Visitors and Conference Chairs

Après Furniture have a wide selection of versatile visitors and conference chairs for you to choose from. With over twenty two years experience in selecting the best visitors and conference chair solutions, UK businesses rely on us to provide them  with modern seating solutions for their offices, hotels, conference environments, schools and more. Depending on the model, our visitors and conference chairs provide solutions for many applications such as guest chairs at your desk, waiting and reception areas, providing lightweight stylish seating.

You can choosevisitors and conference chairs with various styles and finishes including wooden, metal, mesh back, high back, plastic, leather and upholstered visitors chairs, as well as bases such as cantilever, four-legged and sled base visitor seating. Some of our visitor and conference chairs provide ergonomic lumbar support as well as lockable castor wheels for convenience and movement. Many have the ability to link a number of chairs for linear arrangements, providing an organised structure to the areas they reside.

Many of our multi-purpose visitor and conference chairs are lightweight and stackable chairs, offering efficient storage and facilitating easier distribution (especially useful for short-notice meetings). Our stackable conference chairs can be stacked up 20-25 chairs high from the floor, and up to 40-45 chairs high when placed into a transport dolly (depending on the model). Not only does this save valuable space, it provides a much easier way of moving and storing these lightweight visitor chairs.

Visitors and conference chairs are perfect for a range of meetings, informal meeting areas and training settings. We can also provide guest and conference chairs with integrated tablet surfaces. This allows note-taking to be performed without the need for an additional table surface which is highly efficient; chairs designed with space and budget taken into account.

Ourvisitor and conference chairs are designed with multi-purpose environments in mind. We only source from Europe's leading manufacturers, so you can be certain you are receiving the highest quality and value for money. With so many designs to choose from we are confident you will find the rightvisitor and conference chairs for your company for one or more applications.

270 Item(s)

  • Ahrend 330 Chairs

    Ahrend 330 Chairs

    Ahrend 330 Chair is characterised by the soldered mitre joints in the frame.

  • Cesca Cane Chairs from Breuer

    Cesca Cane Chairs

    Cesca Cane Chairs, by Breuer, with handwoven cane inserts, wood frame seat and backrest.

  • Cesca Chairs by Knoll

    Cesca Chairs

    Cesca Chairs use a light gauge steel tubing with resilient form. Upholstered with Spencer textile.

  • Flat Bar Brno Chair

    Flat Bar Brno Cantilever Chair

    Flat Bar Brno is management level cantilever visitors chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

  • Tubular Brno Chair

    Tubular Brno Chair

    Tubular Brno Cantilever Chair is meeting seating for conferences. Made with Spinneybeck leather available in 500 colours.

  • Mr Chair

    Mr Chair

    Mr Chair is a cantilever seat great for reception areas, lobbies and as a visitors chair.

  • Conference Chairs

    Saarinen Chair - Wood

    Saarinen Chair is a wooden legged conference seat and is great for informal meeting areas.

  • Saarinen Chairs - Steel

    Saarinen Chairs - Steel

    Saarinen Chairs, an executive seat created with a steel rod base and polished chrome.

  • Spoleto Chair

    Spoleto Chairs

    Spoleto Chairs, with cantilever tubular steel, is ideal for smaller offices or conference rooms.

  • Handkerchief Stacking Chair

    Handkerchief Stacking Chair

    Handkerchief Stacking Chair is high density with tablet, ganging mechanism and dolly.

  • Neos Cantilever Chairs - white frame

    Neos Cantilever Chairs

    Neos Cantilever Chair is stackable, so it is ideal for conferences, office meetings and training rooms. Fabric or leather.

  • FS Line Management Chairs

    FS Line Management Chairs

    FS Line Management Chairs offer automatic synchro-adjustment for user comfort during executive office meetings

  • Wilkhahn Sito Chair Range

    Sito Cantilever Chairs

    Sito Cantilever Chairs can be upholstered and are stackable; ideal for visitors or meetings.

  • Modus Basic Office Chairs

    Modus Basic Office Chairs

    Modus Basic Office Chair is a swivel or four-legged seat with ergonomically shaped backrest.

  • Modus Conference Chairs

    Modus Conference Chairs

    Modus Medium Conference Chairs are modern and very comfortable seating for office use and meeting rooms.

  • Ceno Stackable Chair

    Ceno Dining Chairs

    Ceno Dining Chairs are stackable, multifunctional and versatile seating.

  • Cinema Sport Armchair

    Cinema Sport Armchair

    Cinema Sport Armchair is a Bauhaus design for the modern office; perfect for guests, conferences and meetings.

  • Spira Chairs

    Spira Chairs

    Spira Chairs offer comfort for a longer seating time. Upholstered in various colours.

  • Atlas Chair 5 Star Castor Wheels

    Atlas Chairs

    Atlas Chairs can be used in office receptions, meeting or conference rooms, offering a 4-leg or five star swivel base frame.

  • Cosmos Chair

    Cosmos Chairs

    Cosmos Chairs are stackable and linkable chair in two sizes, with upholstery in fabric or leather.

  • X75-2 Chairs Folding Armchair

    X75-2 Directors Armchairs

    X75-2 Directors Armchairs by Lindau and Lindekrantz easily fold away. With optional writing tablet.

  • TakeOver Conference Chair

    TakeOver Cantilever Chairs

    Takeover Cantilever chairs come with a fully-upholstered (50 cm high) backrest or a mesh backrest (60 cm high).

