Part of the Doimo Group

Frezza Spa is a renowned Italian manufacturer of a broad portfolio of innovative office furniture created by in-house and international designers combining functionality and aesthetics.

Part of the Doimo Group, a parent company to around thirty specialised companies in the production of furniture for the home and office, Frezza Spa has its head office based in Vidor (Treviso, Italy).

In 1998, the company went through a process of reorganization, led by its Chairman, Eros Doimo, and since then Frezza has been able to offer projects which are based on mutual dialogue and active involvement of architects, making each one specific and far removed from a standardised production.

Frezza’s philosophy

Frezza’s philosophy is to synthesise design culture and work culture through high quality Italian design, using eco-friendly, sustainable materials, and a specialised and certified manufacturing process.

Product quality and recognition in the furnishing trade are the keystones that the company development is founded on. The certifications obtained by this manufacturer are not only the best guarantee of the safety and quality of its products, but the company’s quality control systems which involve all the processes of the company (ISO.9001-ISO 14001) and makes it extremely competitive in the worldwide market.


Sustainable development is a primary social need of which all the social and economic sectors are becoming more and more aware of it, and the furniture sector is no exception. Frezza Spa applies all its experience to create innovative products with limited environmental impact throughout their life cycle: from production, to use and through to final disposal.

To reduce the environmental impact of the furniture when it is disposed of, Frezza Spa designs its products so that they can easily be dismantled and the various materials that they are made of can be sorted for precise disposal and recycling.