At the age of 27, in 1921, Karl Zünd set up his own furniture business. Even though times were not always easy, the local markets provided enough demand for small firms to survive long term. Saddles for horses, upholstered furniture, bed ware, leather goods and sports articles were manufactured by Zünd, with passion and a perfect craftsmanship.

The company developed and was soon one of the largest in Rebstein. In 1957, Zund’s company saw the introduction of the Züco brand. Despite the company’s grow, it remained as a family business for many years. In 1988, Zünd’s sons Karl Jr. and Ludwig, both close to retirement age, sold their father’s business to Lista, an office furniture manufacturer based in Amriswill. In the early 1990’s the whole world was going through a recession which affected both Lista and Züco. Lista underwent through reorganization, in order to focus more on its core business of office furniture, while in 1998 Züco was acquired by one of the biggest players in the furniture industry: Dauphin HumanDesign Group, based in Nuremberg in Bavaria. Ever since Züco was integrated into Dauphin Holdings its sales have moved continuously upwards.

Today Züco benefits from synergies within the Group, especially as regards purchasing semi finished products, at it can pursue a targeted strategy to continue internationalizing its sales markets.

Quality and comfort

Despite its history, Züco stands today for the same principles of Zünd’s firm in 1957: quality, comfortable seating and aesthetics.

The chairs and armchairs produced by this manufacturer are still designed and manufactured according to the best traditional craftsmanship in its birth town, Rebstein. Thanks to the skilled craftsmanship of the Züco employees allied to the state-of-art technology, Züco offers a great collection of products in which every product speaks its own language and distinguishes itself from the rest.

The greatest materials

The quality of Züco designs is also assured by using only the best materials and finishes. This manufacturer draws on decades of experience in the processing of leather, exclusive fabrics as well as other materials.

Züco Designers