Established in 1965 by Antonio Tacchini, during a great period for the Italian design industry, Tacchini stood out for its high quality and its indissoluble relation with contemporary design. Notably for its projects, product culture, care for people and environment, this manufacturer is today a point of reference within the industry.

Antonio Tacchini
Tacchini researches for the best design


In a world dominated by constant change in terms of needs, technologies and new lifestyles, Tacchini’s goal is to improve environments, either at home or within public spaces. To meet every costumer’s needs and requirements, Tacchini keeps researching for new materials and new production methods. This uninterrupted ‘work in progress’ leads the brand to a continuous update of its products, and to the creation of numerous versatile solutions.

Quality represents a key element in the manufacturing and design area for Tacchini, it takes place with the material selection and high quality craftsmanship in the manufacturing process. It goes on beyond the product, through trade and after-sales services reliability.


Tacchini is firmly committed to environment respect, sustainable development and clever consumption. Materials and manufacturing quality guarantees long lasting products, reducing energy consumption, emissions into the atmosphere and environmental impact when their use is over. The company uses wood from sustainable cultivations, favours recyclable materials and reduces waste during both production and packing steps.

Tacchini's design fair stand