Dining Room Chairs

Aprés Furniture has a huge range of Dining Room Chairs for you to choose from. We offer upholstered dining room chairs with soft padding for comfort and stackable dining chairs for easy storage and convenience, as well as designer breakout seating. If you need modern dining room ideas, we can assist you each step of the way.

We provide canteen chairs, café and bistro chairs, formal dining room chairs, wooden dining chairs, and metal dining room chairs for a wide range of clients in hospitality, corporate office breakout areas and many other industries across the UK and globally. Whatever your requirements are for your dining room area, we will look to exceed them.

Offering both the latest in seating technology and designer classics like 214 Chair with its wooden "knot", and Wire Chair DKX, Aprés can offer the widest selection of breakout seating for businesses across the UK and across the world.

Offering sustainable and recyclable designs, as well as scratch resistant materials, our dining room chairs are a versatile breakout seating solution for office or residential use, with a wide range of applications. Many of our dining room chairs are stackable and are suitable for reception, lounge, waiting room and public areas, as well as breakout zones.

With dining room chairs made from cork, durable plywood, metal, and polypropylene, we supply the widest and highest quality range of dining room chairs in the market. Our upholstered dining room chairs offer supreme comfort, as do carefully designed ergonomically shaped seating and the unique Dent Chairs range which have to be seen to be believed.

Dining Room Chairs and versatile breakout seating solutions to complement, enhance and revitalise any interior from Aprés Furniture.

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  • Ceno Stackable Chair

    Ceno Dining Chairs

    Ceno Dining Chairs are stackable, multifunctional and versatile seating.

  • Vitra Wire Chairs DKR

    Wire Chairs DKR

    Wire Chairs DKR designed by Eames are a variation on the organically shaped one-piece seat shell.

  • Standard Chairs

    Standard Chairs

    Standard Chairs, originally designed by Prouvé, have back legs made of larger hollow sections for better support.

  • Wire Chair DKX

    Wire Chair DKX

    Dining Height K-Wire Shell X-Base Chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

  • Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR

    Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR

    Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR for indoors/outdoors, restaurants, waiting areas, offices or conference rooms.

  • Lola Dining Chairs

    Lola Chairs

    Lola Dining Chairs are light and detailed seating with a slim, clean-cut structure.

  • Gloss Tub Chairs by David Fox

    Gloss Tub Chairs

    Gloss Armchairs by British designer David Fox. Organically shaped tub chair which is softly upholstered.

  • 1500 Luca Chair Series, stackling option available

    1500 Luca Chairs

    1500 Luca Chairs range comprises side chairs, armchairs, stools and 2-seater benches.

  • Artifort Gap Seating

    Gap Chairs

    Gap Chairs have a smile-shaped opening below the backrest that provides room for the back to relax into.

  • Flow Chair

    Flow Chair Upholstered

    Flow Chair Upholstered (textile version); the same design as Flow Armchair, but offers a softer aesthetic and comfort.

  • Gio Chair

    Gio Chair

    Gio Chair wih flexible backrest is made entirely from one material offering sumptuous comfort.

  • MilanoClassic Chairs

    MilanoClassic Chair

    MilanoClassic Chair is an all purpose comfortable stacking chair with or without armrests.

  • MilanoFlair Chair, mesh bakrest with upholstered seat

    MilanoFlair Chair

    MilanoFlair Chairs can be used within informal meeting or breakout areas, cafeterias, cafes, restaurants or bistros.

  • MilanoLight Chair

    MilanoLight Chair

    Available in beech, maple, oak or walnut, MilanoLight Chair is stackable. Ideal for breakout seating.

  • 8000 Series Chairs

    8000 Series Chairs

    8000 Series Chair is uniquely constructed; its patented joint creates a lightweight, supple, yet robust seat.

  • Macao Chair

    Macao Chair

    Macao is a modern cafe chair ideal for breakout in recreation and public areas. Table and Bar Stool available too.

  • S13 Chair 6710-103

    S13 Chair

    S13 Chair is a stackable seating choice, with standard or high backrest and wooden frame.

