Catering Trolleys

Our range of modern office trolleys offer a wide array of options, whether you are looking for a kitchen trolley, hostess trolley, multimedia trolley or you need a contemporary office trolley from which you can provide a catering support service in house, Après Furniture can meet your requirements.

Our selection of catering trolleys and office hostess trolleys are designed to store and serve refreshments throughout the working day. Mobile catering trolleys with castors provide manoeuvrability so that serving hot or cold beverages as well as snacks and food is made easier.

Whether you have a dedicated catering team, managed facilities, or offer catering in-house, our catering trolley range will enable you to replenish staff reserves. No need, then, to struggle with a tray full of hot drinks when you could have mobile catering equipment that allows you to provide a professional service to employees safely and efficiently.

Need to provide a trolley service outside the office or at home in the garden? With Green Folding Outdoor Trolley you can do exactly that; an ideal foldable trolley solution for residential catering and a great choice for hospitality industries too.

Tidy Multimedia Trolley was designed by Gianmarco Blini to support your audiovisual storage needs at the office. Created for use in conference environments, educational settings such as the classroom, or for general office use, this AV trolley is based on castors for easy manoeuvrability. With shelving for devices such as an overhead projector for presentations, access for cabling at the rear, and key locks for the secure storage of devices, this is a truly multifunctional mobile trolley solution.

From a serving trolley to simple kitchen trolleys and outdoor trolleys, find multipurpose trolleys at Après Furniture.

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  • Tidy Trolley

    Tidy Trolley

    Tidy Trolley is designed for coffee service and catering support within breakout areas.

  • SEC Trolley - shelves + 1 drawer

    SEC Trolley

    SEC Trolley is a pedestal which can be specified in various configurations to meet your requirements.

  • Green Outdoor Trolley 226_O

    Outdoor Trolley

    Green Folding Outdoor Trolley suits high end residential and hospitality catering applications.

6 Item(s)