Acoustic Office Meeting Pods

Meeting Pods provide enclosed sound conrolled meeting spaces, office and breakout spaces, isolating the occupants from the external office environment. Acoustic Meeting Pods are great for creating effective private third-place meeting spaces. They are mobile, cost effective and can be set up anywhere within the open office, to create a quiet area. Office Meeting Pods are sound absorbing to an extent depending on the specification giving the users speech privacy. Après supply screen based meeting pods in a range of models and specification that are sure to meet your office requirements.

All our meeting pods come standard with integrated lighting, power and data points which make these acoustic pods more welcoming to be used as either private work areas, brain storming rooms or meeting rooms. If required, the meeting pods can be fitted with audio and visual equipment.

Our range of acoustic meeting pod solutions are made to order. We can supply standard pod sizes or tailor your acoustic pods to your exact requirements from the height, width, radius including the finish. Our acoustic meeting pod collecton offer you a large range of fabric finishes and frame colours to choose from, glazing and laminates. You can also add additional accessories like white boards to your meeting pods. 

If you are struggling with acoustic properties in your open plan space pursue one of our acoustic office screens to see if they will provide a temporary solution to your problem in your open plan office.

Transform your open plan office space with a screen meeting pod. Contact us today for more information on our meeting pods and your personalized quotation.

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  • Spacio Double Lounge Pods

    Spacio Double Lounge Pod

    Spacio Double Lounge Pod is a back-to-back pod solution for the open office area.

  • Spacio Lounge Pod

    Spacio Lounge Pod

    Spacio Lounge Pods provide private acoustic meeting spaces in open plan offices.

  • Human Space Cube Pods

    Human Space Cube Pods

    Human Space Meeting Pods provide an acoustic private room solution without affecting your office building.

  • Spacio Grand MiniPod

    Spacio Grand Meeting Pods

    Spacio Grand Meeting Pods is a family of executive level acoustic room-in-room solutions.

  • Aspect Mini Pod

    Aspect Mini Pods

    Aspect Meeting Pods is a solution for creating acoustic private concentrated work spaces

  • Bricks Mini Pod

    Bricks Mini Pods

    Office Bricks Mini Pods is a sound proof single user privacy work pod ideal for calls and working.

Items 10 to 18 of 20 total View All

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