Training Room Tables

Our extensive range of modern training room tables allow you to have a conference or learning environment fit for purpose. All our training tables have been selected for their ease of use, allowing you to have a table solution that is mobile, stores efficiently, and supports technology conveniently. Making the right choice in training table can determine the way you teach and learn, making the environment more welcoming to students and training staff.

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  • Ahrend 310 Tables

    Ahrend 310 Tables

    Ahrend 310 table can be used in canteens, as training tables, and in informal meeting areas.

  • Torino Conference Table

    Torino Conference Table

    Torino Meeting Table offers intelligent cable management technology for boardrooms and training areas.

  • 5000 Pliéto Folding Tables

    5000 Pliéto Table

    5000 Pliéto Table can be stacked in a very space-efficient way thanks to the patented folding mechanism.

  • Map Tables

    Map Tables

    Map Tables are a great solution for modern training and meeting rooms. Easy to move and stack after use.

  • Brainstorm Table - 4 castors

    Brainstorm Table

    Brainstorm Nesting Table offers intelligent functionality and encourages communication.

  • Brainstorm Training Table

    Brainstorm Training Tables

    Brainstorm Training Tables offer personal workstation solutions for training rooms and seminars.

  • Join Me Training Table

    Join Me Training Table

    When totally unfolded, an unlimited number of Join Me Training Tables can be linked together.

  • Inka Folding Table

    Inka Folding Table

    Inka Table is stackable, foldable and linkable, ideal for meetings, conferences, training and dining.

  • Skill Folding Tables

    Skill Folding Tables

    Skill Folding tables can be configured for conference rooms, seminars and workshops.

  • Flex Tables

    Flex Tables

    Flex Tables are available as long rectangular, circular and square options with 22 types to choose from.

  • Must Tables

    Must Tables

    Must Tables are designed for meeting rooms, conference hall, canteens and educational institutions.

  • U.R. Folding Tables

    U.R. Folding Tables

    U.R. Folding Tables provide tilt-top stacking for workplaces that demand flexibility.

  • I.AM Turn Folding Tables

    I.AM Turn Folding Tables

    I.AM Turn is a tilt-top stacking table complemented by a fully integrated cable management system.

  • Swan Folding Tables

    Swan Seminar Tables

    Swan Training Table is both stackable and foldable, making it a versatile option for offices and education.

  • 2000 Series - Stacking Table

    2000 Stacking Table Series

    The 2000 Stacking Table series have clear designs and are ideal for the education sector.

  • Torino Flip Top Table

    Torino Flip Table

    Torino Flip Table offers intelligent cable management and height adjustability with a minimalist design.

  • MilanoClassic Rectangular Table

    Milano and Milanolight Table

    Milano Table has an internally welded frame with veneers in oak, American walnut & beech.

  • Ahrend 700 Desk with or without castors

    Ahrend 700 Tables

    Ahrend 700 Tables can easily be combined with a lectern or a projector trolley.

  • Contas Folding Tables

    Contas Folding Tables

    Contas Table range are light and flexible conference table systems. Stackable, foldable and linkable.

  • Tutor Stacking Tables + Trolley

    Tutor Tables

    Tutor Desks are single-person stacking tables for training and education. Complements 40/4 Stacking Chair.

  • Moveo Folding Tables

    Moveo Flip-Top Tables

    Moveo Folding Tables won the Gold Award in the “Best of NeoCon” competition in Chicago.

  • Plico Stacking and Folding Tables

    Plico Folding Tables

    Plico is a new progressive folding table concept, ideal for training, conferences and office meetings.

  • Simpla Tables on Dolly

    Simpla Training Tables

    Simpla Table is a dynamic, multi-purpose flexible solution which is easy to configure by one person.

  • Move-it Office Tables

    Move It Tables

    Move It Tables have MDF tops with black lino on a stainless steel tubular frame. For breakout and meeting areas.

  • Screenbox Desk

    Screenbox Computer Desks

    Screenbox is a dual purpose desk that integrates a standard LCD flatscreen computer.

  • F.T.S Folding Table T-Leg

    F.T.S. Folding Table

    F.T.S. Folding Tables have the right frame for every purpose. The table locks in place automatically when unfolded.

  • Flex Folding Tables

    Flex Folding Table

    Flex Folding Table is a mobile meeting table solution for multi-functional meeting environments.

  • Yuno Stacking Table

    Yuno Stacking Table

    Yuno Stacking Table is a smart alternative to folding tables with innovative frame design.

31 Item(s)