About Spacestor

Launched in the early nineties, Spacestor specialises in the design and production of innovative, creative, and superbly functional modular storagewall systems.

Spacestor aims to increase the efficiency, flexibility and harmony of the workspace by taking a proactive role in the design, development and promotion of storagewall; and to create solutions which meet the changing of the workplace and space needs of the private and public commerce, education and health sectors.

Space is valuable

The way we need to work often conflicts with the constraints of the surrounding interior and the available space.

Spacestor storagewall removes these limitations, frees up valuable space and provides an efficient and flexible working solution to meet the varied demands of today’s workplace. And, being a modular fully re-locatable system, Spacestor provides the internal and external flexibility to meet future change head on.

Moreover, studies show the importance that staff place on the quality of their workspace and the performance improvements that result. Spacestor addresses these aspirations through the delivery of increased efficiency, flexibility and visual harmony.

Eco-friendly production

Operating under a revised ISO 14001 Environmental and Sustainability Policy, Spacestor uses FSC or PEFC certified materials only, including ‘farmed forest’ veneers from countries operating an ecological resource management policy.

Spacestor policy is to seek out and implement change in order to ensure a continuing reduction of CO2 emissions, waste, and depletion of the planet’s natural resources.

This manufacturer energy initiative include the installation of a compactor and wood burning furnace for therecycling of waste to heat; and the purchase of a new breed of energy efficient vehicles.