The beginning: a leather shop

Founder Walter Knoll started producing seating in Stuttgart where he founded his “leather shop“.

Founded in 1865, Walter Knoll is known as the oldest upholstery brand in Germany. The furniture manufacturer continues to make its mark in the history of furniture; it has created classic pieces and icons of the avant-garde and is a by-word throughout the world for modern design. Since the end of the last century, the company has grown considerably, has increased its output seven-fold and today is one of the trendsetters at the premium end of the market.

Walter Knoll Factory
Walter Knoll Furniture

Walter Knoll Creates Living Spaces

Known as one of the leading international furniture manufacturers of fine up-holstered furiture, their designs are characterised for being comprehensible worldwide, inviting and prestigious, timeless and comfortable. Walter Knoll creates living spaces for both homes and offices.

Successful design

The special relationship that Walter Knoll maintains with designers and architects leads to a furniture portfolio filled with new ideas and concepts. To achieve the best results, the close collaboration between the manufacturer and the designers involves in-depth communication and intense processes and the clarification of ideas. Together, they search for the gap for something which has never been.

Great moments demand unique constellations. The right partners and long-term co-operation get you closer and closer to new solutions. A process which gains its strength from the synergy of marketing, product development and design. The shared ability to analyse is one of the secrets of success.

Walter Knoll Production