Responsibility and commitment

“Our creation affects the work activity and productivity of many people and groups. This is why we take it so seriously.” – Gordiano Fernández (Forma 5 President)

Responsibility and commitment are the key points of Forma 5 strategy. The company’s mission is to assist their clients with an optimum service, providing them quality and environmental respectful products, and also giving their employees the chance to develop their professional skills.

Forma 5
Forma 5 production facility

Environmental commitment

Forma 5’s commitment goes beyond words, in their production facilities they dispose of 4320 solar panels which make them less dependent of electricity and helps to highly reduce their emission of CO2.

Forma 5 also extends their environmental commitment to their products which are all 100% recyclable, even including the packaging in which the products are packed.

Forma 5 factory

Forma 5 Designers