  • 2180 Uni_Verso Chair with padded seat

    2182/1 Uni_Verso Chairs

    2182/1 Uni Verso ergonomic side chair and armchair with solid beech legs. Ideal for breakout and dining areas.

  • Opus Chair

    Opus Chairs

    Opus easy to maintain PUR-rubber seating range available as a chair and stool.

  • Partout Chairs

    Partout Chair

    Partout Chair is stackable and ergonomic with upholstered seat and supporting backrest.

  • Cone Chair and Stool

    Cone Chair and Stool

    Cone Chair and Stool are mounted on a stainless steel swivel base and pivot - a unique design.

  • Arran Conference Seating Series

    Arran Visitors Chairs

    Arran Visitors Chairs are a comfortable stackable padded seat with backrest. Made in Britain.

  • 245 Caprice Chairs by Cassina

    245 Caprice Chair

    245 Caprice Chair is an elegant seating option for reception, waiting and dining environments.

  • 2080 Uni_Verso Cafe Chair with padded seat

    2080 Uni_Verso Chair

    2080 Uni_Verso Chair features solid wooden legs in beechwood, oak or walnut.

  • 3500 Yara Healthcare Armchair

    3500 Yara Chair

    500 Yara Chair is an elegant multifunctional stackable 4-legged seat with high or medium back.

  • Bac Chair by Jasper Morrison

    Bac Chair

    Bac Chair is a versatile seat ideal in cafeterias and leisure areas as well as informal meeting areas.

  • Bac One Chair by Cappellini

    Bac One Chair

    Bac One chair has a massive wooden structure with a T shaped back rest providing a unique aesthetic.

  • Bac Two Chair by Cappellini

    Bac Two Chair

    Bac Two Chair has no armrests, making it suitable for informal use in breakout and dining areas.

  • Crossoft Dining Chair

    Crossoft Chair

    Crossoft Armchair is available with or without armrests, ideal as a dining or informal meeting chair.

  • Fronzoni 64 Designer Chair

    Fronzoni 64 Chair

    Fronzoni 64 Chair has a sharp design, giving your office a stylish look. Armchair and Table also available.

  • Hi Pad Chair  by Cappellini

    Hi Pad Chair

    Hi Pad Seating Series has a multi-density polyurethane foam to ensure greater comfort.

  • New Antiques Armchair and Dining Chair

    New Antiques Seating Series

    New Antiques Seating Series comes with a wood turned structure and seat, upholstered with polyurethane foam.

  • Duo Chair without Armrests

    Duo Chair

    Duo Chair is stackable and was designed as a space saving chair for breakout or waiting areas.

  • Duo Wood Chair

    Duo Wood Seating

    Duo Wood is a small seating solution that can be found in informal meeting areas

  • Louis IX Chair and Armchair by Offecct

    Louis IX Chair and Armchair

    Louis IX seating is waterproof, non toxic and recyclable. An elegant solution for restaurants and cafes.

  • Mod Chair and Armchair

    Mod Chair and Armchair

    Mod softly upholstered stacking chair provides back support for long seating hours.

  • Mono Light Chair by Offecct

    Mono Light Chair

    Mono Light Chair is a versatile stacking seat with or without armrests in various colours. Nordic Swan approved.

  • Quick Visitor Chair by Offecct

    Quick Chair

    Quick Chair's backrest is in moulded cold foam with spring system for extra comfort. Nordic Swan accredited.

  • Cornflake Armchair

    Cornflake Chair

    Cornflake Seating is a versatile solution for informal meeting, dining and breakout areas. Nordic Swan labelled.

  •  BA3 Chair

    BA3 Chairs

    BA3 Classic Dining Chairs were the showpiece of the 'Britain Can Make It' exhibition of 1946.

  • BA2 Chair by Ernest Race

    BA2 Chair

    The BA2 Chair is a timber backed alternative to the BA3 Chair for cafes and informal dining.

  • Acorn II Bench

    Acorn II Bench

    Acorn II is handmade from solid wood. A low-backed dining bench complementing the Acorn Dining Table.