  • @Just Visitors Chair

    @Just Visitors Chairs

    @Just Visitors Chairs are four-legged or cantilever. They are stackable, so ideal space saving for training areas.

  • Shape Elan Visitor Chairs

    Shape Elan Visitor Chairs

    Shape Elan Visitor Chairs are synonymous with comfort, ergonomics and budget seating.

  • Teo 1 Chairs

    Teo 1 Chairs

    Teo 1 Chairs are available with upholstered seat, armrests and optional writing tablet.

  • Teo 2 Visitor Chairs

    Teo 2 Visitor Chairs

    Teo 2 Visitor Chairs with castors, cantilever or glides. Stackable up to 4 chairs high.

  • Cosmos Chairs

    Cosmos Visitors Chairs

    Cosmos Visitors Chairs are cantilever and four-leg stacking chairs with upholstered seat and backrest.

  • HM58c Sled Base Multipurpose Armchair

    Hm58 Chairs

    HM58 Chair with chrome-finished stacking skid or four-leg base, and optional armrests.

  • Howe 40/4 Chairs

    40/4 Chair

    40/4 Chair by David Rowland is high density stacking chair for churches, training and conference areas.

  • Dat-O Cantilever Chair

    Dat-O Cantilever Chair

    Dat-O Cantilever Chair is stackable, with a breathable mesh backrest for improved comfort during office meetings or conferences.

  • Dat-O Chair

    Dat-O Chair

    Dat-O Meeting Chair has a upholstered backrest and chrome frame. A guest chair stackable up to 3 high.

  • Meda Conference Chairs

    Meda Conference Chairs

    Meda Meeting Chair features synchronous adjustment which is triggered by the user’s movements.

  • Yeah! Conference Chairs

    Yeah! Conference Chair

    Yeah! Conference Chair is a 4-leg or cantilever stacking seat with or without armrests for office meetings and visitors.

  • Team Cantilever Stacking Chairs

    Team Cantilever Meeting Chair

    Team Cantilever Stacking Chairs offer a comfortable affordable option for office, conference, guest and education settings.

  • Xpresso One Stacking Chairs

    Xpresso One Stacking Chairs

    Xpresso One Chair is lightweight and durable, a high density stacking chair that can be linked in rows.

  • Connection Halo Chairs

    Connection Halo Chairs

    Halo Soft Seating for receptions, conference, meeting and waiting areas. With wooden veneer outer shell.

  • Is Visitors Chairs

    Connection IS Chairs

    IS Visitor & Meeting Chairs fit into a range of office settings. Stackable and linkable on 4-leg version.

  • Ciello Office Swivel Chairs

    Ciello Meeting Chairs

    Ciello Meeting Chairs provide a comfortable seating solution.

  • Orbit Visitors Chairs

    Orbit Visitors Chair

    Orbit Visitors Chair with thermoplastic membrane for enhanced ergonomic comfort during office meetings.

  • Orbit Conference Chairs by Klober

    Orbit Network Conference Chairs

    Orbit Network Conference Chairs are built with Softnet cushioning effect for added comfort during office meetings.

  • X3.3 Chairs

    X3.3 Chairs

    X3.3 Chairs is an upholstered ergonomic and elegant seating solution for office use.

  • Ricciolina Chairs

    Ricciolina Chairs

    Ricciolina Chairs with a distinct ergonomic shape is ideal for visitors, training and conferences.

  • MaxDesign So Happy Chairs

    So Happy Chairs

    So Happy Chairs with an open smile design for office meetings and guests. 5 Different Bases. 2 Heights. 54 Colours.

  • June Chairs

    June Chairs

    The June Chairs range, with sledge steel structure is great for a more informal lounge seating solution.

  • Mya Chair with 4-Star base with glides

    Mya Chairs

    Mya Chairs are available with three different bases and are suitable for various office environments.

  • Una Management Office Armchair

    Una Meeting Chairs

    Una Meeting Chairs are ergonomic and easily height adjustable for a comfortable seat.

  • Sim-O Cantilever Chair

    Sim-O Cantilever Chair

    Sim-O Cantilever Chair with mesh backrest is ideal seating. Sim-O Visitor chairs for informal meeting areas.

  • Sim-O Stackable Chairs from Dauphin

    Sim-O Visitor Chairs

    Sim-O Visitor Chairs are stackable and offer a continuous, ergonomically-shaped backrest.

  • Cloud Upholstered Meeting Armchair

    Cloud Meeting Chairs

    Cloud Meeting Chairs are fitted with a tilting mechanism and height adjustment via a pneumatic gas lift.

  • Relay Cantilever Chair

    Relay Chairs

    Relay Chairs are the ideal seating range to be used within management conference and seminar environments.

  • Artifort Gap Seating

    Gap Chairs

    Gap Chairs have a smile-shaped opening below the backrest that provides room for the back to relax into.

  • Tso Meeting Chairs

    Tso Chairs

    Tso Chairs offers three frames choices: cantilever, four legged or four legged with castors.

  • Wave Visitor Chairs

    Wave Visitor Chairs

    Wave Visitor Chairs come in one or two tone fabrics for conference, office meetings and reception/waiting areas.

  • Of Course Executive Chairs

    Of Course Executive Chairs

    Of Course Executive Chairs are conference chairs with great ergonomics

  • Tempus Chair

    Tempus Chair

    Tempus Chair's armrests are smoothly integrated into the ergonomically shaped backrest, for comfort during office meetings.

