Design since 1926

Tonon Furniture is one of the best known international brands in the world of chairs and tables, reliable and synonymous for design and quality “made in Italy”. Characterizing features that come from the past: their origins date back to the Twenties, many years of careful and creative craftsmanship. After that came the industrialisation of the Fifties with a remarkable increase in production. The pleasure of “thinking and making” however never failed. Tonon today bases itself on research and experience, on cultural and marketing factors, on new materials and new technologies. All with a craftsmanship heart and an industrial mind, a combination ensuring a better life while seated, whether relaxing, working, or at the table.

Founder Sandro Tonon
Tonon Seating

Design technology

Tonon products have as a common denominator the ability to enhance interiors. Even if romantic or classical rather than innovative or trendy, they are always original proposals, never ordinary, characterized by a contemporary idea and by a developed technology. Products conceived and destined for international markets and cultures, for ways of life and daily living very different from each other. Products made equal by good taste, sensitivity, elegance and regularly presented at the international top Furniture Fairs: Milan, Köln, London, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Moskow, Kiev, Miami, Las Vegas, Dubai, Bahrein. In several inexhaustible combinations of shape, finish and fabric.

Seating philosophy - by Sandro Tonon

“The picture shown in the previous page has been taken when I lectured some time ago at the Kiev Architectural University. I had the opportunity to go over the history of design, from Bauhaus to the influence of the Scandinavian design of the fifties, from Memphis to the daily aesthetics of the present millennium. Connecting this to the cultural influences these movements had also in my company, in terms of design and materials, this was an excellent background to start a discussion. The information I gave them about our quality, endurance and ergonomic tests were also a matter for discussion. Finally I emphasized the huge importance we give to each detail. It can be technical or decorative but always it has to be used with great care. As I often reiterate to our customers, the difference between a great product and a ordinary one, in our sector, is the detail It follows that the daily research activity, the cooperation with the designers, the comparison with the technical department, the team working, the stylistic consistency, the attention to the costs and consequently the aim of industrializing in the best way every single component, are all elements of our daily effort to achieve the maximum in quality. All this can only be achieved as a result of working within these elements”.

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