A family of manufacturers

The Cappellini Family has been a family of furniture manufacturers for many decades. Since Enrico Cappellini opened his workshop in Carugo, in 1946, today the company has transformed and grown into being a major furniture brand.

Getting ready to run the family's business along with a degree in architecture, Giulio Cappellini also studied business management. Working in the company since 1979, he took hold of the reigns in the early 1980’s. By then Cappellini’s goal was to create outstanding spaces through a mix of styles, for which he turned the focus of the company from decades of craft furniture to create a more worldly approach toward design, material use and manufacturing.

Discovering talents

Cappellini relocated their factory to Arosio in 1989 and became not only a furniture manufacturer but also a training ground for young designers.

Apart from architect and art director, Giulio Cappellini is also a talent scout of international design excellence. He began to employ the talents of previously unknown or emerging designers from all over the world such as Jasper Morrison, Tom Dixon, Marc Newson, Marcel Wanders and the Bouroullec brothers. Today, these and others are internationally renowned and awarded figures in the architecture and design fields.

Modern art

Never boring neither absurd, but always full of humour, light and dynamics, many of the Cappellini pieces are part of the permanent collections of some of the most important international museums such as the MOMA New York, Centre Pompidou, Musee Des Arts Decoratives in Paris, the Museum Fuer Angewandte Kunst in Koln, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Galleria D'Arte Moderna in Rome.