Office Room Dividers

Designer modern office room dividers available as free standing, linking or desk supported, which can be used in open plan offices, showrooms or educational environments. Floor standing room dividers allow you to effectively divide or section off area within the office or room. Apres supply the latest innovative floor standing room dividers on the market; you can be sure to source the right solution and aesthetic for your environment from our quality range of room dividers. Our range of office room dividers come in a wide range of different fabrics and finishes offering you a decorative aesthetic or an acoustic buffer. No matter what your room dividing requirements are, we can customise a screen to fit your specification.

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  • Quiet Riot Room Dividers

    Quiet Riot Room Dividers

    Quiet Riot Room Dividers are acoustic sound absorbers which can also be used as bulletin memo boards.

  • Acrylic and upholstered curved screens

    Bay Screens

    Bay Screens, curved and straight, for the contemporary open office. Available with upholstered and acrylic fills.

  • Viswing Room Dividers

    Viswing Room Divider

    Viswing room dividers are innovative floor standing screens for creating third spaces in the office.

  • Stitch Room Divider

    Stitch Room Dividers

    Stitch Office Room Dividers are the creation of Stefan Borselius and offers acoustic values with a softer tone.

  • Spaghetti Wall Room Divider - Black

    Spaghetti Wall Room Divider

    Spaghetti Wall, designed by Hans Von Hirsch & John Zoffmann, is a stylish modern office room divider.

  •  BuzziScreen Room Divider

    BuzziScreen Room Divider

    BuzziScreen Room Divider extends infinitely via its recycled zipper system allowing additional panels.

  • BuzzBlinds Room Dividers by Alain Gilles

    BuzziBlinds Room Divider

    BuzziBlinds Room Divider is partitioning with flexibility; colourful "walls" dividing your open plan office space.

  • Oblivion Privacy Workstations from Koleksiyon

    Oblivion Privacy Workstations

    Oblivion Workstation Screens are modular. Shelves, desks, cabinets, seats and much more can be configured.

  • BuzziCactus Room Dividers

    BuzziCactus Room Dividers

    BuzziCactus Office Room Divider combines sound insulation, fun design and a surface you can stick pins onto.

Items 10 to 18 of 36 total View All

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