Affinity 4x UK Power Sockets

Power Modules

AFFINITY 4x UK power sockets when you need it, and an uncluttered work surface when you don't.

Key Features

  • Unit has grey fascia surround and an anodised aluminium body
  • Fascia is VØ flame retardant ABS with black socket fascias
  • Clamps into rectangular location hole using spring loaded clamps
  • Spring loaded buttons to hold unit in open position until manually closed
  • Power cables all exit from under the side of the unit
  • All UK power socket versions supplied with individual fuses
  • Supplied with a 1000mm Wieland connector
  • Requires a separate mains lead if passing from a 13A socket
  • Unit complies with BS 6396
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Affinity 4x UK Power Sockets

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