadra Soft Seating has a seasoned beechwood main frame, polyurethane foam and dracon padding.

  • Ouverture Sofa from Pierluigio Cerri

    Ouverture Sofa

    Ouverture features a stylish pierced steel beam under the sofa. Modular seating with various leather colours available.

  • Larry Corner Sofa

    Larry Sofas

    Larry Sofa has an elegant and contemporary style fully upholstered in Pelle Frau leather.s

  • Eskilo Sofa in Fabric and Leather

    Eskilo Sofa

    Eskilo Soft Seating has clear and warm shapes and an integrated fold-out bed for guests.

  • John John Sofa

    John John Sofa

    John John soft seating collection has a casual elegance due to its charming leather upholstery.

  • 190 Aire Sofa

    190 Aire Sofa

    190 Aire sofa is environmentally friendly with its light internal structure and removable covers.

  • 191 Moov Sofa with chaise

    191 Moov Sofa

    191 Moov Soft Seating is minimalist and contemporary design, with movable headrest and removable covers.

  • 288 Sled Sofa

    288 Sled Sofa

    288 Sled Sofa has a distinctive design with unique back support doubling as a optional shelving and drawers.

  • 348 Notturno a New York Sofa

    348 Notturno a New York

    348 Notturno a New York is a structural modernist sofa with high-definition "tapestry".

  • LC2 Sofa White Lounge

    LC2 Sofa

    LC2 Sofa, part of Le Corbusier Collection, has an ochre or matte black enamel steel frame.

  • 241 Privé Seating

    241 Privé Seating

    241 Privé armchair, sofa and island with adjustable armrests, removable cushions and quilted leather cover.

  • 243 Volage Sofa Three Seater Cushions

    243 Volage Sofa

    243 Volage Sofa series has a light but elegant design by Philippe Starck. Upholstered in leather or fabric.

  • George Sofa

    George Sofa

    George soft seating has removable fabric and can be upholstered with client’s own materials

  • Orazio Sofa

    Orazio Sofa

    Orazio classic yet modern lounge sofa has long, soft cushions to cover the armrests for improved comfort.

  • Bretagne 2 Seater Sofa

    Bretagne Sofa

    Bretagne Soft Seating has generously deep and comfortable seats. Ideal for lounge and breakout spaces.

  • Bebop Sofa 3 Seater

    Bebop Sofa

    Bebop Soft Seating has an elegant and balanced design ensuring maximum comfort for guests and visitors.

  • Austen Armchair and Sofa

    Austen Sofa

    Austen Lounge Seating is available as a two or three seater sofa, and as an armchair.

  • Massimosistema Sofa

    Massimosistema Sofa

    Massimosistema Sofa modular units include chaise-longue, armchair and peninsula. With or without armrests.

  • Cassiopea Sofa

    Cassiopea Sofa

    Cassiopea multifunctional soft seating is modular and adaptable to your needs, with various configurations.

  • Polo Sofa and Chaise Longe

    Polo Sofa

    Polo Sofa is a flexible and functional modular sofa system, ideal for lounge or reception areas

  • Linea A Sofa and Armchairs

    Linea A Sofa

    Linea A lounge seating has a compact frame, designed especially for reception and corporate areas.

  • And Modular Break Out Seating

    And Soft Seating

    And Seat is a modern endless modular seating system balanced on metal plates or fixed securely to the floor.

  • Basket 011

    Basket 011 Soft Seating

    Basket 011 comfortable lounge seating with visible metal structure and removable covers.

  • Cuba Modular Soft Seating System

    Cuba Sofa Range

    Cuba soft seating system has fully removable covers and a wide choice of modular units.

  • Cuba 25 Modular Seating

    Cuba 25 Sofa

    Cuba 25 is a modern modular soft seating solution for flexible layouts. With 60 x 60 cm feather cushions.

  • Elan Three Seat Sofa

    Elan Sofa

    Elan Sofa by Jasper Morrison - a versatile futon for receptions, lounges and waiting areas for guests.

  • Eleven Two-Seater Sofa

    Eleven Sofa and Armchair

    Eleven Soft Seating range by PearsonLloyd consists of elegant 2 and 3 seater sofas and an armchair.

  • Flexus Three-Seater Sofa

    Flexus Sofa

    Flexus Sofa 912 series armchair and two and three-seater sofa. Features iconic high backrest with holes.

  • TT Lounge Seating Collection

    TT Lounge Seating

    TT Lounge Seating by Alfredo Häberli is available in Kvadrat fabric or TT leather. With removable upholstery covers.

