Postroom Furniture

Mailroom furniture units modular and ready to be installed. Ideal post room solutions for any space needing to be converted for mail sorting.

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  • Postsort Standard

    Postsort Standard

    Postsort Standard Modular Furniture offers management options for day to day processing of mail.

  • Postsort Advanced Post Room Furniture

    Postsort Advanced

    Postsort Advanced has an extra strong framework and ability to resize storage spaces immediately.

  • Postclass Steel Sorting Furniture

    Postclass Steel

    Postclass Steel was created after extensive research and development by the French Post Office.

  • Trimod Post Room Furniture

    Trimod Post Room Furniture

    Trimod Post Sorting Furniture is synonymous with driving storage efficiencies for your office.

  • Letter Sorter Wall Mountable

    Letter Sorter Kit

    Letter Sorter Kit is a simple and convenient solution to manage your mail.

5 Item(s)