  • Series 8000 Chair Stackable with Tablet

    Series 8000 Chair

    Series 8000 Chairs are stackable, with optional writing tablet, under-chair basket and linking device.

  • Ikon Visitors Chairs

    Ikon Chair

    Ikon Chair is available as a four legged option or on castors with dual colour seat and armrests.

  • Mia Chairs

    Mia Chair

    Mia Chair is a high density stacking seating solution, available in various colours and upholstery.

  • Stick Light Office Chair

    Stick Light Office Chair

    Stick Office Chair is a multi-purpose height adjustable swivel office chair. Ideal for meetings and as a visitor chair.

  • Comet Chair Collection

    Comet Chair Collection

    The Comet Chair Collection by Gunilla Allard is available with a variety of bases, with or without armrests.

  • FK Conference Chairs

    FK Conference Chair

    FK Conference Chair is iconic, with a high backrest on original three-star swivel base. Ideal for office meeting or boardrooms.

  • Unix Chair

    Unix Chair

    Unix Office Meeting Chair comes as a cantilever chair, four star base swivel chair and a four legged chair.

  • Doodle Chairs

    Doodle Chair

    Doodle Chair has colourful removable covers. Ideal for breakout, conference, guest and meeting areas.

  • Visasoft Meeting Chair

    Visasoft Chair

    Visasoft Chair is a visitors and conference cantilever chair with optional writing tablet for meetings and training.

  • 8200 Volpe Armchair with round base plate

    8200 Volpe Armchair

    8200 Volpe Armchair with 4 different frames for reception, dining and recreation rooms.

  • Graph Conference Chairs

    Graph Conference Chairs

    Graph Office Meeting Chair is part of the 30 High-End Conference Range by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub.

  • Armless Alite Chair

    Alite Chair

    Alite Chair is a contemporary lightweight seat in anodised aluminium. Ideal for large venues.

  • MilanoSoft Guest and Conference Chairs

    MilanoSoft Chair

    MilanoSoft Chair is ideal for meeting and reception rooms, with closed armrests adding extra contours.

  • Sereno Cantilever Chair in White Leather

    Sereno Chair

    Sereno Cantilever and Sereno 4-Legged Chairs can be stacked up to five chairs high to save space after office meetings.

  • Fina Easy Chair with Upholstered Armrests

    Fina Lounge Chair

    Fina Lounge Chair, with generous proportions, for reception, informal meeting and conference areas.

  • Pause Chair

    Pause Chairs

    Pause Chairs are lightweight and can be stacked or linked in rows, perfect for audiences and conferences.

  • Session Armchair Side View

    Session Armchairs

    Session Armchairs are stackable; a wooden chair with soft seat and backrest in various colours.

  • Session Light Chair

    Session Light Chairs

    Session Light Chairs are stackable and feature removable seats which rotate 180°.

  • Inferno Chairs

    Inferno Chairs

    Inferno Boardroom Chairs provide comfortable seating during executive office meetings with their unique built-in flexible tilt.

  • Parade Chairs

    Parade Chairs

    Parade versatile robust chair with upholstered seat & laminated wood backrest.

  • Pablo Chair

    Pablo Chair

    Pablo Chair features an asymmetrical design with flexible feet to protect flooring.

  • Tip Ton Chairs

    Tip Ton Chair

    Tip Ton Chair has forward-tilt, helping straighten the pelvis and spine and improves circulation.

  • FinaSoft Conference Swivel Chairs are available with Glides or Castors

    FinaSoft Conference Chairs

    FinaSoft Conference Chair is slim, lightweight and very elegant. Swivel, cantilever, glides or castor bases.

  • Spira.Sit Meeting Chair back detail

    Spira.Sit Cantilever Chair

    Spira.Sit Meeting Chair is a leather upholstered conference chair offering superior seating comfort.

  • Golf 4-Legged Stackable Row Chair

    Golf Chair

    Golf Chair is a four-legged stacking chair in beech plywood; clear, lacquered or upholstered.

  • Aluform_3 Stacking Chair

    Aluform Chair

    Aluform Chair by Arge2 is stackable with luxury upholstery, ergonomic back and ample seat depth.

  • Arta Armchair

    Arta Chair

    Arta Wooden Chair with slim wood frame, luxury upholstery, and ergonomic shape for long sitting periods.

  • Ch@t Chair

    Ch@t Chair

    Ch@t by Martin Ballendat is a robust ergonomic chair which is lightweight (5.7kg) and comfortable.

  • Outline Chair

    Outline Chair

    Outline Chair by Ballendat is a comfortable ergonomic lightweight seat with optional armrests and writing tablet.

  • Publix Chair

    Publix Chair

    Publix Chair is multi-purpose, with optional row and seat numbers or logo and name tags.

  • S13 Chair 6710-103

    S13 Chair

    S13 Chair is a stackable seating choice, with standard or high backrest and wooden frame.

  • S15 Chair

    S15 Chair

    S15 Chair is a high-class solid wooden seat available in two different back heights. Ideal for dining and meetings.

  • Sign_2 Chair

    Sign_2 Chair

    Sign_2 Chair with cantilever, 4 leg base, with writing tablet or beam seating option.

  • Joy Conference Seating

    Joy Visitors Chair

    Joy cantilever or four legged chair provides ergonomic support and comfort.

