A True British Manufacturer

Senator’s story started in 1976, when its Chairman Colin Mustoe began designing and manufacturing office furniture.

Although Senator has grown into one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the world, it still remains an independent, family owned business with its headquarters in Accrington Lancashire. Today The Senator Group encompasses three global brands, Senator, Allermuir and Torasen, each with their own individual personality.

Chairman Colin Mustoe
Senator Design

Design, Investment and Integrity

All the things that were important to Colin in the beginning; attention to detail, integrity, investment in people and passion for design, are still very much running through the veins of the business today.

Senator is aware that their reputation and that of their customer depends on the strength of their product quality and service. The reason Senator can consistently keep their promises is that they manage every step of the process from beginning to end, leaving nothing to chance and everything to their own people and chosen dealer network.

Traditional Craftsmanship

It’s been 35 years since Senator was set up, so it could be said that they are still relatively a young business, but youth does not equate to a lack of experience. Throughout those 35 years Senator experienced all sorts of financial challenges, not least the austerity measures facing the world today. However they remain strong: They continue to adapt and they continue to be the UK’s number one, with an AAA credit rating. (That’s stronger than many large countries around the world.)

Today the Senator Group consists of three brands namely Senator, designing and manufacturing a comprehensive portfolio of products for the working office environment, designing systems, storage units, task and multipurpose seating together with an impressive collection of desking programs.

The second brand is Allermuir which covers the leisure and corporate markets with a collection of innovative furniture for public spaces, receptions, breakout areas, bars, cafes and restaurants.

A unique combination of state of the art manufacturing technology together with traditional hand finished expertise, allows Senator to create beautifully finished and detailed furniture collections. As a true manufacturer, they control every part of the process, from beginning to end. Senator design, weld, paint, mould, cut, sew, stock and ship worldwide.