Ergonomic tools that solve functional problems

Since founded in 1983, Humanscale has built a solid reputation—and amassed an impressive trophy collection—as a design and innovation leader in ergonomic furniture. Humanscale’s mission is to develop high-performance ergonomic office tools that solve functional problems as simply and elegantly as possible, allowing users to adjust work tools to how they actually work, and not the other way around.

Humanscale made the first significant mark as an innovation pioneer in the late 1990s with the introduction of high-performance articulating keyboard systems, which offer effortless one-touch adjustability while eliminating the knee-clearance issues associated with competing solutions. Today, they are the leader in that product category.

Humanscale Keyboard System
Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

Helping to push design forward

Nevertheless, it was Humanscale’s entry into the task seating arena that cemented their status as a true market leader. In 1999, Humanscale took the contract furniture industry by storm with the introduction of the Freedom chair, created by renowned ergonomics designer Niels Diffrient. The revolutionary seating solution broke new ground by combining unprecedented functionality with minimal manual controls, using dynamic mechanisms that respond to the requirements of each individual user automatically. In 2009, Humanscale sold its millionth Freedom chair.

Diffrient’s design for the Liberty chair – a unique mesh seating solution introduced in 2004 – continued the success of this manufacturer seating solutions, collecting a number of prestigious awards in its own right, and earning a place in the 2007 National Design Triennial at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. The launch of Liberty in part contributed to Humanscale being named by I.D. magazine as one of ten “best companies” worldwide that “help push design forward.”

Hollywood likes Humanscale

Humanscale’s seating solutions, as well as their other products such as task lights and monitor arms, have even gained attention from Hollywood, gracing the sets of hit television shows and films including The Newsroom, New Girl, 24, Ugly Betty, The Bourne Ultimatum, Mission: Impossible III and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Humanscale’s latest ergonomic solutions continue the company’s legacy as a leader in innovative, award-winning design for the office environment.

Humanscale office