Established in 2000

Maxdesign was established in 2000, by Massimo Martino, since then they have been furnishing the interiors of home and public environments with new dynamic and creative designs. This highlighted its approach within the market, whose appreciation of its nonconformist choices is evident.

Maxdesign Furniture
Maxdesign Stand

Striving for Innovative designs

With an everlasting investigative appetite for new solutions offered by new technology, in combination with collaborative partnerships which involve talented designers, Maxdesign have the winning ingredients for success. This brought the young company based in Udine (Italy) to its original and unmistakable portfolio of reinterpreted traditional seating.

In this context of high innovation; Maxdesign forced the technology of bi-injection - a complex moulding process of plastic material - into high quality furniture, such as the X3 seating series or in the recent Tototo range, an armchair conceived as a single sheet of polypropylene, properly folded upside-down in a peculiar play of positive and negative shapes.

Our furniture drives our development

The constant reinterpretation of contemporary design offers a continuous circle of evolution and development for the company. Hence, Maxdesign is on a adventure into new strategic and productive settings from this year on. In fact, each new product turns into a communication project, supporting new choices in terms of themes and technologies, since Maxdesign is widening its range of products within a more and more aware market.

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