  • Quack Soft Seating Series

    Quack Soft Seating Series

    Quack classic armchair & sofa suitable for corporate lounges, office reception and waiting rooms.

  • Quick Sofa by Cappellini

    Quick Sofa

    Quick Lounge soft seating range includes modular units for various configurations.

  • Serie 3080 Reception Sofa

    Serie 3080 Soft Seating

    Serie 3080 Soft Seating System by Paola Navone includes a wide sofa and a range of large modular elements.

  • Easy Block Modular Office Sofa

    Easy Block Sofa

    Easy Block Modular Sofa with wooden frame and Nozag spring system padded with fire retardant foam.

  • Grand Sofa by Offecct Furniture

    Grand Soft Seating

    Grand Soft Seating offers generous proportions and arms that curl outwards asymmetrically.

  • Kustom Sofa

    Kustom Sofa

    Kustom Sofa with distinctive scallop arms in solid black walnut. Traditionally upholstered in a range of colours.

  • Harvey Sofa Collection

    Harvey Sofa

    Harvey Sofa is based on an FSC accredited softwood frame. Upholstered in a vast choice of leathers or fabrics.

  • Deadgood Capsule Sofa

    Capsule Sofa

    Capsule soft seating collection in contrasting colour tones and textures on an FSC accredited softwood frame.

  • Sopha Modular Seating

    Sopha Modular

    Sopha Modular Sofa is a agile office furniture seating solution ideal for informal meetings.

  • Area Modular Soft

    Area Modular Sofa

    Area modular seating with mid and high back sofa units providing complete flexibility.

  • Addit Modular Sofa

    Addit Modular Sofa

    Addit Modular Sofa combines comfort, elegance and customisation to fit every office

  • BarberOsgerby Sofa Collection

    BarberOsgerby Sofa Collection

    Barber Osgerby Sofa Collection comprises a two or three seater sofa. Won a Design Guild Mark 2013 award.

  • LINEA Sofa

    LINEA Sofa

    Linea Sofa Bench has a wooden frame, fully upholstered, with the seat and back moulded in cold foam.

  • Campus Soft Seating

    Campus Sofa

    Campus modular soft seating can be used for waiting or working in the modern office.

  • Cumulus Modular Sofa

    Cumulus Sofa

    Cumulus modular sofa range offering single soft seating units for flexibility.

  • HM63 Pebble Seating

    HM63 Pebble Seating

    HM63 Pebble Seating from British designer Nigel Coates, with optional side tables for informal working or breakout areas.

  • HM77 seating units

    HM77 Modular Chairs

    HM77 Modular Soft Seating by Kazuko Okamotohas provides contemporary options for reception areas.

  • HM991 Chaise-Longue

    HM991 Sofa

    HM991 collection comprises a range of sofas, chaise-longues and daybeds.

  • concept c sofa & chairs

    Concept C Sofas and Chairs

    Concept C Sofas and Chairs designed for welcome areas. Single chair, two-seater sofa with or without armrests.

  • Cinema Sofa

    Cinema Sofa

    Cinema Sofa is an upholstered two seater sofa by Gunilla Allard for modern reception and guest areas.

  • Casino Sofa

    Casino Sofa

    Casino Sofa is an elegant contemporary seating solution for receptions and waiting areas.

  • Club Sofa with writting table

    Club Sofa

    Club Sofa is a soft seating solution ideal for receptions and lounges. Optional rotating writing tablet available.

  • S70 Sofa

    S70 Sofa and Chair

    S70 Sofa and Chair,with a timeless design, are ideal for a reception or waiting area.

  • Atoma Modular Seating

    Atoma Modular Seating

    Atoma Modular Seating, designed by Denis Santachiara, for office receptions and waiting areas.

  • Orizzonte Sofa from Apres

    Orizzonte Sofas

    Orizzonte Sofa, elegant, stylish and modern is characterised by its purely geometric design.

  • Yuku Sofas

    Yuku Sofas

    Yuku Sofa is available in three versions; flexible modules for continuous seating for a reception or waiting areas.

  • EJ 123 Office Toward Sofa

    EJ 123 Toward Sofa

    EJ 123 Toward Sofa combines armchair, chaise longue and a tete-a-tete into one modern seating solution.

  • EJ 500 Lagoon Sofa

    Lagoon Sofa

    Lagoon's chaise longue is shaped with a small table tray for teacups, newspapers or the remote control.

