Ernst Kusch standards

Kusch-Co’s corporate policy is based on the famous words coined by the company’s founder Ernst Kusch: “Quality is irreplaceable”. Living up to his standards, Kusch+Co are a quality-driven furniture manufacturer in every project they do.

Every product by Kusch+Co is only developed and produced after an extensive research and all the stages of its production are carefully planned, within all the industrial standards as well as the legal regulations and directives. The company also assumes its entrepreneurial responsibility for environmental awareness, for a green production and for a sustainable resource management.

Ernst Kusch
Kusch+Co factory in Hallenberg

Made in Germany

Based in Hallenberg, in the midst of the Sauerland region in Germany, Kusch+Co considers their producing site a plus. Germany has a central position, an excellent infrastructure and a strong economy characterised by medium-sized enterprises and its positive democratic climate powered by a stable democracy.

Exemplary design

Kusch+Co’s aim is to produce contract seating and tables that satisfy all the requirements and needs of their customers. Their portfolio, characterized by exemplary design, outstanding ergonomics and functionality, highest utility value as well as superior craftsmanship, is the fruit of their relentless efforts to perfect their production technology, to protect the environment and to launch innovative products.

Kusch+Co at Orgatec