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  • Layla Modular Seating System Corner Unit

    Layla Landscape Sofa

    Layla Landscape soft seating includes: corner, right & left hand unit, chair, sofa, and bench.

  • Massimosistema Sofa

    Massimosistema Sofa

    Massimosistema Sofa modular units include chaise-longue, armchair and peninsula. With or without armrests.

  • Cassiopea Sofa

    Cassiopea Sofa

    Cassiopea multifunctional soft seating is modular and adaptable to your needs, with various configurations.

  • Polo Sofa and Chaise Longe

    Polo Sofa

    Polo Sofa is a flexible and functional modular sofa system, ideal for lounge or reception areas

  • Dehors Sofa

    Dehors Sofa and Armchair

    Dehors Outdoors Soft Seating is available as armchair, sofa and dormeuse versions.

  • Basket 011

    Basket 011 Soft Seating

    Basket 011 comfortable lounge seating with visible metal structure and removable covers.

  • Cuba Modular Soft Seating System

    Cuba Sofa Range

    Cuba soft seating system has fully removable covers and a wide choice of modular units.

  • Cuba 25 Modular Seating

    Cuba 25 Sofa

    Cuba 25 is a modern modular soft seating solution for flexible layouts. With 60 x 60 cm feather cushions.

  • Elan Three Seat Sofa

    Elan Sofa

    Elan Sofa by Jasper Morrison - a versatile futon for receptions, lounges and waiting areas for guests.

  • Austen Armchair and Sofa

    Austen Sofa

    Austen Lounge Seating is available as a two or three seater sofa, and as an armchair.

  • Bebop Sofa 3 Seater

    Bebop Sofa

    Bebop Soft Seating has an elegant and balanced design ensuring maximum comfort for guests and visitors.

  • Bretagne 2 Seater Sofa

    Bretagne Sofa

    Bretagne Soft Seating has generously deep and comfortable seats. Ideal for lounge and breakout spaces.

  • Tom, Dick & Harry Armchairs

    Tom, Dick & Harry Armchairs

    Tom, Dick & Harry Seating are armchairs for reception, lounge or breakout areas. Made in Britain.

  • Quadra Modular Sofa

    Quadra Sofa

    Quadra Soft Seating has a seasoned beechwood main frame, polyurethane foam and dracon padding.

  • Larry Corner Sofa

    Larry Sofas

    Larry Sofa has an elegant and contemporary style fully upholstered in Pelle Frau leather.s

  • Eskilo Sofa in Fabric and Leather

    Eskilo Sofa

    Eskilo Soft Seating has clear and warm shapes and an integrated fold-out bed for guests.

  • 191 Moov Sofa with chaise

    191 Moov Sofa

    191 Moov Soft Seating is minimalist and contemporary design, with movable headrest and removable covers.

  • 288 Sled Sofa

    288 Sled Sofa

    288 Sled Sofa has a distinctive design with unique back support doubling as a optional shelving and drawers.

  • 348 Notturno a New York Sofa

    348 Notturno a New York

    348 Notturno a New York is a structural modernist sofa with high-definition "tapestry".

  • Orazio Sofa

    Orazio Sofa

    Orazio classic yet modern lounge sofa has long, soft cushions to cover the armrests for improved comfort.

  • Eleven Two-Seater Sofa

    Eleven Sofa and Armchair

    Eleven Soft Seating range by PearsonLloyd consists of elegant 2 and 3 seater sofas and an armchair.

  • Orgone Range

    Orgone Chaise Longue

    Orgone Chaise Longue is formed from reinforced fibreglass and finished with a polished lacquer in various colours.

  • HM991 Chaise-Longue

    HM991 Sofa

    HM991 collection comprises a range of sofas, chaise-longues and daybeds.

  • EJ 123 Office Toward Sofa

    EJ 123 Toward Sofa

    EJ 123 Toward Sofa combines armchair, chaise longue and a tete-a-tete into one modern seating solution.

  • Courage Modular Sofa

    Courage Modular Sofa

    Courage Modular Sofa is a soft seating system with various elements that can be endlessly combined.

  • Grantorino Modular Sofa

    GranTorino Modular Sofa

    GranTorino Sofa's backrest is padded with goose down; separate horizontal chambers provide ergonomic comfort.

  • Bras Sofa and Foot Stool

    Bras Sofa

    The Bras Sofa armrests are its unique feature, sweeping around like the natural angular curves of your arms.