  • Joy Mesh Visitor Chairs

    Joy Mesh Visitor Chair

    Joy Mesh Back Meeting Chair has a dual contour design which increases support through the lumbar region.

  • G64 Cantilever Seat

    G64 Visitor Chair

    G64 Visitor Chair is an upholstered cantilever seat for conference and waiting environments.

  • G16 Giroflex Meeting Chairs from Orangebox

    G16 Meeting Chair

    G16 Visitor's Chair is ideal for conferences and as an office meeting chair. Simple. Smart. Designer seating.

  • Sound Visitor Chair

    Sound Visitor Chair

    Sound Visitor Chair is a classic cantilever seat ideal for office meetings, conferences and boardrooms.

  • Cors Stacking Chairs

    Cors Chair

    Cors Chair is comfortable and lightweight seating which is easily stackable after meetings.

  • Plaza Visitors Chair

    Plaza Visitors Chair

    Plaza Visitors Chair's seat shell is sculpted from ergonomically formed beech plywood. Ideal for office meetings and conferences.

  • Tempuro Chair with leather upholstery

    Tempuro Chair

    Tempuro Chair is a lightweight contemporary swivel seat for conferences and office meeting rooms.

  • Pause Sled Chair

    Pause Sled Chair

    Pause Sled Chair stacks up to 40 high and is suited to conference, dining or canteen areas.

  • Verona Cantilever Meeting Chair

    Verona Meeting Chair

    Verona Meeting Chair is a classic shell seat. The knee roll design supports blood flow through the legs.

  • Too Mesh Cantilever Chair

    Too Mesh Chair

    Too 2.0 Mesh Chair is a stackable cantilever meeting chair which provides additional comfort with a firm flex in the frame.

  • Drive Cantilever Chair

    Drive Cantilever Chair

    Drive Cantilever Chair is perfect for boardrooms, meeting or conference rooms, visitors and general office use.

  • Tool 2 Armchair Fully Upholstered

    Tool 2 Chair

    Tool 2 Chair offers a seat numbering system: standard, magnetic or electronic and linking.

  • Linos Plastic Chair for Multipurpose Areas

    Linos Plastic Chair

    Linos Plastic Chair is robust, hygienic, easy to clean and affordable. Linkable with optional row numbering.

  • Fina Armchairs upholstered in Leather.

    Fina Armchair

    Fina Armchair is an elegant seating solution to be used as a guest chair or within meeting or conference rooms.

  • Tokyo Chair Four Star Base

    Tokyo Chair

    Tokyo Meeting Chair with sprung frame provides a comfortable seating solution for executive offices, boardrooms and conferences.

  • HAL Chair

    HAL Chair

    HAL Chair is an ergonomic conference chair with a flexible structure for freedom of movement whilst seated.

  • Vitra Visaroll 2 ChairsStacked

    Visaroll 2 Chair

    Visaroll 2 Chair can be used as a work and visitor chair and as a space-saving, stackable conference and contract chair.

  • Softshell Chairs

    SoftShell Chair

    SoftShell Chair is a softly padded tub chair with flexible ribs in backrest for supreme comfort.

  • MedaSlim Chair

    MedaSlim Chair

    MedaSlim Chair is lightweight and ideal for meeting and conference rooms, restaurants, cafés and home use.

  • Kruze Chair by David Fox Design

    Kruze Chairs

    Kruze Chairs, designed by David Fox, feature on TV programmes like Match of The Day. Ideal for office meetings.

  • Boss Design Swing Lounge Chair without headrest

    Swing Lounge Chair

    Swing Lounge Chair has a refined impressive aesthetic with four star base and headrest, fully upholstered.

  • Arran Conference Seating Series

    Arran Visitors Chairs

    Arran Visitors Chairs are a comfortable stackable padded seat with backrest. Made in Britain.

  • Mars Visitor Conference and Meeting Seating Series

    Mars Chair

    Mars Chair is comfortable and robust. A four legged or cantilever stacking chair.

  • Serif Leather Meeting Chair

    Serif Meeting Chair

    Serif Meeting Chair is available upholstered or with a show-wood ply in Black American Walnut or veneers.

  • Starr Chair with armrests

    Starr Visitor Chair

    Starr Visitor Chair is a robust, stackable and linkable chair in a choice of upholstery, plastic or veneer.

  • Carlo Visitor Chair

    Carlo Visitor Chair

    Carlo Visitor Chair has a classic design and is ideal for office meeting and reception rooms.

  • Lily Visitor Chair

    Lily Visitor Chair

    Lily Visitor Chair is an upholstered cantilever chair stackable to up to five high seats high.

  • Pro Visitor Chairs

    Pro Visitor Chair

    Pro Visitor Chair is available with 4- or 5-star base and cantilever options for office meetings and conferences.

  • 3150 Scorpii Lounge Armchair - Cantilever Base

    3150 Scorpii Lounge Chair

    3150 Scorpii Lounge Chair, designed by Uwe Sommerlade, includes a sofa and different base options.

  • 8500 Ona Plaza Cantilever Chair

    8500 Ona Plaza Chair

    8500 Ona Plaza Meeting Chairs with 4-leg or cantilever base with medium or high backrest. Ideal for guests and conferences.

  • Light Office Seating with medium high backrest

    Light Chair

    Light Chair is executive seating available in a stackable cantilever or swivel base height adjustable versions.

  • Nulite Office Seating

    Nulite Office Seating

    Nulite Executive Seating range comprises office task, guest and meeting chairs as well as high stools.