  • kuadra-xl_2412_w_low

    Kuadra XL Chair

    Kuadra XL Chair is a minimalist plywood shell chair suitable for a modern café. Stackable for easy storage.

  • Kuadra-XL_2411_an_nero_low

    Kuadra XL Laminate Chair

    Kuadra XL Laminate Chair is a café and dining stackable seating solution with integrated handle.

  • kuadra-xl_2464

    Kuadra XL Leather Chair

    Kuadra XL Leather Chairs can be ordered with or without arms.Various designs and colours available.

  • Kudra XL Technopolymer Office Chair

    Kuadra XL Technopolymer Chair

    Kuadra XL Technopolymer Chair is a great seating solution for cafe and office breakout areas.

  • 3D Chair

    3D Chair

    3D Chair has an simple but elegant design suitable for breakout areas

  • Trend Chair Sled Base

    Trend Chair

    Trend is a comfortable and ergonomic chair suitable for cafes, dining rooms and breakout areas.

  • Kuadra Range

    Kuadra Chair

    Kuadra Chair is a scratch resistant seating designed for public environments

  • Kuadra Plywood Chairs

    Kuadra Plywood Chair

    Kuadra Plywood Chair is an elegant series of dining and breakout seating by Pedrali

  • Kuadra Soft Chair by Pedrali

    Kuadra Soft Chair

    Kuadra Soft Chair has cushions or upholstered back in simil leather or fabric for elegant dining rooms

  • Twist Seat

    Twist Chair

    Twist Chair is part of a restaurant and bistro collection for any office breakout area or dining room.

  • Question Mark Chair by Tonon

    Question Mark Chair

    Winner of the Reddot Design Award, Question Mark Chair features 360° swivel with return.

  • Ester Cafe Armchairs

    Ester Armchair

    Elegant Ester dining armchairs in genuine leather or fabric with aluminium or bronze leg finish.

  • Update_B Bistro Chair

    Update_B Bistro Chair

    Update_Bistro Chair is a stackable cafe chair featuring a light and delicate look.

  • Flow Slim Wooden Armchairs

    Flow Slim Armchair

    Flow Slim Armchair designed by Jean-Marie Massaud with padded shell for comfort.

  • Bella Dining Chairs by Tonon

    Bella Chairs

    Bella Chairs make ideal dining or breakout seating and can be specified with or without arms.

  • Nine Eighteen Chairs

    Nine Eighteen Chair

    Nine Eighteen Chair by Fabio Di Bartolomei fits perfectly in cafe, dining and restaurant areas.

  • Structure Steel Chairs

    Structure Steel Chairs 905

    Structure Steel Chairs 905 designed by Mac Stopa is an organic easy chair. Comes in 11 colours.

  • Pit Chairs

    Pit Chair

    Pit Chair was awarded the Reddot Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award.

  • Jonathan 30 Chair

    Jonathan 30 Chair

    Jonathan 30 Chair by Paolo Nava is a playful design characterised by its oval shapes. An elegant dining solution.

  • Amy Chairs by Apres

    Amy Chair

    Amy Chair is stackable and can be easily adapted to any indoor or outdoor dining or breakout spaces.

  • Estrosa Chair by Apres

    Estrosa Chairs

    Estrosa Chairs are stackable and ideal for outdoor and indoor bars, restaurants, or breakout area.

  • Luc Metal Chair

    Luc Metal Chair

    Luc Metal Chair with its slight curve is a comfortable stackable seating solution for breakout areas.

  • Luc Sled Base Chair

    Luc Sled Base Chair

    Luc Sled Base Chair seat shell can optionally be covered in leather for an even more elegant seating solution.

  • Luc Wood Chair from Apres

    Luc Wood Chair

    Luc Wood Chair is a comfortable cafe chair featuring an unmistakably curved design.

  • Seed Dining Chair

    Seed Chair

    Seed Chair is a sustainable choice. Constructed using a natural ash wood with a cork fabric upholstered seat.