  • U Sofa

    U Sofa

    Bensen U Sofa design offers a two seater soft seating solution with a tailored aesthetic

  • Nigel Coates Plump Sofa

    Coates Plump Sofa

    Plump Sofa from British designer Nigel Coates offers a sumptuous seating option for the home environment.

  • Twelve Sofa and Armchair

    Twelve Sofa

    Twelve Soft Seating range comprises armchair, 2- and 3-seater sofas with the option of corner modules and chaise longue.

  • BarberOsgerby Sofa Collection

    BarberOsgerby Sofa Collection

    Barber Osgerby Sofa Collection comprises a two or three seater sofa. Won a Design Guild Mark 2013 award.

  • Harvey Sofa Collection

    Harvey Sofa

    Harvey Sofa is based on an FSC accredited softwood frame. Upholstered in a vast choice of leathers or fabrics.

  • Acorn Sofa

    Acorn Sofa

    Acorn Sofa is a compact reclined two-seater handmade in a range of solid hardwoods for the home.

  • Outline Chaise Longue by Cappellini

    Outline Chaise Longue

    Outline Chaise Longue features a polished lacquered shell in fibreglass with upholstery in fabric or leather.

  • Quack Soft Seating Series

    Quack Soft Seating Series

    Quack classic armchair & sofa suitable for corporate lounges, office reception and waiting rooms.

  • Quick Sofa by Cappellini

    Quick Sofa

    Quick Lounge soft seating range includes modular units for various configurations.

  • Serie 3080 Reception Sofa

    Serie 3080 Soft Seating

    Serie 3080 Soft Seating System by Paola Navone includes a wide sofa and a range of large modular elements.

  • Easy Block Modular Office Sofa

    Easy Block Sofa

    Easy Block Modular Sofa with wooden frame and Nozag spring system padded with fire retardant foam.

  • Grand Sofa by Offecct Furniture

    Grand Soft Seating

    Grand Soft Seating offers generous proportions and arms that curl outwards asymmetrically.

  • Kustom Sofa

    Kustom Sofa

    Kustom Sofa with distinctive scallop arms in solid black walnut. Traditionally upholstered in a range of colours.

  • Beacon Sofa

    Beacon Sofa

    The Beacon Sofa is a compact reclined two or three-seater sofa, handmade in solid ash.

  • Atoll Chaise Lounge

    Atoll Chaise Longues

    Atoll Chaise lounge chair is beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture by Patrick Norguet.

  • EJ 900 Pipeline Bench

    EJ 900 Pipeline

    By any standard EJ 900 Pipeline is a cool piece of soft seating, with an organic and streamlined shape.

  • Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

    Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

    Eames Lounge Chair and Footstool combines the utmost comfort with high-end materials and high-quality finishing.

  • Polder Sofa XS

    Polder Sofa XS

    Polder Sofa XS is a smaller version of Polder Sofa XL by Hella Jongerius for more restricted spaces.

  • Polder Sofa XL

    Polder Sofa XL

    The Polder Sofa XL by Hella Jongerius is low-lying, with 5 colour combinations and fabric qualities.

  • Chester Sofas Front View

    Chester Sofas

    Chester Sofa and Chester One for executive lounges and corporate reception areas is distinguished designer seating.

  • MVS Chaise Day Bed

    MVS Chaise

    MVS Chaise's frame construction makes it easy to shift from a sitting to a lying position. Suitable for use outdoors.

  • Park Sofa 3-Seater

    Park Sofa

    Park Soft Seating comes as a two or three seater sofa and is also available as an armchair.

  • EJ 315 Sofa & Chairs

    EJ 315 Sofas

    EJ 315 Sofa and Armchair embodies Danish design and furniture craftsmanship.

  • EJ 450 Delphi Modular Home Sofa

    EJ 450 Delphi Sofas

    EJ 450 Delphi Sofa is spacious modular soft seating with interesting construction dynamics.

  • EJ 50 Reception Sofa

    EJ 50 Sofas

    EJ 50 Sofa is minimalistic and compact, in different sofa sizes and in a well-dimensioned club chair.

  • Florence Knoll Sofa and Armchair

    Florence Knoll Sofa and Armchair

    Florence Knoll Sofa and Armchair is a modern classic design for reception and lounge areas.

  • Krefeld Lounge Seating Collection

    Krefeld Lounge Collection

    Krefled collection includes a lounge chair, ottoman, settee, sofa, benches, and side/coffee tables.

  • Pfister three-seat sofa

    Pfister Lounge Seating

    Pfister Lounge Seating collection is available in standard and petite sizes, as well as sectional configurations.