  • Galleria Seating

    Galleria Seating

    The designer has admitted he has "no idea how many possible combinations there are" for Galleria Seating.

  • Courage Modular Sofa

    Courage Modular Sofa

    Courage Modular Sofa is a soft seating system with various elements that can be endlessly combined.

  • Ritz Sofa

    Ritz Sofa

    Ritz Soft Seating is an easychair/sofa which is generously proportioned despite the small outside dimensions.

  • Grantorino Modular Sofa

    GranTorino Modular Sofa

    GranTorino Sofa's backrest is padded with goose down; separate horizontal chambers provide ergonomic comfort.

  • EJ In Duplo High Sofa 185

    EJ 185 In Duplo Highback Sofa

    EJ 185 In Duplo Highback Sofa range designed by Anne-Mette Bartholin Jensen and Morten Ernst.

  • EJ 555 Frame Sofa

    EJ 555 Frame Sofa

    Available in an armchair and 3-seater sofa, EJ 555 is also available as an outdoor version on request.

  • Bras Sofa and Foot Stool

    Bras Sofa

    The Bras Sofa armrests are its unique feature, sweeping around like the natural angular curves of your arms.

  • Nest Seating

    Nest Sofa

    Nest is compact soft seating for office breakout zones and contemporary reception areas.

  • Manhattan Modular Sofa Unit

    Manhattan Modular Seating

    Manhattan Modular Soft Seating is available in 3 backrest heights. Ideal for receptions and informal meeting areas.

  • October Seating Armchair

    October Seating

    October Armchair, 2 seater and 3 seater sofas offer a contemporary aesthetic for your lounge or breakout area.

  • MyTurn Sofa

    MyTurn Sofa & Chair

    On its sledbase legs, MyTurn Seating almost seems to hover in your breakout, reception or lounge areas.

  • Addi Modular Seating

    Addi Seating

    Addi Series is modular and fully upholstered in leather or fabric. Modern breakout or reception seating.

  • Albany Sofa and Armchair

    Albany Sofa and Armchair

    Albany Sofa and Armchair is crafted with solid oak legs and upholstered with fabric or leather.

  • Angelo Sofa

    Angelo Sofa

    Angelo Sofa is made with a hardwood internal frame, fixed CMHR foam throughout with feathered seat cushion.

  • Arlington Sofa and Armchair

    Arlington Sofa and Armchair

    The Arlington range consists of an armchair, two seat sofa and three seat sofa with a modern corporate aesthetic.

  • Callisto Sofas

    Callisto Sofas

    Handcrafted in Britain, Callisto Sofa's distinctive under frame is made from the finest quality walnut.

  • Cato Sofa and Armchair

    Cato Sofa and Armchair

    Ideal for lounge and reception areas, Cato has a traditional construction with modern filling technology.

  • Clarence Sofa and Armchair

    Clarence Sofa and Armchair

    Polished aluminium legs elevate you from the floor as you sit. Clarence seating is available in leather or fabric.

  • Edgar Armchair & Sofa Range

    Edgar Armchair and Sofa

    Edgar is suitable for use with a variety of fabric and leathers, to completement any contemporary interior.

  • Ferdinand Sofa and Armchair

    Ferdinand Sofa and Armchair

    Ferdinand Seating is responsibly manufactured with 99.4% of the sofa recyclable with wood from FSC sources.

  • Framed Sofa

    Framed Sofa and Armchair

    Framed Seating uses a profiled wooden frame to carry relaxed unstructured cushions supported by coiled springs.

  • Frank Sofa and Armchair

    Frank Sofa and Armchair

    Frank Sofa and Armchair is designed by Mark Gabbertas for lounge and reception areas.

  • Imogen Sofa

    Imogen Sofa

    The Imogen range of sectional seating comprises of stand-alone footstools and various sofa options include chaise.

  • Luge Sofa

    Luge Sofa

    The Luge Sofa is available in Black American Walnut or European Oak and features a removable lumbar cushion.

  • Lysander Sofa and Armchair

    Lysander Sofa and Armchair

    Lysander Soft Seating series is responsibly manufactured with 99.3% of the product recyclable.

  • Olivia Corner Sofa

    Olivia Sofa

    The Olivia range of sectional seating comprises stand-alone footstools, chaise and sofa options.

  • Orten Sofa and Armchair

    Orten Sofa and Armchair

    Orten range consists of an armchairs, compact/large sofas, corner unit and two/three seat modular units.

  • Romba Reception Sofa

    Romba Sofa and Armchair

    Very much a contemporary range, Romba will bring fun into any modern lounge or office reception areas.

