Ahrend heritage

Since its establishment in 1896 by Jacobus Ahrend, several generations have made Ahrend into the great company and market leader it is today. Ahrend's products and projects are the result of a deep knowledge, craftmanship and passion for design; they are models of ergonomics, functionality and sustainability.

Jacobus Ahrend
Ahrend facilities

Less is more

Ahrend's furniture is deceptively simple, and there in lies its strength: it is perfect in its functionality – there are no redundant features. Is it minimalist? Yes. Timeless? Most certainly. Quirky? Occasionally. Ahrend believes that functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. By eliminating unnecessary details from the design, you are left with what is essentially required: functional, sustainable design.

Regarding Ahrend's commitment with sustainability, the brand not only designs furniture of the highest quality, but also works according to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy meaning that product components can be reused indefinitely.


More spaces on less square meters is one of this manufacturer's commitments. Ahrend designs spaces which create freeedom and inspire greater commitment, independence and responsibility. In an Ahrend environment functionality and productivity go together with experience and well-being.

Being human-centered, Ahrend intends to give a shape to professional working, learning and living environments that stimulate the people living there.

Ahrend collection at design fair