  • Wing Visitor's Chair by Luxy

    Wing Visitor's Chair

    Wing Visitor's Chair is a superior quality cantilever or four legged chair for office meetings and conferences.

  • La Mesh Meeting Chairs

    La Mesh Visitor Seating

    La Mesh Visitor Seating are stackable cantilever chairs with upholstered seats in various colours.

  • Air Jr Mesh Back Cantilever Chair

    Aire Jr Visitor Chair

    Aire Jr Office Meeting Chair is available in cantilever, 4-legged or star-shaped base with castors or glides.

  • LC1 Villa Church Chairs

    LC1 Villa Church Chair

    LC1 Villa Church Chair is a contemporary low chair with padded seat and backrest. Satin or leather finish.

  • 245 Caprice Chairs by Cassina

    245 Caprice Chair

    245 Caprice Chair is an elegant seating option for reception, waiting and dining environments.

  • 246 Passion Chair White Front

    246 Passion Chair

    246 Passion is a compact wrap-around chair with sinuous profile designed by Philippe Starck.

  • 3700 Palato Armchairs

    3700 Palato Seating

    3700 Palato Seating comprises side chair, armchair, high-back armchair, 2 and 3 seater benches.

  • 5100 Vino Armchair with handle bar

    5100 Vino Chair

    5100 Vino Chair is stackable, with bolt linking, ideal for waiting, recreation and dining rooms.

  • Hydrochair back cover is made of 3D mesh


    HydroChair seating is made of hydro-formed aluminum for extra lightness and durability.

  • Tindari Chair 4-Leg Base

    Tindari Chair

    Tindari Chair, designed by Alfredo Häberli, is available with a variety of bases and as stools.

  • X10 Meeting Chair

    X10 Visitor Chair

    X10 Visitor Chair is stackable, cantilever or 4-legged. Options include writing tablet and upholstered seat.

  • Lite Chair and Armchair

    Lite Chair and Armchair

    Lite Chair and Armchair is stackable and generously sized with linking device and optional tablet.

  • Mod Chair and Armchair

    Mod Chair and Armchair

    Mod softly upholstered stacking chair provides back support for long seating hours.

  • Mono Light Chair by Offecct

    Mono Light Chair

    Mono Light Chair is a versatile stacking seat with or without armrests in various colours. Nordic Swan approved.

  • Quick Visitor Chair by Offecct

    Quick Chair

    Quick Chair's backrest is in moulded cold foam with spring system for extra comfort. Nordic Swan accredited.

  • Quilt Armchair by Offecct

    Quilt Armchair

    Quilt Armchair is a light versatile chair, upholstered, with chrome structure and birch arms. Nordic Swan accredited.

  • Bond Chair by Offecct

    Bond Chair

    Bond Chair, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, is an easy chair on a four star base or castors.

  • Bond Light Chairs and Stools

    Bond Light Seating

    Bond Light Seating comprises a variety of options including stackable chair and bar stool with footrest.

  • Bond Xtra Light Chair and Armchair

    Bond Xtra Light Seating

    Bond Xtra Light Seating is a comfortable and versatile chair with or without armrests.

  • Canti Office Armchair

    Canti Chair

    Björn Dahlström designed Canti Meeting Chair; a stackable cantilever seat or 4-legged or five star base.

  • Fauteuil Direction Armchairs

    Fauteuil Direction Armchair

    Fauteuil Direction Armchair is a four-legged chair for reception, conference and visitor environments.

  • Flavia Visitor Chairs

    Flavia Visitor Chair

    Flavia Visitor Chair is a robust small armchair with optional writing tablet available in three finishes.

  • Look Visitor Chair with Armrests

    Look Visitor Chair

    Look Visitor Chair can be upholstered and is available as beam seating with or without armrests.

  • Forma Visitor Chair

    Forma Visitor Chair

    Forma Visitor Chair is lightweight, versatile and stackable in various colours, with optional writing tablet.

  • Clip Stacking Chair

    Clip Visitor Chair

    Clip Visitor Chair is ideal for public and private areas. Linkable and stackable. Available in a four colours.

  • Taylord Leather Meeting Chairs

    Taylord Chairs

    Taylord Executive Chairs provide a wide range of materials including mesh, flat leather and quilted upholstery.

  • Archal Swivel Chair

    Archal Chair

    Archal Swivel Office Chair with cast aluminium frame is a great choice for a comfortable conference or guests area.

  • Theo Chair

    Theo Chair

    Theo Chair is an all wood stacking chair ideal for training areas. Linkable and stackable up to 30 high. Made in Britain.

  • Calder Cantilever Chair

    Calder Cantilever Chair

    Calder Cantilever Chair, a modern guest and visitors chair, is designed to complement working areas.

  • Breeze Chair by Tonon

    Breeze Chair

    Breeze Chair, a cantilever rectangular or round frame in polished or matt chrome finish.

  • Swing Chairs by Tonon

    Swing Chair

    Swing Chair is an elegant addition to conference rooms and training areas. Available with or without armrests.

  • Symbol Chair in White

    Symbol Chair

    Symbol Chair and armchair with skidbase. Frame in stylish chrome matt metal.

  • Cosy Seating

    Cosy Chair

    Cosy Chair has an elegant and delicate design, suitable for conference environments.

  • Tulip Chair by Tonon

    Tulip Chair

    Tulip Chair is a stackable cantilever seat which is linkable with optional writing tablet.

