Standing Desks

We have the latest and best standing desks available in the UK. Apres Furniture supplies a range of modern electric height adjustable desks and manual crank handle adjustable desks which allow you to a stand up at your desk and work .

We supply sit-stand desks so that users can alternate their position from sitting to standing while working. Studies have proven that alternating between standing and sitting at work has a positive effect on health and subsequently improves work rate and morale. Standing desks are also ideal for new employees as well providing hotdesking solutions due to their versatility.

These adjustable sit-stand workstations offer a different way of working, accommodating users who may suffer from ailments such as cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal problems.

Crank handle adjustable desks - or winding handle workstations - don’t use any electrification and tend to be more cost effective than motorised standing desks. Crank handle desks offer height adjustment ranges which generally start at 650mm and can go up to around 850mm high. Of course, they may not be suitable for everyone due to the manual operation involved.

Electric standing desks feature the latest technology, such as silent motors, which have very little impact on noise in the office whilst they are in operation. Furthermore, electric adjustable desks have a larger height adjustment range: desks can be set at a standard height of 650mm, smoothly rising, by the press of button, right up to 1280mm. This means that even the tallest of workers can be accommodated.  Many of the motorised standing desks we provide come with integrated keypads with LED display screens which represent selected height increments. There is also the option of specifying safety features like anti-collision, which ensures that any obstruction impeding the desk's movement downwards will be instantly recognised and the desk will automatically rise.

Après Furniture can assist you with any questions you might have regarding ergonomic standing desks, such as anti-collision features, low standby power consumption, ease of use, maximum weight capacity, manual or electric operation and other functional accessories.

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  • X12 Office Desk

    X12 Adjustable Desk

    X12 Adjustable Desk is an ergonomic sit stand desk with manual crank handle/electric height adjustment.

  • Advance Height Settable Desks

    Advance Height Settable Desks

    Advance Height Settable office workstations feature a height adjustment range of 650 - 850mm for ergonomic comfort.

  • Kassini Desk

    Kassini Office Desks

    Kassini fixed height and height adjustable office desks with integrated cable management.

  • Primo Desk System

    Primo Height Settable Desks

    Primo height settable workstations can be set anywhere from 620mm to 850mm for taller users.

  • Balance Height Adjustable Single Desk

    Balance Height Adjustable Desk

    Balance height adjustable desks with electronic or manual adjustment options for the modern office.

  • Stand Up Desk Single User

    Stand Up Desk

    Stand Up Desk is a sit-stand solution; a single bench desk. Offers single or shared cabinets and pencil trays.

24 Item(s)