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  • W1 Task Chair_1

    W-1 High Task Chair

    The W 1 impresses with its clear appearance, which is characterised by its satin chromed steel frame.

  • W-Lounge Sound Chair 1

    W-Lounge Sound Chair

    The W-Lounge Sound with integrated sound system is a unique sound experience at the highest level.

  • W2020 Multiple Chair

    W-2020 Chair

    The W-2020 chair is technically reminiscent of classic wooden inn chairs, but further develops their expression and function.

  • W20 Chair 1


    The W20, a real all-rounder. Elegant, comfortable and practical - this new WAGNER visitors’ chair has all these properties.

  • W-Lounge 3 Chair 1

    W-Lounge Chair 3

    Broad lounge-armchair for regenerating your energy. Sit down, lean back and swing in every possible direction.

  • W-1960 Holz Dining Chair 1

    W-1960 Holz Chair

    The new W-1960 family unites tradition and modernity in a wonderful way.

  • W Cube 5 Chair 1

    W-Cube 5 Chair

    Whether you need furniture for a lounge area or a conference facility, the W-Cube family has something for everyone.

  • W Cube 2 Chair 1

    W-Cube 2 Chair

    Classically minimalist shapes characterise the design of the Wagner W 7.

  • AluMedic 70 Meeting Chair

    AluMedic 70 Chair

    Beauty and aesthetics are timeless, just like our All-rounder AluMedic, which offers a fitting variant for every character.

Items 1 to 9 of 16 total View All

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