Started in 2007

BuzziSpace, a Belgium-based company was started in 2007 in Antwerp as a creative subsidiary of, which had specialized in the production of elegantly designed cubical walls for offices. BuzziSpace offers innovative acoustic solutions for the home and the workplace.

BuzziSpace Furniture Solutions

Company Profile

The BuzziSpace product portfolio offers acoustic furnishing solutions for the modern workplace and homes, standing out because of their innovative functionality, lightness, and flexibility. All BuzziSpace products are designed to have a multi-functional use, providing private work areas and acoustics or acoustics and a decorative furnishing. The intention is to present products that may be used in diverse ways in any room and are effective acoustically and unique. Besides the importance of the motto "A World of Silence", a pleasant look, feel and environmental-friendliness also play a large role in the design of every product.

For the greener good...

BuzziFabric, used in products such as BuzziBrickBack and BuzziShade, is made entirely from recycled plastic bottle waste. This is more than just a PET project however...

BuzziSpace develops, manufactures and sells products for environmental engineering applications. This ensures that their environmental standards are always high. The company upholds stringent environmental working methods across the whole organisation, whilst systematically evaluating their approach in this area to correspond to customer needs as well as government requirements.

The company endeavours to use the production equipment, forms of energy and distribution methods that put the least possible strain on the environment.

Economising and recycling raw materials is a process subject to constant supervision and improvement, and any products which cannot be recycled in their own production processes are recycled to provide energy.