Established in 1984

Systemtronic is established in 1984, with the aim of designing and manufacturing tables, supports and accessories for computed systems, either at the office or at home.

Systemtronic are a Young, dynamic and constantly evolving company, which keeps ultimate trends and technologies up to date, in order to always improve its products and offering to the ever evolving market requirements.

Consolidated and avant-garde, Systemtronic has been present within the industry of office furniture more than 27 years. Their continuity within the market guarantees the work and dedication in order to satisfy the needs of the clients, in an environment every day more competitive and demanding.

This collection has been designed to integrate projects where the architect or interior designer wishes neuter components with a strong personality.

Systemtronic Accessories
Faya Fire Extinguisher Holder

Product quality

Systemtronic furniture is made of the best raw materials, guaranteeing clients a high quality finished product that is durable. Their products stand out thanks to their adaptability and modern design, coexisting with classic, lasting in time and coexisting with new trends.

At Systemtronic, the quality is a daily challenge thanks to which all their products comply with the specifications required by the European norm related to ergonomics and safety. Therefore, they are guaranteed by the Controlled Quality Certificate issued by the Technologic Institute of Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Similar AIDIMA.

Systemtronic's quality policy includes the continuous and effective training of our employees. They continuously carry out quality production line checks, exhaustively controlling the processes of fabrication in order to discover any critical point and improve it continuously, searching for perfection.

The quality of our products, combined with the best customer supports are the key of the success of our company, for which we make efforts daily.


At ST-SYSTEMTRONIC, S.A. they are fully aware of the great importance and serious consideration of the current and increasing environmental issue, therefore they clearly bet on a sustainable development, committing themselves to the protection and preservation of our environment at any company's action, either at an individual level or collective.

For this purpose, our environmental policy is based on three basic mainstays: Commitment, Prevention and Training.

COMMITMENT to the environmental law in force, and the protection and quality of internal standards.

PREVENTION on the impact before it needs to be amended.

TRAINING of the employees who are linked to ST-SYSTEMTRONIC, S.A., not only at the level of their activity inside the company, but also at the level of their private lives.

Crepe Plant Holders