Innovative and original

Luxy was established in 1976. Based in Italy’s northeast, one of Europe’s most renowned industrial areas, Luxy started as a small producer of chairs but soon evolved into a highly specialised company in the production of ergonomic and design chairs and sofas.

Today, the great innovative and original collection presented by Luxy is the result of Luxy’s research driven team in collaboration with renowned designers like Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Stefano Getzel and Luca Bressan, as well as Gianantonio Perin and Jean Louis Iratzoki. Luxy’s mission is to create highly technological, modern and safe products, in line with their customers’ requirements.

Synchrony Chair by Luxy
Luxy seating solutions


In 2011, the Opera Fund became Luxy’s shareholder. This investment confers Luxy with additional thrust towards development in markets, with increasingly greater attention to the environment and to conformity with norms for safety.

The quality of Luxy’s products and the company’s processing procedures is guaranteed by several different certifications, which are periodically verified and renewed. Luxy’s certifications assure the quality of their products, the environmental protection and the safety of their staff.