  • Brand Armchair

    Brand Chair

    Brand Chair is an elegant and stackable plywood/upholstered training or conference chair.

  • Mera Cantilever Chairs

    Mera Visitor Chairs

    Mera Visitor Chair, designed by Jorg Bernauer, are ideal for use in receptions, waiting areas or in meeting room.

  • Duera Cantilever Office Chair

    Duera Conference Chairs

    Duera Conference Chairs relieve back strain during office meetings through a swivel-mounted malleable mesh backrest.

  • Moteo Meeting Chairs

    Moteo Meeting Chairs

    Moteo Meeting Chairs offer distinctive ergonomic lumbar support, with the celligence®-system.

  • 77 Conference Armchair

    77 Conference Armchairs

    77 Conference Armchairs can be stacked, linked, transported on a trolley and equipped with a writing tablet.

  • Workday Conference Chairs

    Workday Meeting Chairs

    Workday Meeting Chairs with different bases for conferences, guests and office boardrooms.

  • Poi Meeting Chair

    Poi Meeting Chair

    Poi Conference Chair for office meetings sits on a four star swivel base. With auto return and glides.

  • Pulse Meeting Chair

    Pulse Meeting Chair

    Pulse Meeting Chair offers great comfort in the office due to its resilient backrest and soft seat padding.

  • Faveo Meeting Chair

    Faveo Meeting Chair

    Faveo Office Meeting Chair is also ideal for conference, training and auditorium environments.

  • Matrix Cantilever Chair without armrests

    Matrix Training Chair

    A wide variety of options can be added to Matrix Training Chair from armrests, to writing tablets and book racks.

  • Opt4 White Cantilever Chair

    Opt4 Stacking Chair

    Opt4 Chair is characterised for being lightweight and featuring a versatile design.

  • Perry Upholstered Cantilever Chair by KI

    Perry Chair

    Perry Chair, designed by Charles Perry, is a highly comfortable high density stacking chair.

  • Torsion on the Go ! Training Chair by KI

    Torsion on the Go! Chair

    Torsion on the Go! Chair: comfort meets versatility and convenience. With patented flex back mechanism.

  • In Touch Visitors Chairs IT 54090

    In Touch Visitors Chairs

    In Touch Meeting Chairs were awarded the ‘Red Dot Design Award’ and the iF Product Design Award.

  • Visita Chair

    Visita Chair

    Visita Chair, ideal for receptions or meeting areas, features clear lines within a neutral design.

  • Riola Chair

    Riola Conference Chair

    Riola Office Meeting Chairs are available with or without armrests in black soft-lacquer or in pure chrome.

  • CuboFLEX Visitor's Chair

    CuboFLEX Visitor's Chair

    CuboFLEX Office Meeting Chair is characterised by its stylish mix of fabrics and leather. Available with or without armrests.

  • X-Code Visitors Chair

    X-Code Visitors Chairs

    X-Code Pure and Pure Style Visitor are office meeting chairs with cantilever or 4-star base options.

  • Bionic Visitors Chairs

    Bionic Visitors Chairs

    Bionic Meeting Chairs are perfect for conference rooms or reception areas, with three versions to choose from.

  • Sign_2 Cantilever Chair

    Sign_2 Cantilever Chair

    Sign_2 Cantilever Chair's slim classic profile has been designed for conference areas and as a visitors chair.

  • Puro Chair

    Puro Chair

    Puro Chair is ideal for seminar/conference settings as it is stackable with optional tablet.

  • Cima Visitors Chair

    Cima Chair

    Cima Visitors’ Chairs can be fitted with row connectors and numbering to easily create an audience.

  • Join Me Chair

    Join Me Chairs

    Join Me Chairs are folding upholstered seats which are ideal for conference and training areas.

  • Casablanca Designer Armchairs

    Casablanca Armchairs

    Casablanca Armchairs are a great seating solution for receptions, informal meeting areas or breakout areas.

  • Casablanca Chairs

    Casablanca Chairs

    Casablanca Chairs offer three chromed frames: a stackable four-leg base, sledge frame, or a swivel four-star base.

  • Plenar 2 Visitors Chair

    Plenar 2 Visitors Chair

    Plenar 2 Visitors Chair feature an innovative technology for fatigue-free sitting.

  • Enzo Reception Chair

    Enzo Chairs

    Enzo Chairs, designed by Kerstin Hagge and Alfred Puchta, for breakout areas, conference or seminar rooms.

  • Speed Up Conference Chair

    Speed Up Conference Chair

    Speed Up Conference Seating has won a ‘Red Dot Design Award’ and the ‘Quality Office Certificate’.

  • Sala Conference Chair

    Sala Chair

    Sala Chair is a four legged seat for visitors, guests or meetings. Can be linked, numbered and stacked.

  • Fiato Armchair

    Fiato Armchair

    Fiato Armchair features a generous seat and a backrest in quality wood or upholstered for added comfort.

  • DucaRE Training Chairs

    DucaRE Visitor Chairs

    DucaRE Visitor Armchairs are available in two different bases: cantilever and star base on glides.

  • Bass Cantilever Chair by Pledge

    Bass Cantilever Chair

    Bass Cantilever Chair's frame is available in silver or chrome, with mesh back support.

  • Tab Cantilever Chair

    Tab Cantilever Chairs

    Tab Cantilever Meeting Chair's back pad provides perfect arm support, relieving back and shoulder muscles.

