The Story of SitLand

The story of SitLand is that of the success of the Italian industry, which managed to combine a profound know-how typical of made in Italy with more innovative industrial and technological processes. A story that originated and developed in Vicenza, city of Palladio in the heart of Veneto, where the territory is the breeding ground of successful enterprises and has created works and products known all over the world.

SitLand Spa Factory

Realising the Dream

From the conception right through to the project up to manufacturing, each SitLand product tells the tale of commitment and know-how of 39 years of corporate life and the people behind the scenes who believed with tenacity and dedication in their then fictional dream. Realising their dream and making it a success, that has given them the know how to deal with adversity and letting people know how many definitions of design.

Providing Quality

The first goal of SitLand is to create seats that can improve the quality of people life. Sitland are convinced that the objects that make up the living and office spaces have a deep impact on motivation, productivity and the well-being of individuals. SitLand are committed to designing products that meet the ergonomic principles and have decided to certify some collections with GreenGuard certifications and GreenGuard Gold ensuring a low level, or the total absence of chemical emissions helping to create healthier environments and buildings Leed.

SitLand Spa Seating