High quality office seating

Klöber is an internationally operative manufacturer of high-quality office seating designed to the highest ergonomic standards. The brand stands for design expertise, precision workmanship and optimum comfort. In addition to quality that is made in Germany and consistent customer orientation, the 75-year-old company owes its success to its modern culture and the tremendous professionalism of its more than 160 employees.

Margarete Klöber
Healthy Comfortable Seating

Healthy seating by Margarete Klöber

When Margarete Klöber founded the company, in 1935, her intention was to create healthy seating solutions. Before, Margarete was working as a secretary and used to sit on an uncomfortable wooden stool. “There must be a better solution than this stool”, she thought to herself. In pursuit of the "freedom to sit in healthy comfort," she duly developed her first chair, combining the technology of bent wood processing, then still in its infancy, with the comfort of an armchair. She supported the seat and backrest on springs in the first incarnation of dynamic sitting. Upholstery was not customary in offices back then. At the time, this bold idea was completely innovative in the office world and was the result of a passion for health and comfort paired with consistency in manufacture.

It didn’t take too long for Margarete to prove that it was possible to have comfortable, and healthy, office chairs. Throughout the years, Klöber kept adding functions to improve even more the comfort within the office, and never dismissed the design, following all the fashion trends.

Awarded seating concepts

In 1976, Klöber launched the Klöber Dactylo in collaboration with Bert Frei. Dactylo was the first product resulting from a partnership between the brand and an external designer.

Today, Klöber collaborates with well known designers in a regular basis to develop seating concepts to all the areas within the office, and also for public areas.

In recognition of its good and healthy design, Klöber received awards such as the ‘Quality Office Award’, the ‘Red Dot Award’, and the ‘Benelux Office Products Award’. The brand was also awarded with the ‘Greenguard Award’ in acknowledgment of is sustainable industrial methods.

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