  • Tonic Chairs from Apres

    Tonic Chairs

    Tonic Chairs are a flexible solution, available in a wide range of frames and materials.

  • Appia Armchair

    Appia Chairs

    Appia Chair is comparatively lightweight without compromising on stability due to innovative use of materials.

  • Paro_2 Cantilever Chair

    Paro_2 Cantilever Chair

    Paro_2 Cantilever Chair has three stackable models, perfect for offices and meeting rooms.

  • Reflex Meeting Chair

    Reflex Meeting Chair

    Reflex Meeting Chair offers sculpted support and includes a smart memory return function on pedestal version.

  • Sola Executive Office Chair

    Sola Chair

    Sola Chair boasts superb sprung comfort and a rocking motion that’s adjustable, for ultimate comfort.

  • Kyoto Chair Side View

    Kyoto Chair

    Kyoto Chair was inspired directly by origami and is stackable (up to 8 chairs from the floor).

  • Sala Chairs

    Sala Chairs

    Sala Chairs are designed after a new principle where the back curves inwards at the bottom and outwards at the top.

  • Sala E Chairs

    Sala E Chairs

    Sala E Chair is a height adjustable office swivel chair on wheels. Lightweight and ergonomic, with or without armrests.

  • Must Chair

    Must Chair

    Must Chairs can stack up to 7 chairs high from the floor and up to 10 high on a storage trolley.

  • Base Armchair by Thore Lassen

    Base Armchair

    Base Armchair by Thore Lassen is stackable (up to 7 chairs), ideal for office meetings and conferences.

  • Sharp Chair

    Sharp Chair

    The double curve of the seat and profile of the back of the Sharp chair provides ergonomic seating.

  • Cirkum Chair

    Cirkum Chair

    The tapered design of Cirkum Meeting Chair represents an innovative exploitation of the latest moulding techniques.

  • Rail Chair

    Rail Chair

    Rail Chair is stackable: 8 chairs high from the floor or 10 chairs high on an optional storage trolley.

  • Pure Chair Side View

    Pure Chair

    Pure Chair is designed with canteens, cafes, bistros, conferences and meeting rooms in mind.

  • Dry Chair

    Dry Chair

    Dry Chair with elasticity of PUR and intelligent in-molded spring. Stacks up to 30 chairs high.

  • Vivi 4 Chair B904

    Vivi 4 Chair B904

    Chair Vivi 4 is a stackable seating solution in lacquered layer-glued, compression-moulded ash wood.

  • Sting Chair O30

    Sting Chair O30

    Sting O30 has won the Reddot and Guldstolen awards and is ecolabelled with the Nordic Swan.

  • Boo Chairs O48

    Boo Chair O48

    Boo Chair O48 is an award winning and Nordic Swan eco-labelled office meeting chair. Also ideal for breakout and dining areas.

  • Boo Armchairs O48

    Boo Armchair O48A

    Boo Armhair O48 is an award winning and Nordic Swan eco-labelled office meeting chair. Also ideal for breakout and dining areas.

  • Boo Chairs O49

    Boo Chair O49

    Boo O49 is a stackable office meeting and breakout chair with a seat shell of ABS-plastic.

  • Boo Armchair 049A

    Boo Armchair O49A

    Boo O49A Armchair is stackable and therefore ideally suited to conference rooms, office meeting rooms and canteens.

  • Peek Swivel Chair O46H

    Peek Swivel Chair O46H

    Peek Swivel Chair O46H with auto return and sound absorbing seat shell for office meetings, reception and breakout areas.

  • Dundra Sled Base Chairs S70

    Dundra Chair S70

    S70 Dundra Chair is stackable breakout and guest seating which is also ideal for informal office meetings.

  • Dundra Armchair S70AS

    Dundra Armchair S70AS

    S70AS Dundra Armchair with chromed steel frame and wood for receptions and lounge areas.

  • Sting Bench O32

    Sting Bench O32

    Sting O32 Bench Seating is stackable, linkable, suitable for outdoor use and is 100% recyclable too.

  • Sting Bench O32A

    Sting Bench O32A

    Sting O32A Bench Seating is stackable, linkable, suitable for outdoor use and is 100% recyclable too.

  • Chair O69 by Fredrik Mattson

    Chair O69

    Chair 69 by Fredrik Mattson is stackable, ecolabelled Nordic Swan and winner of a Reddot award.

  • Chair O69A

    Chair O69A

    Chair 69A by Fredrik Mattson is stackable, ecolabelled Nordic Swan and winner of a Reddot award.

  • Dundra Chair S70A

    Dundra Chair S70A

    S70A Dundra Chair is stackable guest and breakout seating which is also suitable for office meeting areas.

  • Cobra Swing and Tablet

    Cobra Swing and Tablet

    Cobra Swing and Tablet for Cobra Swivel Chair. Ideal for educational needs, conferences and training rooms.

  • 4+ Lounge Chair with Footstool

    4+ Lounge Chairs

    4+ Lounge Chairs offer comfort, style and design in a seat, with glides or felt pads on the polished base.

  • Valea Cantilever Chair

    Valea Cantilever Chair

    Valea Cantilever Office Meeting Chair is available as Elle, Esse and Lounge versions, with fabric or leather upholstery.

  • Valea Soft Chair `

    Valea Soft Chair

    Valea Soft Office Meeting Chair with padded back cushion for ergonomic comfort. Features height adjustment.

