Executive Office Chairs

Browse our collection of executive office chairs precision made by leading office furniture manufacturers. Find a wide range of executive management office seating where design meets the science of ergonomics and the latest technology to bring you a whole new sitting experience in a high-end office chair.

You can find a wide variety of leather executive office chairs to fabric upholstered and the latest in mesh technology upholstered chairs. Ranging from designer office swivel chairs providing specialised ergonomic features such as; three-dimensional armrests, patented similar-plus mechanisms allowing you to sit dynamically while it provides a smooth, even sequence of movements, adjustable headrests with options to have all metal parts finished in Chrome or polished aluminium to create your unique and uncharacteristic office chairs giving your office an unbeatable edge in design.

No other high-end office chair says executive like a designer leather desk chair so take your pick from après selection. If you need any advice or have any questions please feel free to contact us with no obligation.

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  • Headline Executive Office Chair

    Headline Executive Office Chair

    Headline executive office seating is a supportive high-end ergonomic management chair solution.

  • Freedom Office Chairs by Niels Diffrient

    Freedom Task Chair

    Freedom Office Task Chairs by Niels Diffrient offer advanced ergonomic advantages such as weight-sensitive recline.

  • Una Executive Chairs

    Una Executive Chairs

    Una Executive Meeting Chairs have a special expanded polyurethane padding to guarantee maximum seating comfort.

  • Valea Chairs

    Valea Chairs

    Valea Conference and Meeting Chair with automatic return, height adjustment or rocking mechanism in fabric/leather.

  • Valea Soft Chair `

    Valea Soft Chair

    Valea Soft Office Meeting Chair with padded back cushion for ergonomic comfort. Features height adjustment.

  • Duera Ergonomic Office Chair

    Duera Task Chairs

    The Duera Task Chair is a ergonomic seating solution which provides dynamic support for modern office working.

  • Duera 24h Task Chair with Neck Support

    Duera 24h Task Chair

    The Duera 24hour Office Swivel Chair is built for endurance, ready to be used around the clock.

  • DucaRE Office Task Chair

    DucaRE Office Chairs

    DucaRE Office Chairs offer the lockable synchron mechanism and can be easily adjusted to suit each individual.

  • Moteo Ergonomic Office Chair

    Moteo Executive Office Chairs

    Moteo Executive Office Chairs offer lumbar support and ergonomic shape, ideal for contract areas.

  • ID Trim L Chairs with 3D Armrests

    ID Trim L Executive Chair

    ID Trim L Executive Chair provides the comfort of an upholstered backrest with a slim-line aesthetic.

  • Lotus Attesa Armchair

    Lotus Attesa Swivel Chair

    Lotus Attesa by Jasper Morrison is specified with a particular seat and back angle to ensure maximum comfort.

  • Youster Executive Chair with high backrest and integrated headrest

    Youster Executive Chair

    Youster Executive Chair is with medium or high back, integrated headrest and adjustments for ergonomic results.

  • Mr Big Executive Chair

    Mr Big Executive Chair

    Mr Big Executive Office Chair has an innovative oscillating torsion bar mechanism with a wide range of tension regulations.

  • Nulite Office Seating

    Nulite Office Seating

    Nulite Executive Seating range comprises office task, guest and meeting chairs as well as high stools.

  • In Touch Office Chair

    In Touch Office Chair

    In Touch Office Chairs with black backrest. Available in leather or fabric. Red Dot and IF Product Design Award winner.

  • Sola Executive Office Chair

    Sola Chair

    Sola Chair boasts superb sprung comfort and a rocking motion that’s adjustable, for ultimate comfort.

  • Lusso Luxe Chairs

    Lusso Luxe Chairs

    Lusso Luxe Executive Chairs with optional remote controlled air cushions for ultimate ergonomic comfort.

  • Mr. 24 Executive Chair

    Mr. 24 Executive Chair

    Mr 24. Executive Office Chair is a management level seating solution designed for intensive use.

  • Light Boardroom Armchair

    Light Executive Chair

    Light Executive Chair upholstered in luxurious leather with a choice of 21 colours.