  • Sebastian Sofa

    Sebastian Sofa and Armchair

    Sebastian range consists of an armchair, two seater and three seater sofa. Ideal for lounges and receptions.

  • Siskin Sofa

    Siskin Sofa

    Siskin Soft Seating features a fixed seat and back upholstery which sits on modern brushed aluminium sled base.

  • Vernon Sofa and Armchair

    Vernon Sofa and Armchair

    With its low seat but high back, Vernon is a modern soft seating solution which is as inviting as it is comfortable.

  • Oppo Easy Chairs O50

    Oppo O50 Swivel Easy Chair

    Oppo O50 swivel easy-chair is an innovative informal soft seating solution for breakout spaces.

  • Dunder Modular Sofa S60

    Dunder Sofa S60

    Dunder Sofa S60 is a modular soft seating range comprised of sofa, corner, armchair elements.

  • Muffle High Back Sofa

    Muffle Furniture System

    Muffle soft seating and screen based system help create private informal areas in the office.

  • Dundra Sofa Bench

    Dundra Sofa Bench S74

    Dundra Sofa S74 is a upholstered stackable bench seat with steel rod led base.

  • Qvarto Seating S10M with L10 Table

    Qvarto Seating S10M

    Qvarto Chair S10 and Sofa are modular soft seating elements which can be linked creatively.

  • Ally S06 Sectional Seating

    Ally S06 Sectional Seating

    Ally S06 Easy Chair/Sofa is a modular seating solution. Use sections individually or combine to fit your space.

  • Superkink S27 Sofa

    Superkink S27 Sofa

    Superkink Sofa features distinctive corners where the tubular steel frame is dramatically bent.

  • Koja Hotel Sofa S53L

    Koja Hotel Sofa S53L

    Koja Hotel S53L is a low back sofa, providing soft seating for breakout areas, lounges and office receptions.

  • Koja Sofa S52L

    Koja Sofa S52L

    Koja S52L is a low back sofa - soft seating solutions for office receptions, lounges and breakout spaces.

  • Code 27-C Sofa

    Code 27-C Sofa

    Code O27C Sofa is part of a modular system designed so you can customise each 27cm section.

  • Code 27-ABC Sofa

    Code 27-ABC Sofa

    Code O27ABC Sofa is part of a modular system designed so you can customise each 27cm section.

  • Dundra Sofa Bench S74AS

    Dundra Sofa Bench S74AS

    Dundra Sofa S74AS is a upholstered stackable bench seat with armrests for added comfort.

  • Taylor S37 Sofa by Mia Gammelgaard

    Taylor S37 Sofa

    Taylor S37 Seating features details in black Tärnsjö leather with constrast neon stitching.

  • Puppa Pouf O53

    Puppa Pouf O53

    Puppa Footstool combines perfectly with the Oppo soft seating range.

  • PM A11 Stools in waiting area

    PM A11 Stools

    PM A11 Soft Seating can be placed height or widthways to provide two different stool sizes.

  • Carat 4 Seater Sofa

    Carat Sofa and Armchair

    Carat Soft Seating is part of the Dauphin Home range featuring a sofa and armchair. Ideal guest seating.

  • Rilasso Lounge Seating

    Rilasso Lounge Seating

    The Rilasso Lounge Suite consists of two single chairs, a divan couch and a sofa, as well as optional side table.

  • Rilasso Giro Lounge Seating

    Rilasso Giro Lounge Seating

    Rilasso Giro Lounge Suite is ideal for executive breakout areas, corporate lounges, foyers and hotel lobbies.

  • Ritorno Soft Seating

    Ritorno Sofa

    Ritorno Soft Seating is available in 2, 2½ and 3-seater sofas, with large-scale seats and high back feather cushions.

  • Avenue Sofa and Armchair

    Avenue Sofa and Armchair

    Avenue Soft Seating collection offers a system of upholstered armchairs and sofas with 2 to 4 seats.

  • Cross Sofa and Armchair

    Cross Sofa and Armchair

    Cross Soft Seating collection offers a system of quilted upholstered armchairs and sofas with 2 to 4 seats.

  • Street Sofa and Armchair

    Street Sofa and Armchair

    Street Soft Seating collection upholstery is available in fabric, ecoleather and leather. Ideal for lounges or reception.

  • Square Sofa and Armchair

    Square Sofa and Armchair

    Square Soft Seating collection offers a system of quilted upholstered armchairs and sofas with 2 to 4 seats.

