Established in 1999

Radius Møbler A/S was established in 1999 by Niels Kastrup and Lars Andersen. Both had many years’ experience of the furniture industry, and it was precisely this expertise which they decided to put to use when they began to produce and sell high-quality architect-designed furniture.

It all began with MUST. The chair was the first piece of furniture to be manufactured and assembled by the two founders back in 1999. Armed with a drawing of MUST, they approached a smith and a woodworker and began production of the chair. They rented some premises where they assembled and packed the chairs before delivering them using a neighbour’s van which they rented for 500 kroner a day. From the very beginning, the chairs were delivered to retailers all around the country.

Randers+Radius Furniture
Randers+Radius Furniture

Randers+Radius Vision

Can you live in the present and still search for ex­cel­lence?

Randers+Radius think so. Their vis­ion for the future is to keep doing the same thing they are doing today, even bet­ter per­haps, but with the same de­gree of com­mit­ment and hon­esty and main­tain­ing their con­vic­tion that their products, ser­vices, and prices are un­matched.

Un­matched. Of course that is a subjective assumption. But in their world, they wish to pro­duce the best fur­niture in the world. It hap­pens when shape, col­our and func­tion can no longer be separated and become a piece of fur­niture from Randers + Ra­dius.

Quality & Environment

Randers and Radius have invested a great deal of time and effort in attaining quality and environmental certification in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Their quality and environmental management system is one of the prerequisites for ongoing improvements and they have therefore formulated a quality and environmental policy. This includes ensuring that all of their production processes strictly minimise any pollution as much as possible. They want to show the world that they are doing something about the environment through various measures; their quality and environmental policy has been rendered tangible via operational quality and environmental objectives in which they describe precisely what they want to achieve as well as who does what and why.

Randers + Radius is a member of the Danish Furnituremakers' Quality Control Association.