A history of innovation

Orangebox began with the introduction of Giroflex into the UK market in 1973. Securing a license agreement with the Swiss manufacturer, Orangebox created the current production facility in Hengoed, South Wales. Giroflex expanded in the 70s and 80s by acquiring Gordon Russell, amongst others and was then bought by Steelcase Strafor in the late 1980s. They maintained ownership until 1998, when Mino Vernaschi, Peter Hurley and Remo Vernaschi led a management buyout and began a process of reinvigoration and product investment.

This began with the G64 task chair and the expansion into soft seating, resulting in the opening of the showroom facility, in 1999, on Clerkenwell Road; and the company’s rebranding and the formation of Orangebox in 2002. Orangebox remains a privately owned company. Since its launch, it has become recognised as one of the UK’s most progressive, innovative and successful office furniture companies.

Environmental issues

Improving environmental performance is not a new concept for Orangebox. They've worked consistenly to introduce environmental imrovements for over a decade and whilst 'Tread Softly' may be their new way of expressing their environmnetal commitment, the truth is that theye've been trying to walk on tip toes for years. They have implemented an environmental business model that addresses sustainability from three sides of their business and are working with recognised environmental consultancies 'Best Foot Forward' and 'Climate Care' to carry out ecological and carbon footprinting to further optimise their performance and have been awarded full FISP accreditation by FIRA.

Firstly, Orangebox environmental approach to product design focuses on the use of sustainable materials and the use of minimal energy for product manufacturing. As well, all of their products are designed for long service life. Secondly, their supply chain is optimised to aid sustainable consumption by actively reducing ‘product miles’ and their key suppliers support their environmental aspirations by acting as material researchers and innovators. By last, Orangebox believes that an environmental agenda should always be a key driver in the growth. This ‘business eco-culture’ is evident throughout the company, from the boardroom to their delivery drivers, in their product development strategy and their staff training.

The recipe for success

The design and production values that imbue Orangebox products are: simple, smart, never overcooked and focused on bringing innovation to real market needs. Orangebox furniture is designed to bring work and home together in a new kind of work setting.

Similarly, Orangebox task chairs offer a level of design and engineering finesse married to the ergonomic pedigree that Giroflex has established over the last 40 years. The key principles of an Orangebox task chairs are: (value) ergonomics, ease of use, dimensional fit and dynamic function.

This is the recipe for Orangebox success as a leading manufacturer!