  • Modus Management Chair

    Modus Executive Chairs

    Modus Executive Chairs are high end ergonomic seats, designed for prestigious clients.

  • Fair Play Executive Chairs

    Fair Play Executive Chairs

    Fair Play Executive Office Chairs with seat and backrest which simultaneously react to movement for incredible comfort.

  • Shape Management Seating

    Shape Executive Chairs

    Shape Executive Task Chairs feature ergonomically shaped cushions for superior comfort in the office and for meetings.

  • Dat-O Executive Chair

    Dat-O Executive Chair

    Dat-O Executive Chair features the Delta-Synchron-plus mechanism with seat-tilt and seat-depth adjustment.

  • Crossline Executive Ergonomic Chair

    Crossline Executive Chairs

    Crossline Executive Chair's dynamic backrest frame is connected to the flexible cushion via pivot points.

  • Xten Executive Office Chairs

    Xten Executive Chairs

    Xten Executive Chairs feature Armtronic armrest adjustment and Technogel for ergonomic body support.

  • Skape Executive Armchairs

    Skape Executive Armchair

    Skape Executive Armchair offers dynamic seating for office meetings and conferences with automatic weight adjustment.

  • Ciello Executive Chairs

    Ciello Executive Chairs

    Ciello Management Chairs have duo-latex upholstery offering natural support for the lumbar region and back.

  • Sim-O Executive Chairs

    Sim-O Executive Chairs

    Sim-O Executive Chairs with ballpoint-synchron plus mechanism, seat tilt and sliding seat as standard.

  • Light Office Seating with medium high backrest

    Light Chair

    Light Chair is executive seating available in a stackable cantilever or swivel base height adjustable versions.

  • Synchrony Ergonomic Office Chair

    Synchrony Chair

    Synchrony Executive Meeting Chair is a comfortable business armchair with polished or satin swivel base.

  • Delphi Boardroom High Back Chair

    Delphi High Back Chair

    Delphi High Back Chair for executive boardrooms and office meeting rooms. Features interwoven Pirelli webbing for seat suspension.

  • Paro Business Chair with Ergonomic Headrest

    Paro Business Chair

    A flexible executive seating solution, Paro Business Chair has an ergonomic shape and shock absorption.

  • Ayo Office Chairs by Arge2

    Ayo Office Chairs

    Ayo Office Task Chairs have double mesh back for ergonomic support and synchro-mechanism for dynamic sitting.

  • Inferno Chairs

    Inferno Chairs

    Inferno Boardroom Chairs provide comfortable seating during executive office meetings with their unique built-in flexible tilt.

  • Connection IS Executive Chairs

    Connection IS Executive Chairs

    IS Executive Seating offers cantilever, 4 star base and 5 star with castors for boardroom meeting and managers chairs.

  • Xten Office Chairs

    Xten Pininfarina Chairs

    Xten Pininfarina Chairs offer patented height adjustable armrests and Technogel for ergonomic support.

  • Kuna Leather Meeting Chairs

    Kuna Meeting Chairs

    Kuna Meeting Chairs are available in three different backrest heights with four or five star base options.

  • Cento Miglia Swivel Chairs

    Cento Miglia Swivel Chairs

    Cento Miglia Swivel Chairs provide a constant backrest counterpressure throughout the movement process.

  • Ahrend 350 Chairs

    Ahrend 350 Chairs

    Ahrend 350 Office Chairs with leaf spring technology for superior ergonomic support and comfort during meetings.

  • Ballendat Point Office Chairs

    Ballendat Point Office Chairs

    Point Office Chair by Martin Ballendat is an ergonomically advanced seating range with lumbar support. Cantilever or Swivel Base.

  • Black Dot Net Executive Chair

    Black Dot Net Executive Chair

    Black Dot Net Executive Chair with ‘similar’ seat mechanism and height-adjustable lumbar support.

  • Stanley Meeting Chair

    Stanley Meeting Chair

    Stanley Executive Office Meeting Chair is available in high or low back versions with high-end leather upholstery.

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