About Magnus Olesen

Founded in 1937 by Magnus Olesen, Magnus Olesen A/S is a well-reputed and high quality conscious furniture company, developing and manufacturing functional seating furniture with matching tables of a high design quality. All the furniture is sold to the contract market - to private and public companies, where it is used in conference rooms, canteens, auditoriums, lobbies and waiting areas - in i.a. airports, hospitals, schools and universities as well as in many other institutions with exceptionally high demands for quality, both with regards to durability and function.

Unique yet flexible furniture

In cooperation with leading designers the ambition is to create unique products, meeting the users' needs and wishes and at the same time making a difference, visibly and elegantly. The result is an expressive and flexible design range with independent product series, making it possible to find solutions for all interior design purposes, small or large, in a coherent concept.

Not just any product will be put into production at Magnus Olesen. First of all the products must derive from a good idea and have a purpose, furthermore a balance must exist between form and function. At the same time this manufacturer offers an enormous flexibility regarding its products. Every piece of furniture within the Magnus Olesen portfolio will perfectly fit in more than one type of interior and can be easily combined with other products.


Magnus Olesen takes the environment and working conditions seriously. Therefore, the company has developed its own prominent CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy which involves manufacturing high quality furniture through readily raw materials, lowering the environmental impact.

Since 1990, Magnus Olesen has actually developed the Green Accounts system in order to be able to measure its environmental impact. In 2011, this manufacturer also set a realistic target to itself to be able to reduce its impact by a further 10%.