Open Plan Office Desks

Après Furniture are specialists within the furniture industry and have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to open plan office design.

Open Plan Office Desks are designed for high density business offices where the staff work closely in teams. In today's busy office environment, the need to communicate on a regular basis when working on projects is paramount. Open Plan Office Desks offer a positive departure from the potential isolation of cubicles, permanent desk dividers and even private offices.

Our Open Plan Office Desks in the form of bench desks can also be configured into various sizes and with storage accessories. Our double bench desks offer flexibility, with a range of modules starting from a standard double bench, comprising of two desks back-to-back for two users. Many of our open plan office desks are modular, allowing the creation of larger linear bench systems for your open plan office layout

Your Open Plan Office Design does not have to be static or linear. Create different shapes to work with you interior space; there are also height-adjustable bench desks which could be integrated into your open plan space, accommodating each member of stafff with independent height adjustable surfaces, and ideal for hotdesking. Studies have proven that alternating between standing and sitting at work has a positive effect on health and subsequently improves work rate and morale. These are open plan office advantages with tangible benefits.

Of course we at Après Furniture can help you choose your own open plan design, provide open plan suggestions and help you each step of the way. We can provide CAD drawings based on your measurements and support your requirements, quoting for a number of configurations if necessary to ensure that we provide you with the right solution for your open plan office furniture.

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  • BAE Worktable

    BAE Worktable

    BAE Worktable is a solid wooden refectory table solution for collaborative working

  • Barbari Office Desks

    Barbari Office Desks

    Barbari Single Office Desks include management desking options with L-shaped tables.

  • Barbari Bench Desks

    Barbari Bench Desks

    Barbari Modular Office Bench Desks for 1-6 users offers various working combinations.

  • Borges Operational Desk System

    Borges Operational Desk

    Borges Desk System has a central axis on which to add various modules.

  • P50 Task System Desks

    P50 Office Bench Desks

    P50 Task Modular Office Desks provide the offic with single desks and beam bench desks.

  • Bevel Office Desk by Norbert Geelen

    Bevel Office Table

    Bevel Office Tables by Norbert Geelen are available as a manager's desk, executive meeting tables and more.

  • Primo Desk System

    Primo Height Settable Desks

    Primo height settable workstations can be set anywhere from 620mm to 850mm for taller users.

  • Flexido Bench Desk System from Mikomax

    Flexido Bench Desk System

    Flexido is a modular office bench desk solution for teams of various sizes, as well as offering hotdesking solutions.

  • Futuro Bench Desk System

    Futuro Office Bench Desks

    Futuro Office Bench Desk System offers efficient office work surface space with third level storage.

  • Canvaro Office Desks

    Canvaro Office Desks

    Canvaro Desk for the office features handy levelling glides to compensate for uneven floors up to 15 mm.

  • Calvino Bench Desks

    Calvino Bench Desks

    Calvino Office Bench Desks offer endless team desking opportunities for open plan settings.

  • Lean Bench Desks

    Lean Office Bench Desks

    Lean Office Bench Desks seat up 6 people at a time and can be endlessly configured.

  • Koleksiyon Lean Office Desk with Pedestal

    Lean Office Desks

    Lean Single Desks can be fitted with acoustic desk screens for privacy in the office.

  • Goalpost Office Desking

    Goalpost Office Desking

    Goalpost Office Desking with telescopic beam system provide modern flexible workstations.

  • Library Bench

    Library Bench

    Library Bench is a rustic collaborative wooden table solution for the modern office

  • Let's Work Desk

    Let's Work Bench Desks

    Let's Work Desking is a functional office workstation solution for all aspects in the workplace.

  • Vital Plus ST Bench Desking

    Vital Plus ST Bench Desking

    Vital Plus ST Bench Desking with warm laminated steel frame can do wonders for the office environment.

  • Oxo Office Bench Desks

    Oxo Office Bench Desks

    Oxo Bench Desks is a complete office furniture range that assembles with just a Click

  • Orb Desk

    Orb Desks

    Orb Desks offer the office a relaxed desking solution through 360 degree circular worktops.