  • ICF Una Stool Chair

    Una Stool

    Una High Chair is available in leather or fabric upholstery, with or without armrests, and is height adjustable.

  • Pyla Ergonomic Tech Chairs

    Pyla Office Chairs

    Pyla Office Chairs includes: Pyla Tech, Pyla Mesh, Pyla Cantilever and Pyla Quattro. Task Chairs and Guest Seating.

  • Patoz Chairs

    Patoz Chair

    Patoz Guest Seating offers a lightness and style which is inviting and a pivoting backrest for comfort.

  • 4+ Lounge Swivel Chair

    4+ Lounge Swivel Chair

    4+ Lounge Swivel Chair offers comfort, style and design in a seat, with glides or felt pads on the polished base.

  • Hans Thyge Groovy Chair

    Hans Thyge Groovy Chair

    Groovy Chair in sledge, four legged and swivel. Ideal for dining, guest and conferences. Bar stool also available.

  • Toro Chair

    Toro Chair

    Toro by Troels Grum-Schwensen is a multipurpose chair for dining, meeting and guest use, designed for comfort.

  • Circo Light Work Chair

    Circo Light Work Chair

    Circo Light Work Chair is a meeting and conference mesh seating solution providing adequate movement.

  • Xpresso Three Office Meeting Chairs

    Xpresso Three Stacking Chairs

    Xpresso Three Office Chair is lightweight and durable. Stackable up to 45 high and can be linked in rows.

  • One Meeting Swivel Chair by Connection

    One Meeting Chair

    One Visitor's Chair by Paul Brooks for office meetings, guests and training, with cantilever, 4-leg or 5-star base with castors.

  • Halia Chairs

    Halia Chairs

    Halia Chairs from Studio Kairos are available in fabric or leather. A versatile office seating option.

  • Anitta Chairs

    Anitta Chairs

    Anitta Chairs offer guests, visitors, meeting and conference seating for the office.

  • Tola Chairs

    Tola Chairs

    Tola Chairs for office meetings and conference settings. Winner of iF Design Award 2014.

  • Gala Chairs

    Gala Chairs

    Gala Office Chairs for meetings, guests and conferences. With cantilever base or 4-leg with castor wheels.

  • Miranda Chairs

    Miranda Chairs

    Miranda Chairs by Faruk Malhan offer guests, visitors, meeting and conference seating for the office.

  • Ballendat Bond Conference Chairs

    Ballendat Bond Chairs

    Bond Chairs with mesh backrests, linking ability and optional tablet for office training and seminars.

  • Sharko Swivel Chair from Mobica Plus

    Sharko Office Swivel Chair

    Sharko is an innovative office swivel chair with optional 360° rotating writing tablet and integrated storage.

  • MN1 Chair by Morten Nikolajsen

    MN1 Chair

    MN1 Meeting and Conference Chairs with exposed FSC-certified oak veneer backrests.

  • Vincent Van Duysen Visitor's Chair

    Vincent Van Duysen Visitor's Chair

    Vincent Van Duysen Office Meeting Chair available in Divina fabric or black leather. Ideal guest and visitor seating.

  • Allright Visitors Chair

    Allright Cantilever Chair

    Allright Conference and Meeting Chair is cantilever seating which is ideal for visitors and office use.

  • Quarterback Conference Chairs

    Quarterback Visitor Chairs

    Quarterback Guest Seating is available as a 4-leg and cantilever office meeting room chair for conferences and seminars.

  • Silent Rush Cantilever Chairs

    Silent Rush Cantilever Chair

    Silent Rush Office Meeting Chairs are made with quality leather upholstery. Ideal for conferences as well as for visitors and guests.

  • Meet Sled Base Chair

    Meet Chair

    Meet Chairs are a versatile seating solution for breakout seating, cafe, bistro, office meetings, conferences and audience seating.

  • Aluminium Chairs EA 101 - 104

    Aluminium Chairs EA 101 - 104

    Eames Aluminium Group Chairs EA 101, 102 & 103. Iconic designer seating for office meetings, conferences and boardrooms.

  • Aluminium Chairs EA 117 - 119

    Aluminium Chairs EA 117 - 119

    Eames Aluminium Group Chairs EA 117/119 is iconic designer seating for office meetings, conferences and boardrooms.

  • Go-On Cantilever Chair from Dauphin

    Go-On Cantilever Chair

    Go-On Cantilever Conference Chair is perfect for office meetings or as a guest seating option. Stacks up to 4 high.

  • My-Self Cantilever Chair

    My-Self Cantilever Chair

    My-Self Cantilever Visitor Chair is available with a breathable mesh backrest and is ideal for guests and office meetings.

  • Connection My Meeting Seating

    My Meeting Chairs

    My Meeting Chair is available as a stacking cantilever or height adjustable swivel chair with mesh or upholstered backrest.

  • Connection My Mesh Back Meeting Chair

    My Mesh Meeting Chairs

    My Mesh Back Meeting Chair is available as a stacking cantilever or ergonomic height adjustable swivel chair.

  • Ray Swivel Chair

    Ray Swivel Chair

    Ray Meeting Chair is an aluminium frame seating solution with seat tilt mechanism.

  • FourCast2 Four Chairs

    FourCast2 Four Chairs

    FourCast2 Four Chairs is a breakout, conference and educational seating solution.

  • Mi Chair

    Mi Chair

    Mi Chair is a medium back swivel meeting seating solution with height adjustment.

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