Bench Seating

Après Furniture offers a wide selection of quality soft seat benches. We supply bench seating with innovative designs; benches don't have to be linear, they can be just about any shape and size. Upholstered benches make ideal contemporary seating for guests and clients to use in your waiting rooms, corporate lounge and reception areas.

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  • Mylo Bench Seating

    Mylo Bench Seating

    Mylo Bench is a solid wood seating solution that is extra deep for comfort, allowing users to sit back-to-back.

  • Honken Bench L15

    Honken Bench L15

    L15 Honken Bench can be used as a seating solution or as a coffee table. Part of the wider Honken range.

  • Dundra Sofa Bench

    Dundra Sofa Bench S74

    Dundra Sofa S74 is a upholstered stackable bench seat with steel rod led base.

  • Teal Stools & Benches

    Teal Stools & Benches

    Teal Seating is fully upholstered with an internal beech and plywood frame. Features highly resilient foam.

  • Ono Bench

    Ono Bench

    Ono Bench is contemporary seating for any modern reception or waiting area. Available in 2 lengths.

  • Hub Bench

    Hub Bench

    Hub Bench boasts a simple linear design and is ideal for breakout areas and reception soft seating.

  • Orbis Bench by Connection

    Orbis Bench

    Orbis Bench is ideal for corporate reception areas, complementing the Orbis Armchair and Orbis Sofas.

  • BuzziCube Flat Stool & Benches

    BuzziCube Flat Stool & Benches

    BuzziCube Flat Stool & Benches come with the option of castor wheels, wooden feet or antiskid underside.

  • BuzziCube 3D Stool & Benches

    BuzziCube 3D Stool & Benches

    BuzziCube 3D Stool & Benches with no fewer than 7 different shapes to choose from.

  • Estrosa Bench

    Estrosa Bench

    Estrosa Bench is a two-seat bench intended to be used within waiting areas.

  • Bank - B2 Bench

    Bank Bench Collection

    Bank Collection comprises three versions: B1 straight; B2 curved, 45º arc and B3 curved, 90º arc.

  • HM51 Seating Collection

    HM51 Stools

    HM51 is a simple but robust collection of benches and stools made from FSC-sourced hardwood.

  • Hm42 Reception Modular Bench

    HM42 Bench

    HM42 Bench is a modern and flexible soft seating solution which can be arranged and linked endlessly.

  • Dundra Sofa Bench S74AS

    Dundra Sofa Bench S74AS

    Dundra Sofa S74AS is a upholstered stackable bench seat with armrests for added comfort.

  • Kaffe Sofa O12

    Kaffe Sofa O12

    Kaffe Bench O12 is a stackable indoor and outdoor seating solution. Garden sofa made from tubular steel.

  • Sting Bench O32

    Sting Bench O32

    Sting O32 Bench Seating is stackable, linkable, suitable for outdoor use and is 100% recyclable too.

  • HM106 Soft Seating

    HM106 Quiet Seating

    HM106 Quiet Seating is a clever bench and sofa collection to mark-out zones is offices.

  • Signs Bench with Space Chicken Tables

    Signs Modular Bench

    Signs Sectional Bench seating for an endless array of configurations for public and office waiting areas.

  • Swoosh Sofa Bench

    Swoosh Sofa

    Swoosh Sofa Bench is a low back reception soft seating option with silver or white wire base.

  • Centro Low Bench STR1

    Centro Low Bench

    Centro Low Bench Seating is designed to be used in combination with Centro Dining Height Tables.

  • T 904 Bench Seat

    T904 Bench Seat

    T904 Bench Seat offers an elegant curved tubular steel and wood bench with seat cushions.

  • Haven Bench Seating

    Haven Bench Seating

    Haven Bench Seating is a modular soft seating range available in three lengths ideal for open plan offices.

  • Woody Large Bench Seat

    Woody Large Bench Seat

    Wood upholstered soft seating bench range intoducing an element of nature into your interior.

  • Hexel Seating by High Design

    Hexel Modular Seating

    Hexel Seating is sectional, offering almost endless configurations for modular soft seating.

  • Söndag Bench O62

    Söndag Bench

    Söndag O62 Bench Seating by Vardag was awarded Excellent Swedish Design.

  • Ping-Pong Bench L23

    Ping-Pong Bench L23

    Ping-Pong furniture series comprises the Bench, Table and Bar Table L23 by Johan Lindau.

  • Polstergeist Bench S20 Tete a Tete

    Polstergeist Bench S20

    Polstergeist Sofa S20 is an upholstered bench with none/one/two backrests. Ideal for waiting areas.

