Aprés supply innovative modern whiteboards ranging from E3 enamelled steel surface magnetic wipe boards, glass whiteboards. Our dry wipe board range offer you a wide selection of designs, colours, sizes either wall mounted or mobile options to choose from.

Our unique selection of glass and steel whiteboards have been developed to fit comfortably into training rooms, educational environments and the modern working office. We also supply Idea Paint which turns any wall into a boundless whiteboard canvas adding a new dimension to training, meeting and office interiors. 

Contact Apres furniture for all your whiteboard requirements, we offer friendly honest advice when making your decision on what whiteboard is best suited to your workplace. We can provide you with ideas before making your decision and even provide delivery and installation.

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  • Boarder Whiteboard

    Boarder Whiteboard

    Boarder Whiteboard is a classic magnetic ceramic steel writing surface with aluminium frame.

  • Air Whiteboard and Pen Holder

    Air Whiteboard

    Air Whiteboard is a frameless e3 certified magnetic board with ceramic steel writing surface.

  • Sketchalot White Board

    Sketchalot Whiteboard

    Sketchalot Magnetic Whiteboard is the world's first modular panel that doesn't require permanent installation.

  • MagVision Multi-Coloured Glass Writing Boards

    MagVision Whiteboard

    The MagVision is a classic glass board with an added magnetic surface.

  • Moow Whiteboards Wall Mounted

    Moow Whiteboards

    Moow is a rail system of wall and wheel mounted whiteboards.

  • Plentybord flipchart de luxe

    Plentybord System

    The Plentybord System has an unique function of suspension for flipchart papers, posters and whiteboards.

  • Bay Whiteboard

    Bay Whiteboard

    Bay Whiteboard is the perfect writing board solution for mobile working situations.

  • Note White Boards

    Note Whiteboard

    Note Whiteboard is a portable and wall mountable dry erase magnetic whiteboard solution.

  • Acoustic Whiteboard

    Acoustic Whiteboard

    Acoustic Whiteboard is a writing board and sound absorber in one. Low frequency noise is tempered.

Items 10 to 18 of 33 total View All

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