BuzziResoFuser Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels

BuzziResoFuser Wall Panels are acoustic panels that absorb sound at speech range level, and in turn improve the audibility of speech in an enclosed space.

The operating frequency of the BuzziResoFuser Wall Panels is adjustable by changing the position and levels of the partitions in the grooves, at the back of the panels, where the frequency levels are also displayed.  To determine which frequencies have to be absorbed in the room, a reverberation time measurement has to be taken. The frequencies that remain in the room for longer periods have to be absorbed. These frequencies have a specific bandwidth, which means that a frequency can always be chosen that is close to the problem frequency measured in the room. Fitting two together creates a longer cavity and even lower tones can be absorbed.

The BuzziResoFuser is attached to the wall with a hook batten.

Combined with BuzziTile 3D, pieces of acoustic architectural art can be created!

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BuzziResoFuser Acoustic Panels

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