  • Sting Bench O32A

    Sting Bench O32A

    Sting O32A Bench Seating is stackable, linkable, suitable for outdoor use and is 100% recyclable too.

  • HM101 Modular Bench Seating

    HM101 Bench

    HM101 Upholstered bench seating provides practical soft seating for waiting areas.

  • Lobby Bench

    Lobby Bench

    Lobby Bench can serve as a temporary workplace environments, informal meeting spaces and breakout areas.

  • Take Your Time Modular Seating

    Take Your Time

    Take Your Time modular soft seating modules for breakout areas, libraries, student rooms.

  • Time Bench Breakout Seating

    Time Bench

    Time Bench is designed for breakout and waiting areas. With undershelf or divider/backrest option.

  • Gate Reception Bench

    Gate Bench

    Gate Bench is an upholstered seating solution which will complement any breakout or reception areas.

  • Acre Sofa Bench

    Acre Sofa Bench

    Acre is a soft seating bench system which can either be used individually or linked.

  • Plaza Bench

    Plaza Bench

    Plaza Bench incorporates recyclable polished aluminium legs. Ideal for reception, lounge areas and museums.

  • Orbit Reception Sofa

    Orbit Modular Sofa

    Orbit Modular Sofa encourages creative seating layouts for reception areas and breakout areas.

  • Stripe Bench

    Stripe Bench

    Stripe is a contemporary bench which will define any space with an extreme lightness.

  • Nelson Bench

    Nelson Bench

    Like many design classics Nelson can be used flexibly as either a bench or an occasional table.

  • Morrison Bench

    Morrison Bench

    Morrison Bench is a versatile mobile bench for galleries, museums and entrance areas.

  • Hm88 Bench

    HM88 Bench

    The HM88 Bench, designed by Chijioke Aguh, is available in a wide choice of fabrics and hides.

  • HM83 Public Seating Bench

    HM83 Bench

    Linkable, a version of HM83 Bench includes an integral oak-veneered table. Ideal for public or office waiting areas.

  • Waves Bench

    Waves Bench

    Waves Bench is a bold sculptural manifestation, winning the first Møbel-fabrik design competition.

  • Upholstered Soft Seating

    EJ 141 - 144 Upholstered Bench

    EJ 141 - 144 Upholstered Benches for receptions, hotels, lobbies, domestic and contract use.

  • 7300 Terminal Bench for Reception and Waiting Areas

    7300 Terminal Bench

    7300 Terminal Bench was designed for public waiting areas such as receptions, lobbies and airports.

  • Labanca Sofa Bench

    Labanca Sofa Bench

    Labanca Sofa Bench and Chair, a range of seating designed to furnish and accent any reception or lounge area.

  • Together Bench by Walter Knoll

    Together Bench

    Together Bench is a new solution for getting people sitting together at a table, with its corner seat design.

  • LINEA Sofa

    LINEA Sofa

    Linea Sofa Bench has a wooden frame, fully upholstered, with the seat and back moulded in cold foam.

  • Flower Bench

    Flower Bench

    Flower leather-covered bench for modern office waiting and reception areas.

  • MIR Reception Soft Seating

    MIR Soft Seating

    MIR Soft Seating consists of stools, benches and islands for receptions, lounges and breakout spaces.

  • Theo Stackable Wooden Bench Seating

    Theo Seat Bench

    Theo Seat Bench is wooden 2 or 3 seater, available in various colours and options including a backrest.

  • Panca Soft Bench Seating

    Panca Bench Seating

    Panca Bench Seating is elegant contemporary solution. A Good Design 2011 Award winner.

  • Acorn II Bench

    Acorn II Bench

    Acorn II is handmade from solid wood. A low-backed dining bench complementing the Acorn Dining Table.

  • Inout Seating Series

    Inout Seating

    Inout Sofa and Bench were designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. Multiple colour options available.

  • Marshmallow Sofa

    Marshmallow Sofa

    An extension element consisting of six individual cushions can be mounted between two Marshamallow sofas.

  • Space Bench

    Space Bench

    Space Bench features multimedia screens for entertainment, advertising or work.

  • Seatdown Seating

    Seatdown Seating

    Seatdown Seating is wall mounted with self-tipping functionality. Ideal for tight spaces like corridors and waiting rooms.

  • Tandem Bench Seating

    Tandem Bench

    Tandem Bench with under-cut design and central cube, can be configured into various seating arrangements.

  • Koko Sofa Bench

    Koko Soft Seating

    Koko modular soft seating has a friendly design with subtle curves and elevated backrest.

  • Florence Knoll Bench Range

    Florence Knoll Bench

    Florence Knoll Bench is ideal for both formal and informal settings, including lobbies and reception areas.

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