Establishing the concept of Italian design

Founded in the 1950s, ICF have been known for their passion and research right from the beginning. Believing in design and research as corporate values, ICF have been making a significant contribution to creating and establishing the concept of Italian design.

Through innovative creations (ICF were the first manufacturer in Italy to produce partition walls: Programma Interparete, 1965) ICF is focus in the creation of products that facilitate daily activities within the office.

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Production and quality

Over the years, ICF have gained a good experience in managing the production chain. They create pieces that must carry out their function without deteriorating, because high quality guarantees full satisfaction to the customer and allows the company to go ahead regularly with its projects.

Quality means accurate control over each phase, from reception of the goods which will be handled by production departments to packaging and delivering. This is a vital concept for ICF, a team who is convinced that the only way to guarantee absolute quality in the final product is to monitor each step closely.

Based in Milan, as most of the best Italian suppliers, ICF can ensure to have absolute control over the quality of their products, and to adapt to the requests of both the customer and the market.


Apart from the quality aspect, the ICF Board of Directors and CEO believe that respect for the environment is also a key strategic aspect of the company’s activities. This includes prevention and reduction of pollution and the continuous improvement of environmental performance through the careful and farsighted management of resources.

The ICF products are the result of a combination of the long artisanal tradition that has made Italian-made products famous across the world and constant innovation in the production and industrial spheres.

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