Acoustic Consultancy

Acoustic Consultancey - Why is acoustics important?

Every day we are surrounded by sound, in offices, meeting rooms reception areas, schools, or universities. Talking, ringtones, general scraping noises, background music, and even the echoes of foot-steps, all of this can cause a poor acoustic environment.

Within the office environment, the acoustic design of the room can affect the staff health and productivity, causing stress, fatigue and low productivity. Today, as more flexible working practices have emerged, the modern workplace is commonly an open plan area. Yet despite all of their advantages these spaces can suffer greatly from the distraction of noise.

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We can help you

As well as providing you with the product solutions to solve the problem we go a bit further by offering you a comprehensive and unique acoustic assessment service.

We provide our clients with a survey and assessment of the existing space and acoustic issues, and we will also guide you through the various solutions to achieve the correct acoustics for the desired use of the space. This proposal will include a detailed acoustic design and a full and detailed specification of acoustics treatment products.

Solving the problem of noise

The two most common solutions to provide the very best acoustic environment are either by absorbing sound or blocking it.

Acoustic absorption is provided by a wide range of different products, including acoustic ceilings, wall absorbers, absorbing acoustic screens, floor coverings and by seating products, booths, panels and even modular office pods. All these items absorb much of the sound that hits them, reducing reverberation and ambient noise and improving speech intelligibility – making for a better and more productive office environment.

Blocking can be achieved through the installation of acoustic screens between workstations, which can also absorb sound at the same time.

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Our Acoustic Team

Our highly knowledgeable and creative team is able to create an acoustically optimised work environment for your business. You’ll find a wide range of sound absorbing furniture products specifically designed to absorb sound in highly reverberant open plan offices on Apres Furniture. Better still, call us now to discuss your specific needs.