  • Nest Chair

    Nest Chair

    Nest Chair, by Alexandre Caldas, is a simpler yet equally sustainable version of the Nest Wings Armchair.

  • Trunk Dining Chair Cork Upholstered

    Trunk Chair

    Featuring a 4-leg base and cork upholstery, Trunk Chair is a recyclable seating solution for dining areas.

  • Leaf Chair

    Leaf Chair

    Leaf Chair is a 100% sustainable design solution for use within a breakout area, dining room or cafe.

  • The Tongue Chair

    The Tongue Chair

    Tongue Chair by Arne Jacobsen is a classic design and versatile seating solution.

  • Agent Chair

    Agent Chair

    The Agent Chair is ideal for breakout areas, dining, reception seating, informal meetings and conferences.

  • Beatrice Chair

    Beatrice Chair

    Beatrice Chair is versatile, suited equally to informal office meetings and breakout, dining and cafe settings.

  • Callisto Chair

    Callisto Chair

    Callisto Chair for dining and informal office meetings is upholstered seating with a dramatic angled backrest.

  • Keats Chair

    Keats Chair

    Keats occasional chairs for dining and informal office meetings. Also available as Keats Armchair.

  • Orlo Chair

    Orlo Chair

    Designed by leading British designer David Fox, Orlo Chair is part of a handcrafted wooden furniture range.

  • Dent B501 Chairs

    Dent Stack Chair B501

    Dent Stack B501 stacking chair with 3D-formed veneer seat shell for breakout and dining interiors.

  • Dent NoStack B502 Chairs

    Dent NoStack Chair B502

    Dent NoStack B502 rippled wooden seat shell chairs for Cafe, Restaurant or Libraries

  • Hippo Chairs H20

    Hippo Chair O20

    Lacquered wooden Hippo Chair with leg warmers is ideal for breakout, cafe and restaurant interiors.

  • Dent Wood Chair B504

    Dent Wood Chair B504

    Dent Wood Chair B504 rippled seat shell chairs for cafe, restaurants or libraries.

  • Dent Dressed Chair B502D

    Dent Dressed Chair B502D

    Dent Dressed B502D stacking chair with upholstered 3D seatshell. Ideal for breakout and dining areas.

  • Dent Dressed Chair B504D

    Dent Dressed Chair B504D

    Dent Dressed B504D stacking chair with upholstered 3D seatshell. Ideal for breakout and dining areas.

  • Vivi 4A Armchair B904A

    Vivi 4A Armchair B904A

    Armchair Vivi 4A is a stackable seating solution in lacquered layer-glued, compression-moulded ash wood.

  • Vivi 2 Chair B902

    Vivi 2 Chair B902

    Chair Vivi 2 is a stackable seating solution in lacquered layer-glued, compression-moulded ash wood.

  • Vivi 2A Armchair B902A

    Vivi 2A Armchair B902A

    Armchair Vivi 2A is a stackable seating solution in lacquered layer-glued, compression-moulded ash wood.

  • Hans Thyge Shark Chairs

    Hans Thyge Shark Chairs

    Shark Chairs designed by Hans Thyge are available in sled base, swivel and 4-legged versions. A versatile seat.

  • Hans Thyge Groovy Chair

    Hans Thyge Groovy Chair

    Groovy Chair in sledge, four legged and swivel. Ideal for dining, guest and conferences. Bar stool also available.

  • Toro Chair

    Toro Chair

    Toro by Troels Grum-Schwensen is a multipurpose chair for dining, meeting and guest use, designed for comfort.

  • Mortimer Tub Chair

    Mortimer Tub Chair

    Mortimer Chair is a tub seat which complements Mortimer Sofa. A formal style that offers relaxing comfort in reception areas.

  • Vision Tub Chair

    Vision Tub Chair

    Vision Reception Tub Armchairs offer a classically simple designer seating solution.

  • Emma Wooden Dining Chair

    Emma Chair

    Emma Dining Chair is available with solid oak or beech legs. Plywood seat shell can be upholstered. Recyclable.