  • Park Sofa and Armchair

    Park Sofa and Armchair

    Park Soft Seating collection offers a system of quilted upholstered armchairs and sofas with 2 to 4 seats.

  • Madison Sofa

    Madison Sofa and Armchair

    Madison Soft Seating collection offers large armchairs and sofas with a generous inclined armrest.

  • Reef Modular Soft Seating

    Reef Seating Collection

    Reef Soft Seating by Hans Thyge is a collection of modular units giving you nearly endless combinations.

  • Check Executive Sofa SCK1A

    Check Executive Sofa

    Check Executive Sofa range is a minimalist business furniture collection of soft seating.

  • Hexel Seating by High Design

    Hexel Modular Seating

    Hexel Seating is sectional, offering almost endless configurations for modular soft seating.

  • Woody Large Bench Seat

    Woody Large Bench Seat

    Wood upholstered soft seating bench range intoducing an element of nature into your interior.

  • Dilim Modular Seating

    Dilim Modular Seating

    Dilim Seating for office breakout and waiting areas. Colourful modules endlessly connect.

  • Dilim High Back Sofa

    Dilim High Back Sofa

    Dilim Modular Highback Seating for agile working in open plan offices, privacy and informal meetings.

  • Hanedan Executive Sofa and Armchair

    Hanedan Executive Sofa

    Hanedan Executive Office Seating comprises a sofa and armchair in leather or fabric.

  • Ikaros Sofa

    Ikaros Sofa

    Ikaros Soft Seating is ideal for open plan offices and breakout areas. With integrated shelf surface at the rear.

  • Flamingo Office Sofa and Armchair

    Flamingo Sofa and Armchair

    Flamingo Soft Seating by Faruk Malhan offers a compact design with narrow arm and back profiles.

  • Gazel Sofa

    Gazel Sofa

    Gazel Soft Seating in leather with integrated wooden shelves. A modular sofa office lounges and receptions.

  • Sambia Sofa

    Sambia Sofa

    Sambia Sofa is ideal for office receptions, breakout areas, and corporate lounges.

  • Tellasmar Sofa and Armchair

    Tellasmar Sofa and Armchair

    Tellasmar Soft Seating by Faruk Malhan offers a compact design for office breakout areas and receptions.

  • Actiu Longo Modular Furniture

    Actiu Longo Modular Furniture

    Longo fuses soft seating with the office helping to define the open office and promote agile working.

  • Haven Acoustic Two Seat Sofa

    Haven High Back Sofa

    Haven high back sofa is modular range of acoustic soft seating for commercial interiors.

  • Conic Tub Chair

    Conic Tub Chair

    Conic Tub Chair is a family of low-back and high-back lounge chairs from British designers PearsonLloyd.

  • Harvey Modular Sofa

    Harvey Modular Sofa

    Harvey modular sofa allow for the creation of long lengths or corner sofa configurations.

  • U Sofa

    U Sofa

    Bensen U Sofa design offers a two seater soft seating solution with a tailored aesthetic

  • Wyspa High Back Sofas

    Wyspa High Back Sofas

    Wyspa Sofas with high back rest are ideal for creating inviting informal seating areas in the office.

  • SoftBox Modular Sofa

    SoftBox Modular Sofa

    SoftBox Modular Sofa allow users to create any number of configurations with various seating elements

  • Alexa Sofa

    Alexa Sofa

    Alexa Sofa is the ultimate executive armchair and sofa collection. Sophisticated, sleek and minimalist.

  • T 904 Bench Seat

    T904 Bench Seat

    T904 Bench Seat offers an elegant curved tubular steel and wood bench with seat cushions.

  • Kennedee Jr. Sofa

    Kennedee Jr. Sofa

    Kennedee Jr. Sofa designed by Jean-Marie Massaud offers superb luxury soft seating comfort.

  • Allure Sofa and Armchair

    Allure Sofa and Armchair

    Allure Reception Soft Seating comprises a generously proportioned armchair with two- and three-seater sofas.

  • Ice Sofa and Armchair

    Ice Sofa and Armchair

    Ice Soft Seating is a series comprising a sofa and matching armchair. Ideal for reception areas and corporate lounges.

  • Mortimer Lounge Sofa

    Mortimer Sofa SMO2

    Mortimer Soft Seating is part of a contemporary range from British designers Jones & Partners.

  • Swoosh Sofa Bench

    Swoosh Sofa

    Swoosh Sofa Bench is a low back reception soft seating option with silver or white wire base.

