Risom Lounge Chair

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Risom Lounge Chair was designed by Danish designer Jens Risom. In 1941, he met Hans Knoll, an encounter that was to make his name. Risom was commissioned to create a 15-piece furniture collection which set an industry standard for post-war furniture. Risom is best known for this collaboration. His style was Scandinavian with a twist - lots of wood, but always in a curvy organic shape and upholstered in bright, Bauhaus-esque colours. His signature webbed seating is supremely stylish, but was born of necessity. Created just after the war when materials were hard to find, Risom came up with the cotton webbed covering for the wooden Risom lounge chair.

Risom Lounge Chair is Knoll Studio classic, one of the first designs commissioned by the manufacturer. Each chair comes stamped with the stuido logo and Jens Risom's signature. Available with or without arms.

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Risom Lounge Chair
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