  • Diamond Operative Bench Desk

    Diamond Operative Desks

    Diamond Operative office bench desks offer both single workstations and back-to-back bench desks.

  • Ten Up Operative Desk

    Ten Up Operative Desks

    Ten Up Operative Desking offers team bench desk solutions for the modern open plan office.

  • Frame+ Operative Desk

    Frame+ Operative Desks

    Frame Plus Desking offers office team bench desk solutions fully cable management with sliding tops.

  • Solos Office Desks

    Solos Office Desks

    Solos Desks with organisation rails, partitions, PC mounts, cable management and height adjustment.

  • Rondana Bench Desks

    Rondana Bench Desks

    Rondana Bench Desking provides functional workplace solutions for small budgets, with numerous functions.

  • Mehes Office Desking

    Mehes Office Desks

    Mehes Office Desks provides a high-quality aesthetic with 12-mm “floating” worktops on thin I-shaped legs.

  • Ahrend 22 Desks

    Ahrend 22 Desks

    Ahrend 22 table range is suitable for meetings, conferencing and relaxed working in the office.

  • DNA Office Bench

    DNA Bench Desk

    DNA Bench Desk system is a workstation design providing flexible, dynamic, and innovative working.

  • Workit Office Bench Desking

    Workit Bench Desk System

    Workit Office Bench System is an extremely simple and flexible office solution.

  • Level 34 Single Workstation

    Level 34 Bench Desks

    Level 34 is an office furniture system that offers excellent workstation solutions.

  • Joyn Bench Desk

    Joyn Bench Desk

    Joyn Office Bench System condenses a diversity of spatial functions on a single platform.

  • Linnea Bench Desk

    Linnea Bench Desks

    Linnea Office Bench Desks provide efficient cable access with sliding tabletops and built in cable management for team desking.

  • Ahrend 750 Desk Bench System

    Ahrend 750 Bench

    Ahrend 750 Bench for concentrated individual work or as a group workbench system.

  • Ahrend 700 Desk with or without castors

    Ahrend 700 Tables

    Ahrend 700 Tables can easily be combined with a lectern or a projector trolley.

  • Celo Work Table System

    Celo Work Tables

    Celo Work Tables enhance office freedom and efficiency within limited space.

  • Ad Hoc Office Bench

    Ad Hoc Office Bench Desk

    Ad Hoc Office Bench Desks creates varied and functional office and meeting room solutions.

  • Tiper Desk Bench System by Frezza

    Tiper Bench Desk

    Tiper Bench Desk System provides modular workstation solutions for the corporate open plan office.

  • Rondana Office Desks

    Rondana Office Desks

    Rondana Office Desks offer a myriad of optional extras like cable management, modesty panels and CPU holders.

  • Antaro Office Desks

    Antaro Office Desks

    Antaro Office Desks are available as single, bench desking, managers desk and a bistro option.

  • Arkitek Bench Desks

    Arkitek Office Bench Desks

    Arkitek Office Bench Desk with designer frame make this bench solution an attractive option.

  • Kassini Workstations

    Kassini Workstations

    Kassini cantilever office desks with internal cable management built in the frame.

  • K_word Double Bench Desk

    K_word Office Bench Desks

    K_word Office Bench Desks provides single user workstations and team back-to-back bench desks.

  • Zebra Desk System

    Zebra Desk System

    Zebra Desk System is an innovative open-plan office desk system with "Flexspace".

  • Shi Bench Desking + Te by Apres

    Shi Bench Desking Te

    Shi Bench Desk System provides versatile workstation solutions for your open plan office.

  • Shi Bench Desking

    Shi Bench Desking

    Shi Bench Desks bring flexibility, creativity and good power management options.

  • More Desk

    More Desks

    More Desking is customisable, allows for filing, optimises office space, and has an integrated electrics.

  • Ahrend 500 Desks

    Ahrend 500 Desks

    Ahrend 500 desk range offers an infinite number of working and conferencing solutions

46 Item(s)