  • Soufflé Poufs

    Soufflé Poufs

    Soufflé Poufs is a family of three different sized stools and a table ideal for the office.

  • Twelve Sofa and Armchair

    Twelve Sofa

    Twelve Soft Seating range comprises armchair, 2- and 3-seater sofas with the option of corner modules and chaise longue.

  • Mr. Snug Low Sofa

    Mr. Snug Low Sofa

    Mr. Snug Low Back Sofa is reception soft seating which combines well with the high back sofa from the same seating series.

  • Atoll Chaise Lounge

    Atoll Chaise Longues

    Atoll Chaise lounge chair is beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture by Patrick Norguet.

  • HM106 Soft Seating

    HM106 Quiet Seating

    HM106 Quiet Seating is a clever bench and sofa collection to mark-out zones is offices.

  • Us Modular Seating

    Us Modular Seating

    US Modular Seating allow for the creation of straight, circular or curved seating configurations.

  • Reef Sofa

    Reef Sofa

    Reef Sofa is an organically shaped soft seating solution for receptions or open offices

  • Mote High Back Sofas

    Mote Modular Sofa

    Mote Modular Sofa range offers high back office sofas and low back units for agile working.

  • AV Chaise Longue Chair

    AV Chaise Longue Chair

    AV Chaise Longue Chair is a remake of a classic ideal for that leisure furniture piece.

  • Element Modular Sofa

    Element Modular Sofa

    Element Modular Sofa programme caters to new ways of communicating in the worklace

  • SE:Works Modular Sofa

    SE:Works Modular Sofa

    SE:Works modular Sofa is ideal for use in open plan offices where agile working is encouraged

  • Affair Modular Sofa

    Affair Modular Sofa

    Affair Modular Sofa is an innovative functional seating solution for public spaces.

  • Urban Sofa

    Urban Sofa

    Urban lounge seating range comprised of three-seater sofa and armchair.

  • Lune Modular Sofa

    Lune™ Modular Sofa

    Lune™ Modular Sofa is a Nordic sculptural and curvy soft seating solution.

  • Favn 3-seater Sofa

    Favn™ Sofa

    Favn™ Sofa designed by Jaime Hayon, this inviting Lounge piece embraces the sitter.

  • Skyline Moular Sofa

    Skyline Modular Sofa

    Skyline Modular Sofa is a intelligent flexible seating solution for all interiors.

  • Four®Us Soft Seating

    Four®Us Soft Seating

    Four®Us Soft Seating offers standard high-abck sofa and touchdown workspaces.

  • Halo Sofa

    Halo Seating

    Halo Seating is a family of single seat easychairs,public seating and sofas with high backrests.

  • Scope Sofa

    Scope Sofa

    Scope Sofa is a modern compact seatng solution for small receptions or domestic areas.

  • Lucy Sofa

    Lucy Sofa

    Lucy Sofa is a multivalent sot seating solution for hotels or workplace lobbies.

  • Nucleo Pouf Sofa Seating 1

    Nucleo Pouf Sofa Seating

    Presented both with individual elements and with structured compositions.

  • Nucleo Armchair & Sofa 1

    Nucleo Armchair And Sofa

    A collection of modular armchairs and sofas. They are also customisable.

  • Angel Three Seater

    Angel Sofa

    Angel is a beautifully proportioned, high back sofa range. Incorporating a slender fan-arm design.

  • Angel Wingchair Side Angel in Beige

    Angel Wingchair

    The Angel Wingchair is a exquisitely detailed full-size high-back armchair which features graceful swooping arms, dark brown stained and lacquered tapered solid timber legs.

  • Bebe Sofa, Chaise And Ottoman in Cream

    Bebe Sofa, Chaise And Ottoman

    Bébé is a range of soft seating which exudes comfort and luxury.

  • District Sofa Side Angle

    District Sofa And Armchair

    District is a simple yet elegant armchair and sofa range with slender legs, suitable for reception, office and breakout areas.

  • Fifth Avenue Sofa in Grey

    Fifth Avenue Sofa And Armchair

    Fifth Avenue is our best-selling classic armchair and sofa range.

  • Headline Sofa And Armchair

    Headline Sofa And Armchair

    The Headline armchair and sofa range is extremely comfortable, comes with soft-filled seat and back cushions. Is suitable for the office, reception and breakout reception areas.

  • Lacey Sofa in Black

    Lacey Sofa

    Lacey is a compact armchair and sofa range with accompanying stool, bench and table ranges.

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