  • Mocha Dining Chair by Roger Webb Associates

    Mocha Stacking Chair MM01A

    Mocha Meeting Chair stacks up to 5 high and is ideal for cafes and canteen seating.

  • Vent Stacking Armchair MVN2A

    Vent Stacking Chair

    Vent Chair by Roger Webb Associates is made from beech wood and stacks 5 high. Ideal for dining, cafes and office meetings.

  • Munkegaard Chair in Black

    Munkegaard Chair

    Also known as Mosquito Chair, Arne Jacobsen's classic design is now FSC-certified.

  • Jules Wabbes Louise Chair

    Jules Wabbes Louise Chair

    Louise Chair was designed by Jules Wabbes in 1963 and is available with or without arm rests.

  • Phoulds Armchairs

    Phoulds Armchair

    Phoulds Armchairs with plywood seat shell available in a mid and high back option.

  • Dent Dressed Chair B501D

    Dent Dressed Chair B501D

    Dent Dressed B501D stacking chair with upholstered 3D rippled seatshell. Ideal for office breakout and dining areas.

  • Dent Dressed Chair B503D

    Dent Dressed Chair B503D

    Dent Dressed B503D stacking chair with upholstered 3D seatshell. Ideal for informal office meetings, breakout and dining areas.

  • Nigel Coates Bodystuhl Chair

    Bodystuhl Chair

    Bodystuhl is a designer dining chair made in the classic bentwood style for the contemporary home interior.

  • Feral Chairs by Nigel Coates

    Feral Chair

    Feral Dining Chair is a solid wooden chair from British designer Nigel Coates with unique back leg detail.

  • Pearl Meeting Chairs

    Pearl Meeting Chairs

    Pearl Chairs are made from 100% recycled PET-plastic bottles and come in 4 different base options for meetings.

  • Seame Chair MSE1

    Seame Chair MSE1

    Seame Dining Chair is available in natural oak or beech and is perfect for cafes, restaurants and other office breakout areas.

  • Retro Breakout Chairs MRT1

    Retro Breakout Chair

    Retro Cafe Chairs feature a solid beech wooden frame with polypropylene seat and backrest.

  • Alley Chair 110.01

    Ally Chair 110.01

    Ally Chair 110.01 is a Ash wood side chair with multi-layer wood back and massive tapered legs.

  • Ave Armchair.182.01

    Ave Armchair.182.01

    Ave Armchair.182.01 is a solid wood four legged base chair with plywood seat shell.

  • Soul.230.01 Chair

    Soul.230.01 Chair

    Soul.230.01 Chair is a cafe dining solution with four-legged frame and plywood seat shell.

  • Eyes Wood Chairs

    Eyes Wood Chair

    Eyes Wood Chair is an organic refreshing seating solution for dining and informal meeting areas.

  • Roc Chairs

    Roc Chairs

    Roc Chairs work well in the bistro, at the dining table, in the living room or office

  • Ant™ Chair

    Ant™ Chairs

    Ant™ Chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen are an Iconic plywood seating solution.

  • Lily™ Chair

    Lily Chair

  • Pair  Chair

    Pair™ Chair

    Pair™ Chair is a stackable seating solution with oak seat and polcarbonate backrest.

  • FourSure Wood Chair

    Four®Sure Wood Chairs

    Four®Sure Wood Chairs make for great informal meeting chairs and breakout seating.

  • Jazz Armchair 3716

    Jazz Armchairs

    Jazz Armchair 3716 is a elegant restaurant or bar lounge seating solution.

  • W Cube 2 Chair 1

    W-Cube 2 Chair

    Classically minimalist shapes characterise the design of the Wagner W 7.

  • W-1960 Holz Dining Chair 1

    W-1960 Holz Chair

    The new W-1960 family unites tradition and modernity in a wonderful way.

  • W2020 Multiple Chair

    W-2020 Chair

    The W-2020 chair is technically reminiscent of classic wooden inn chairs, but further develops their expression and function.

  • Nucleo Chair 1

    Nucleo Chair

    Seat with wood structure and customizable shell in Martex lacquered colours or fabric upholstery.

120 Item(s)