Bookcases and Shelving

Après Furniture supplies fixed or freestanding display bookcases and units in a wide variety of designs and styles to suit your requirements.

We offer modern bookcase solutions including wooden bookcases, tall narrow bookcases, bookcases with doors, as well as supplying contemporary shelving units UK-wide and globally.

What’s more, display shelving doesn’t have to be linear. A white bookcase like the Cloud Bookcase from Cappellini (other colours are available) is a modular shelving system which has circular apertures on which to place books or other objects, presenting them all in an impressive bookcase solution for the contemporary office or home environment.

We can also provide totally bespoke display bookcases, handcrafted using only the finest wood veneers. Custom made bookcases can be designed to your exact specification and sizing, with an ideal footprint for your existing floor space and requirements.

Some of our display bookcases offer a whole lot more than storage. The BuzziBassTrap, for example, is a stackable acoustic shelving system designed to absorb low frequency sound at the office. By placing this modern bookshelf solution in the corner of the office low noise level reduction is maximised. Alternatively, by stacking and positioning BuzziBassTrap in the centre of your noisy office total reverberation time for high frequency noise is reduced.

Other options include cube shelving units with box storage, using display bookcases as room dividers, and accessories like slide out drawers as well as the option of height adjustable legs for uneven floors.

Remember, if you cannot find the right display bookcase for your requirements please give us a call on 020 7221 7914 and we can create a tailor made bookcase just for you.

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  • Scala Shelving

    Scala Shelving

    Scala Shelving System is a modular minimalist display and storage unit.

  • Palisades Wood

    Palisades Wood Shelving

    Palisades Wood is a modern style display shelving unit for dividing spaces.

  • Cage Shelving in Black Steel Frame

    Cage Shelving

    Cage is a simple, stylish shelving system built to last. Designed to be modular for you to easily build, adapt and reshape.

  • cWave Bookcase

    cWave Bookcase

    cWave modular bookcase's flexuous design and sense of lightness is due to its sinuous profile.

  • ESU Bookcase

    ESU Bookcase

    Eames Storage Unit Bookcase with moulded plywood sliding doors and height-adjustable legs.

  • ESU Shelf

    ESU Shelf

    Eames Storage Unit is a made of free-standing multi-functional shelves on height adjustable legs.

  • Terri Tory Office Storage

    Terri Tory Office Storage

    Terri Tory Office Storage is a modern office multifunctional combination storage range.

  • Kast Storage 8 sliding doors

    Kast Storage

    Kast by Maarten Van Severen is modular storage, the base version of which is a sideboard.

  • 526 Nauge Bookshelf Storage

    526 Nauge Storage

    526 Nauge Storage collection offers sideboards, cupboards and bookshelves.

  • Libro Modular Storage

    Libro Modular Storage

    Libro Storage is a modular display shelving unit which is ideal as a bookcase and can be used as a room divider.

  • Sinetica Wire Storage

    Sinetica Wire Storage

    Wire Storage is a modular system of bookcase and display shelving with the addition of storage boxes.

  • Abacus Executive Bookcase

    Abacus Executive Bookcase

    Abacus Office Storage is a high-end storage solution designed for executives and prestigious office environments.

  • Vis Display Shelving

    Vis Display Shelving

    Vis Storage Shelving features asymmetrical beams and cabinet drawers.

  • Klim Shelving System A4

    Klim Shelving System A4

    Klim A4 Storage System won awards such as the MoA award in Finland when it was still just a prototype.

  • BuzziBassTrap Bookcase

    BuzziBassTrap Bookcase

    BuzziBassTrap Bookcase is a stackable acoustic shelving system, constructed to absorb low frequency sound.

  • Mondrian Bookcase by Tonon

    Mondrian Bookcase

    Mondrian Bookcase, designed by Davide Negri, is a playful yet function piece of storage.

  • Marciana Shelving System

    Marciana Shelving System

    Winner of a Good Design Award in 2009, Marciana is a modular bookcase for modern libraries.

  • Memory Display Storage

    Memory Display Storage

    Memory Unit can be used as display bookcase, shelves, wall storage or room divider

  • Acorn Bookcase

    Acorn Bookcase

    The Acorn Bookcase is made from solid black walnut with two 10mm toughened glass shelves.

  • SEC Tower with drawers and shelves

    SEC Tower

    SEC Tower's shelves are available in sophisticated glass: transparent, printed or green.

  • SEC Display Bookcase

    SEC Bookshelf

    SEC Modular Bookshelf includes drawers, flap doors, handles and bracketed bookends.

  • SEC Height Adjustable Sideboard

    SEC Sideboard

    SEC Sideboard is a modular height adjustable elegant credenza unit with various possible configurations.

  • Quattro Bookshelves

    Quattro Bookcase

    Quattro Bookcase is available in two sizes; with thin wooden profile and matt lacquered back.

  • Passepartout Bookcase

    Passepartout Bookcase

    Passepartout double front bookcase made from fir honeycomb with macroter or polished lacquer finish.

  • Cloud Book Storage Elements

    Cloud Bookcase

    Create a unique storage piece - the modular Cloud Bookcase is an eye catching piece of display furniture.

  • Butterfly Cabinets

    Butterfly Cabinets

    Butterfly Boxes are a collection of open and one door cabinets with matt lacquer finish.

  • Kuramata  Bookshelf

    Kuramata Bookshelf

    Kuramata Bookshelf combines design and function beautifully. Each storage section differs in size.

  • Aliante Bookshelves

    Aliante Bookshelves

    Aliante Bookshelves composed of two reeds in polished chromed and shelves in natural or wengè-stained oak.

  • CEO Cube Office Storage Bookcase

    CEO Cube Office Storage

    CEO Cube cassettiera, low cabinet and small cabinet. Suitable for high level executive offices.

  • 838 Veliero Bookcase Front

    838 Veliero Bookcase

    838 Veliero Bookcase has shelves are made of safety glass and two pillars of ash with brass tip ends.

  • Boox Shelf

    Boox Shelves

    Boox Shelves is a modular storage system with an endless width and top height of 229cm.

  • James Irvine Box Storage Units

    James Irvine Box Storage

    James Irvine Box Storage includes Media Box, Office Box and Multi Box systems for office and home.

  • Crome Custom Made Bookcase

    Crome Storage Display Unit

    Choose Crome Storage Display Units for a bespoke bookcase solution. Hand crafted with quality veneers.

33 Item(s)