Introducing Tempus - the luxurious kinetic art clocks by Ben Rousseau. These award-winning timepieces are designed to reinvent our experience with time, combining innovation, craftsmanship, and the calming nature of light. With Tempus, traditional numbers and hands are replaced by a mesmerizing display of illuminating segments. The central ring represents the 12 hours, the middle ring represents the 60 minutes, and the outer ring represents the 60 seconds. The toothed detail of the hours beautifully marks the end point for each hour. This unique design not only tells time but also captivates and adds a modern touch to any space. The Tempus collection offers two distinct editions: the Obsidian Edition and the Classic Edition. The Obsidian Edition features a darkened mirror surface that reflects its surroundings, adding depth and beauty to any environment. The Classic Edition, on the other hand, is the timeless original, designed to seamlessly blend in with any space while still standing out as a functional piece of kinetic modern art. For automotive and aviation enthusiasts, there's the Tempus Artistic Collection - The Arsenale Edition. Inspired by the beauty of rotational machinery and mechanical detailing, this limited-edition timepiece is a unique fusion of art and function. But Tempus doesn't stop there. For those with a taste for exclusivity, there's the Custom Edition where one-off bespoke fully customized versions of the Tempus timepieces are created. These futuristic light clocks bring the experience of timekeeping into the present realm of luxurious interiors. Designed and made in the UK, Tempus is not just a timepiece, but a masterpiece that combines elements of digital technology, luxury craftsmanship, and kinetic art. With a focus on local manufacturing and sustainable materials, these clocks are a testament to embracing the present moment and cherishing our time. Discover the evolution of timekeeping with Tempus - a showcase of the passion and artistry of Ben Rousseau. Join the ranks of private collectors, brands, and hoteliers who have already experienced the transformative power of Tempus. With the option of white-glove delivery and installation, adding a Tempus clock to your space becomes effortless. Transform your wrist as well with the upcoming Tempus for Apple Watch, bringing the mesmerizing display of crafted light directly to your wearable device.
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