40 Years in the design industry

Rexite has been operating within the furniture industry for more than 40 years. As well as the classic office furniture and accessories, its collections include chairs and stools, tables and desks, bookcases, coat hangers, wall clocks and much more.

Rexite Reception Office Furniture
Rexite at Orgatec

Innovative furniture designs

Initially, Rexite’s goal was to create office furniture and accessories which did not conform to pre-established formulas. Nevertheless, thanks to their creative originality, the special attention given to the quality of materials and their functional efficiency, Rexite's objects soon caught the attention of the public and in just a few years the small, dynamic firm became a leader in its sector. Thanks to the global appreciation of its products, Rexite subsequently started to extend its innovative vitality and its technological resources also to the furnishing of public spaces and private homes. Nowadays Rexite's exports account for more than 70% of its total production.

Rexite's philosophy

The company's original vocation for encouraging unexpected and ironic aspects without ignoring functionality, research on materials and respect for the environment continues to reflect the company's philosophy: “To create objects which are simple but not banal, original but not bizarre”.

Rexite Showroom