  • SM1 Lounge Seating Collection

    SM1 Lounge Seating

    Shelton Mindel SM1 Lounge Collection comprises an armchair and sofa for receptions and lounge areas.

  • Sahara Sofa

    Sahara Sofas

    Sahara is available as two or three seater sofas, with complementary armchair and table.

  • A-Line Sofa

    A-Line Sofas

    A-Line upholstered seating has the look of a sofa with all the potential of sectional seating.

  • Alcove Sofa

    Alcove Sofas

    The Alcove Sofas range is part of the Net 'n' Nest concept; a place to breakout, work or for private calls.

  • Soft Shell Sofa Two-Seater

    Soft Shell Sofa

    Soft Shell Sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec is multi-functional and upholstered in flexible fabric or leather.

  • Armonia Sofa Corner Chaise

    Armonia Sofa

    Armonia Soft Seating comprises sofa, armchair and dormeuse for corporate lounges and reception areas.

  • Cubo Poufs 3 Shapes

    Cubo Poufs

    Four castors on the base of each Cubo Pouf make positioning and movement easier.

  • Walter Knoll Foster 505 Sofa

    Foster 505 Sofa

    Foster 505 Sofas are available in different sizes including corner solutions and récamières.

  • EJ 180 -188 In Duplo Sofa by Erik Jorgensen

    EJ 180 -188 In Duplo Sofa

    EJ 180 -188 In Duplo Sofa was awarded with the Wallpaper Design Award 2011.

  • Living Platform Sofa

    Living Platform Sofa

    Living Platform Sofa and Armchairs is an innovative functional soft seating range for modern interiors.

  • Sleeper Sofa

    Sleeper Sofa Bed

    Sleeper is an elegant sofa that easily converts into a bed for guests using a strong internal steel frame.

  • Perimeter Seating from Orangebox

    Perimeter Seating

    Perimeter Seating includes contemporary two-seater sofas to a suite of modular soft seating units.

  • Vale Sofa System

    Vale Sofa System

    Vale Sofa System is modular, allowing you to create dynamic layouts in busy offices or public spaces.

  • CWTCH Corner Sofa

    Cwtch Armchair and Sofa

    Cwtch Armchair and Modular Sofa for sociable clusters and landscapes of soft seating.

  • Adda Modular Seats combined

    Adda Soft Seating

    Adda Modular Seating available in many colours and shapes for lounge and reception areas.

  • Yale Sofa

    Yale Sofa

    Yale Sofa's cushions, with removable cover, in in-deformable variable-density polyether and polyester wadding.

  • Suita Sofa

    Suita Sofa

    Suita Modular Sofa takes the classic lounge sofa and gives it a contemporary feel and aesthetic.

  • Harcourt Chaise Longue

    Harcourt Chaise Longue

    Chaise Longue by Geoffrey Harcourt is a modern interpretation of the ultimate seat for relaxation.

  • Minima Corner Sofa

    Minima Sofas

    Minima Soft Seating by Claesson Koivisto Rune comprises a sofa, divan, corner sofa with stool and easy chair.

  • Allen 2 Sofa

    Allen 2 Sofa

    Allen 2 Sofa available in numerous lengths and as a dormeuse, pouf, corner, or extra large unit.

  • Sliding Sofa by MDF Italia

    Sliding Sofa

    Sliding Sofa comes in a a version with electrically controlled height-adjustable backrest and manual tilting cushion.

  • Idea-One Sofa

    Idea-One Sofa

    Idea-One Sofa is spacious modular soft seating, upholstered in a completely removable covers or fixed leather.

  • Manhattan Modular Sofa

    Manhattan Sofa

    Manhattan Sofas create a luxurious meeting place for smartworking environments or breakout space.

  • Mare Breakout Sofa

    Mare Sofa

    Mare soft seating comprises pouffe, fauteuil, loveseat, 2-seater, 2.2-seater, 2.5-seater and 3-seater sofa.

  • 905 Sofas

    905 Sofa

    905 and the 905 Comfort are available as 3-seater and 2-seater sofa, a fauteuil and a pouffe. In leather or fabric.

  • C 684 Sofa

    C 683 - C 684 Sofas

    The C 683 - C684 by Kho Liang Ie are 2.5 or 3 seater sofas featuring ribbed or buttoned backrest design.

  • Place Sofa

    Place Sofa

    Place Sofa was designed by Jasper Morrison as an interpretation of what is now a modern classic sofa type.

85 Item(s)